Jan 23 2010Flowchart: It Fell On The Floor, Should I Eat It?


The latest in flowing charts posted here on Geekologie, this graphic guides you through the process of determining if a dropped food item is still worth eating. Of course, it's completely inaccurate. When it comes to eating shit off the floor there's really only one question you need to ask yourself before popping it back in your mouth: is it actually shit?

Dropped Food. Should You Eat it? [flowingdata]

Thanks to twellve, who lives (and may die) by the 5-second rule.

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Reader Comments

Incredibly useful for any college student

I love this. So useful.

This makes my life sooo much easier now XD

finally I can make those restless nights of regretting a wrong decision a thing of the past. No more will I lament the tasty morsel that got away due to my own poor decision making.

this flow chart is shit why the hell did u post it


Let me tell you somethin you don't need a damn chart telling you when you should and shouldnt eat yo damn food that fell on the floor... There is no debate... You pick it up and eat that shit like it's your last damn meal... Even if it lands in dog shit. JIMMYDOGBALLZ would be sure to eat it then... no wait he wouldn't eat it. He would devour it, like his mom devoured my ass the other night... I'm still sore can't even sit down...

Robots dont eat food much less food off the floor. *roboflex*

The sad part is that this is my thought process. Especially when Bacon is at stake. Or steak. Your call. Thanks GW, this made my day better. Also, I am easily amused.

Fail flowchart doesn't flow.

this goes against what i was taught in database.
where are the fun shapes?!

raptor jesus not need silly drawing. RAAAHR!

Just gay people and 30 year old virgins have cats, I hate cats, so this thing doesn't work for me.

i'd never throw away raw steak. it costs so much. and i've never been so stoned i've eaten food out of the cats bowl. think of people in auschwitz. they'd eat them floor pies like theres no tomorow

I wanna eat you for breakfast but not supper.

deliciousness * filthiness / time

pretty sure ^ comes pretty close in three words and two operators

"Is it bacon?"

Clearly this was made by a GR.

In honesty, not one single person here would eat a raw steak off a dirty floor. A cooked steak, fine. Scrape off the dirt, if you have to, but raw? Naasty.

The real question: would you mud wrestle with an orang-utan for a cookie? It's a BIG cookie.

@ 16 Yes I would.

No no no no it depends on what floor it is. Home, fine... Resturant, maaaaybe. Dirty gross public street, no fckng way!!

hrm...I don't need this, I follow by the 30 second rule.

...unless the food is rather moist...

What kinda cookie.. Cos if its like though ones with the blueberry bits in then.. Oh wait thats muffins..

@ 17

That's because as an atheist you don't believe in food poisoning.

frankly, im not sure whats worse, tokyoflash or these dumb flowcharts

@21 What's not beliving in food poisoning got to do with mud wrestleing an orangutan for a cookie?

It is not good to eat sth fallen on the floor.

It will be dirt if it it fell on the floor.

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