Jan 26 2010Body Shots!: Body Scan Comparison Of 250 Pound Woman Versus 120 Pound Woman


Looks like the larger of the two just had a fairly significant meal as well. Just sayin', give it a couple hours and she'll only be a 246 pounder. Also, I highly don't recommend it but if you look hard enough I think you can make out their vaginas. So, yeah -- have fun with that.

Body Scans of two Women: 250lb vs 120lb [boredpanda]

Thanks to Jiakasuma, who makes body scans look gooood.

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well wake the fuck up people... where in the hell are all of you? Shit it's only one o'clock in chicago, making it pretty much daytime all around me right now!

COMMENT YOU BASTARDS.... WTF. I show up & pour a few drinks and everyone bails out or some shit!? Where's the love people, where's the love.....

@1 your name is dick for a reason, you don't need to remind us

Ummm, is it me or can anyone else TOTALLY see that probably around 60 lbs of weight on that 250lb woman is THE OBVIOUS STOOLS IN HER INTESTINES?!?!?

Wow. That woman should take a dump the next time she has one of these body scans.



@1 Ahahahah Yer Name Is Dick, Sucks To Be You

And yeah, I just noticed the GW writer totally pointed that out. What can I say though, I didn't read what the Geekologie writer posted. I was too mortified with the sheer amount of feces rockin' around inside that flabby monstrosity.

Gross! The fatty even has FAT EYES!

"Wink Martendale, I'll take the door on the right!"

@SiGee how the hell are you? Good I bet, seeing it's a lot warmer down there than it is right now up here

HEY, That's me on the left and yes, I need to pewp.

Fatty McGee's ankle is all F#$^@ up! Not to mention the lack of bone density. That women is going to charge an all you can eat buffet soon and snap one of those spindles. Poor thing, I wonder if she'll bleed gravy?

@5, SiGee???? Why didn't you answer my calls!??? I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD OR WORSE!!!

And by worse, I mean the 250 Ib. tubby tubba.

@11 man you said it, looks like she rolled her left ankle in the buffet line during halftime. She also appears to be smuggling 2 microphones in her arm... oh no wait, those are bones.

$100 for anyone who can squeeze a thighmaster between those hefty legs of she-jabba over there

That´s a lot of dodo...or is he/she a bodypacker?

Is that a scan of Britney Spears?
# and that was funny #10

The thinner girl has roast beef.

Her left side.... Is bigger


I don't know if it's "bigger" or if it's just the fact that her hand is placed there. It looks like she's pickin' a nasty wedgie and while doing so her hand is lifting up layers of sweaty fat rolls.

This could lead to the increased "bulge" of that side.

It's either that or the incredible amount of feces floating inside of fatty there is bulging to the left today.

This is mean. I blame drive thru's and the dollar value menu everywhere!!!!

And whole fried chickens. I blame those too.

And doughnuts.

Thats just more cushion for the pushin....... just sayin

I bet the fat chick swears she's just "big boned"

Awww how cute the vajayjay of the girl on the right looks like a cute little upside down barnacle. Can I take it home mom?!

That pic's from a National Geographic issue on fat.

Everything I wanted to say about fat has already been said, so if fat people still can't be stunned to reality by photos like this, then I'm pretty sure they want to just kill themselves a thousand calories at a time.

Body scans my ass! Last time I checked there was a tibia and fibula in each leg. They should both be visible. The tibia being the larger of the two is in front which would readily expose both if this were real.


is the yellow glow supposed to be fat? And if it is does, that mean she has fat in her eye sockets? or is that her brain? either way ewww.


now go watch your little avatar and fap fap fap.
i gave you the clap, now give it back!


now go watch your little avatar and fap fap fap.
i gave you the clap, now give it back!

They are artificially colored sagital magnetic resonance tomography slices, which is why you can't see everything.

seriously, i go the year without injury...get a couple of checkups...and the rest of my money goes to these fattys and their health problems. GOD DAMNIT!!!!
health insurance is a rip-off!

Anyone else think the faddy is going to motorboat then pull a Titanic the next time she sits on the tttttttttt-spa-LOOSH!!-oilette?

Can't even see the fatties spine through her neck fat....ewwwwwwwww


It's called BBW. More feces for the pushin...mmmm.....

Everyone has fat in their eye sockets. Its what keeps your eyeballs from hitting the skull. The reason you can see the eye sockets on the larger woman is because her imaged "slice" is deeper than the thin woman's; you can see the abs on the thin woman, but on the larger woman you go all the way into the abdominal cavity. This is why you see her digestive tract, but not the other woman's.

The deeper "slice" on the large woman is also why some bones do not resemble the other woman's, like the spine and shin bones.

it looks like theres fat in her head, yeeesh

Fat people making my fucking sick.
Gross. Kill yourselves faster. The longer you're around, the more the rest of us want to slit our wrists so we won't have to look at your engorged, sloppy flesh rolls. Better to put a gun to your head than to live like that.

Oh, and I love perfect boobies. Suckle suckle... Mom? Can you hear me calling you? Come back, I'm not done!

I would like to see what the images look like at the same depth. Because you can see the thinner woman's spine and the fat woman's eyes shows how different they are. It would be what 3-5 inches difference?

I think the images were chosen to shock, and if they wanted to shock people they couldn't post something where you can see how much the thin woman ate this morning.

If that don't make you want to lose weight nothing will.

Sheesh, look at that cardiomegaly. Congestive heart failure much?

why is the fat one scratching her ass ?

The pic's aren't fair! It's obvious the woman on the left is 130lbs heavier because she wasn't allowed to pewp...

LOLs at the people complaining that fatties are stealing their health care. I'm a fatty and I also only went to the doc for a checkup, no injuries and no fatty-related special sessions with the doctor, loo. I also probably exercise more than you, and eat foods healthier than what you eat, since I'm working on losing the weight.

Cannibals would be drooling right now wondering why god made the first set of RIBLESS women in existence. Not only that but without ribs those freaky chicks could have a dozen babies at a time.

left: usa, right: europe :))

uncut ftw!

You people are pathetic and soulless....

Tell me if I'm wrong, but that looks like a photo of an illustration in a book. See the horizontal fold along the thigh area? Just like the join between two pages. I mean, they could be SCANS in a book, but they look a lot like illustrations to me. And no, it's not hard to be able to draw realistically with a bunch of reference material. So I'm not saying that it's anatomically incorrect; just that they may not be pure medical scans. Or like someone else mentioned, some illustrator's probably painted/colored over the top of them.

1st woman is clearly full of shit, plus she looks to have more muscle mass then 2ed woman.

Still fat chicks makes me sad in the pants.

These are physical slices of cadavers, not illustrations.

The bodies are frozen then sliced paper-thin and stored.

Beavis is right. These are cadaver slices. You'd see the same thing if you visited a "Bodies" exhibit at a museum. These are not MRI or CT scans... The technology isn't there yet.

The organs and bones look so different between the two because everybody's anatomy is slightly different. A fat person's organs lie in an entirely different position that a skinny person's. Ask any x-ray tech. They'll tell you. Looking at their brains shows us that. The fat person's brain is showing a different part than the skinny person's brain. Also, based on these slices, those people could be men just as easily... Hard to say from that slice location.

The fatty appearantly has 2x apple sized masses in her head, might wanna check up on that.

Get an education. Speculation like that is asinine.

This is a curse of Karma. For those that have made fun of the physical flaws of another here and everywhere shall inherit those flaws threefold. Time is a cruel teacher and you will be taught many lessons as you age and continue to gain the weight you ridiculed others for carrying.

the person on the right has/had scoliosis.

@55; ditto!

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