Jan 12 2010Droid Theives Busted By Pictures They Took


Two piece of shit thieves broke in and stole two Motorola Droid phones from a man's apartment, then proceeded to take a bunch of pictures of themselves like the vain little failures that they are. Little did they know, little did they know.

What they didn't foresee, however, was that one of the phones would have the free Lookout app, which automatically backs up all photos taken with the handset to a user-accessible server every night. So, in the midst of testing out their ill-gotten loot, the criminals provided the phone's legitimate owner with enough visual clues for the police to swoop in and apprehend one of them.

BUSTED! I forsee a dark future for both of you in prison. And you know what they say about the food there: it's better going down than getting packed back up. You two have fun!

Android photo backup app reveals burglars' identities, stupidity [engadget]

Thanks to David B., who doesn't steal anything but women's hearts. Hey, as long as you're not a hoarder.

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And this only makes me want a droid that much more =3

Awesome! the Douchbags deserved to get caught.


The stupid things people do, you think these criminals would learn by now

why did this guy own two Droids? one for himself and one for work? seems improbable.

And we're not talking about white collar resort prison.. we're talking about federal, pound me in the ass prison..
I hear the best thing to do is knock the out the biggest guy, or become someone's bitch...

Best thing I've heard all day.

@6 because on verizon's network you can't talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time like cingular...duh.

lol owned

vatos always taken shit, aren't ya?

taken = taking

The quality of the pictures actually made me want a droid a little less.

@13 The only reason why they are that quality is because they chose the crappy ones to keep the identity of the theives hidden...besides, if you want to take pictures off the side of a moving truck then get a real camera.

@13 the droid takes good pics actually, it's the douchebags we sort of see above that can't take decent pictures

Yep, want one now.

publicity stunt...


There's literally landfills for/of cell phones...who steals these things or even has to that isn't a helpless klepto. Seriously. Like basically stealing someone else's ear bacteria and face grease.

As if a Droid was anything more than a new common to begin with. Now it's bad enough to steal something that is sold at Walmart for like a bill already and it's only been out for a month (yes I'm insinuating that Wally world is the poorman's electronic depot), but stealing what is basically a GPS to within 5 meters made cell phones a no no since the early 2000's.

Pfft. Epic Fail. Not only did they get caught, they take horrible pictures as well. Michael J. Fox could do better than that in an earthquake. (no pun intended)

in 2006 i was robbed at gun point in a motel room in fort wayne Indiana with my bandmates. id just gotten a new sidekick, they took it, i got a new phone while i waited to buy another sidekick, during that time i got calls from people looking for the dude who got the sidekick in the robbery. managed to talk to one of the guys, got his name. called the police. nothing happened.
i eventually got a new sidekick, at the time i was unaware that everything on the sidekick stored to somewhere online, so when i turned it on, reactivated my sidekick account \, i was surprised to see photos of the three men who robbed us shooting dice.
i still have all the pictures and names and such.

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