Jan 22 2010Body Modification: A Window For Your Lip


You know how they say eyes are the windows to the soul? Well apparently a Pyrex plug is the window to your teeth and gums. Who knew?

...presumably refraction of transmitted light explains the visualization of both top and bottom teeth through the plug.

Oh really? Well presumably refraction of transmitted projectile vomit explains the visualization of both puke on my shoes AND desk. Science, baby! (Somebody come clean this mess up).

Lip window [tywkiwdbi]

Thanks to matt, who has a window to his brain. Ooh ooh -- let me see! Not a whole lot going on up here, matt.

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Reader Comments

Can I, can I stick my penis in it?


Also that is butt ugly!

lol @1 you must have a small penis

Daisy for the love of god, tell me it´s a complete photoshop job ! PLEASE !!!

You're a towel!!!

@3 If I did, you wouldn't be here right now, son. Just ask your mother....

This is really disturbing!!

Figures only pre-pubescent teenage boys would think this is a good idea. Proof's in the photo, bitches! Good luck finding a girl, freakazoid. Although I'm sure there are plenty of trannies willing to get freaky with that thing.....for a price. Oh yeah., Mmm. Baby. Tranny lip fuck.

haha sorry if i grossed you out! but this pic is great HAHAHAH CRAZY


You can watch his gums recede.

What a moron. Another "look at me, I'm kooky" kid.

Now people can see if they have shit stuck in their teeth, without even opening their mouth..... just sayin

Haven't seen this in a while. It's not gross, there's far worse on BME. People do this to their ears all the time. My ears are stretched to an inch, same type of jewlery also. I guess this is only wierd to people cause noone really puts a tunnel into their stretched lips cause they'd be drooling all the time.

Long live the robots.

Not gonna be regretting that when grow up time comes.

Sorry Carlos Spicy Weiner, he's right. You must have a pencil dick to fit it in that hole cause that's only an inch. If his lip was stretched to 2 inches then your dreams might just come true!

What an idiot. Where the he.ll is he going to out his Copenhagen snuff?

the fuck?


Coulda sworn that was just a tom-boy lookin chick.

It reminds me of the guy from Kung Pow guy with the karate tongue

Refraction of light? Do me a favor. Close your mouth all the way, so that your teeth are touching. Now gently press on your lower lip and you'll feel that it actually does cover the bottom edge of your upper teeth. The plug is also clearly stretching the (wo?)man's lip even further upward. There's no refraction needed to see the upper teeth through the lower lip.

Do NOT want to watch that eating :-s


She is not attractive to begin with... Why further Fk it up with a ratard lip window?!

Yeah, I was thinking it was a girl, too...

but he's stuck making that face

Boy meets Unicorn . Result is "body modification" for everyone !

come on guys, you're overreacting
i think the see-through plug is kinda fun, like an x-ray
doesn't matter if the dude is a douche
it's still pretty nifty

Cool, can't wait to see what happens to him when hes fucken 60...if he even reaches that age...

It's funny to me that a geek site has the beef to insult someone for being socially unaccepted - and to follow that up with "what girl would like you" commentary.

Truly ironic - btw this shit is super old news. It started with tribal culture and lip plates, moving onto piercings and stretching. It was considered beautiful by those that practiced it, and the larger the stretch the more attractive to the culture. It just so happens we live in a big dumpster of genetics and rootless culture - so things like this are looked at as "different" which is a fairly ignorant standpoint.

Righteousjoana should change her name to "sluttyjoana".

its a dike with a cock window
and @31-1 you all suck


all of you are faggots

Generally I'm not a fan of the way that lip plates/heavily stretched lip piercings look (no judgment on the cultural significance), but that's kind of neat! It's like a partially visible man! It reminds me of the surgically made fistulas that are occasionally constructed into cows' stomachs (meant in the least offensive way possible).
@Your Moms Mom: Hi. Apparently you don't suck. We should be friends.

guess what? no one cares..just sayin

also, good luck getting a job with that

so is it a boy or a girl

That IS butt ugly!

And the piercing isn't helping it's cause!!!

HAHA! Ugly girls FTL!

@31 Go back to 4chan.
Oh yeah I'm supposed to come back with something you should change your name to, umm...lets see.."Icommitdouchebaggery"

OMG! That's an ugly dude! not an ugly lady!!!


I wonder what it's like knowing you're never going to have a decent paying job in your entire life? Is it depressing, or oddly comforting, knowing that you have no fear of failure because you've made success impossible?

Oh well, someone has to work in our tattoo parlors and independent record stores.

now (s)he has to brush his/her teeth regardless. Isn't that what lips are for? covering your nasty plaque build-up?

I can only hope that fem-dude-dyke-thing chews Skoal. That would really make the whole situation complete. Whatever it is, and wherever it came from, congrats - Now you can't even get a job flipping burgers.


@30: And who the hell said I was socially unaccepted? Your mom? Your mom's mom? Or just a humorless prick like yourself who thinks you always have to be righteous and suck the fun out of joy sites like this just like you sucked the pus out of your mother's festering titty as a child?

More like the refraction of Adobe Photoshop CS4

Isn't that a chick? If it's a man he's very fairy like.

@30 EVERYONE LIKES GEEKS!!! Your mom wasn't complaining when all of the geeks at this website went over to have some fun.

can't wait for Daisy.


I don't have the attention span to read all the comments above unless I see someones name that I think is cool or worth reading (ex 12, 13, 16, 23 & 39) sooooo.....

has anyone asked or answered the question of whether or not that's a dude??

I love the people defending this as some sort of cultural thing. It's just another in a long line of asshattery by people not yet old enough to vote trying to be cool. There is no way the kid doesn't regret it immensely in 10 years. Lip/neck/ear/etc. stretching in tribal cultures actually meant something, even tatoos have their origin in actually MEANING something(be it still maintained military, gang, prison, etc branding or old school slave branding, yes slave branding). This shit means NOTHING. It is an arbitrary decision no different than deciding to wear a t-shirt with your favorite band or wearing eyeliner because you want to appear moody and dangerous.

Those who actually think this is a good idea. Well, let's talk again in a few years when you stop shopping at Hot Topic.

she wither has a massive over bite or its photoshopd

how the hell does she drinks with it?
i think my bf would look hilarious with it, he has some of the most crooken teeth i've seen irl llD

The only acceptable body mods are worn by people who do body mods. They would be the only one hiring these people.

Now to the guy that said geeks are socially unacceptable. U r dum. People that get body mods purposely get them to BE socially unacceptable. Geeks don't really intend to be unacceptable socially and as @ 43 pointed out not all of us are.

Holy fuck that's disgusting!

Not so much the bod mod, but her disgusting teeth.

its a guy his name is tyler and its not photoshopped, there are several pics of it on iam.bmezine.com its not a hollow plate is a clear solid plug

how the hell is he going to eat without food fallout out? wtf....

there is NO hole, its a SOLID clear plug

you look so bad, that you better kill yourself.

Needs to brush teeth.....

this is NOT me btw this guy is nuts

It's got an Adam's Apple. It's a dude... possibly the dude from Hanson. Mmm-bop!

Jesus tapfucking christ. Just feel your teeth through your lip-- you can feel the bottom edge of your top incisors through your bottom lip. Not to mention that this bows his lip upward making even more top tooth visible.

But the point remains, this guy is a fucking tool

Awesome! I was just thinking the other day about how far too few people cover their mouths and then vomit when talking to me. It struck me as a missed opportunity of sorts, so I'm off to get this done RIGHT NOW.

Wow. This is a first. Next thing you know we'll be seeing shirt with little holes for nipples to show and a hole in the pants of a guy's crotch for his schlong to hang out. Great (saying very sarcastically).

meh...first year of college.... should post a vid of his/her parents reaction when they see it. Now THAT would be awesome.


your mom's mom.. sorry you are in fact wrong.
lip plates were not in fact considered beautiful, they started to use them to deter slave traders from picking their people.

so no, not because it was what they wanted, but instead because what they felt they had to do.

dumb da dumb dumb dumb.

He's crying on the inside.

@53 fooled me, it looked like a double flare.

@every person who doesn't understand the reasoning behind mods.

People don't do Body-Mods to get attention or be walking talking freak shows...
actually not all people who get body-mods want attention I should say.
People do it for personal interests in them or, because they like the way they look.
It's a life style. If we really wanted to be center of attention we'd walk around with midgets on our backs screaming rape or something stupid like that.
I've had plugs in my ear since I was 13. Sure my parents hated it them, and still do,
but I sure as hell to this day don't regret it. It's not for anyone else but me.
Matter of fact I'm thinking of stretching again to an Inch and 1/2.
It's been over 8 years since I've had em' and I don't think I'll ever take them out.
Yes my ears will sag like a 90 year old mans ball sacks when I'm 60 but fuck who cares,
I'll just throw bigger plugs into my ears, or get my ears sewn. It's a lifestyle/interest, simple as that.

Aw man. I never leave comments but this is just nasty. -_- Do people with extreme body modifications expect to get hired?

Fuck me, people are stupid.

@32 You fail beyond measure.

@pic I thought it wasn't half bad. A neat idea that doesn't make me gag.

Stop da hatin' yo.

Hey vicmorrow, are you referring to the Mursi with the whole "slave" thing? Because that doesn't seem to be the case according to the Mursi themselves: http://www.mursi.org/life-cycle/lip-plates
I get a kick out of everyone saying "You'll never get a jooooooooooob!" Some people don't go forward with certain modifications until they are already well into their chosen careers. I'm heavily modified, and everything is hidden or has the jewelry removed save for my stretched earlobes because I have a corporate career in science education. One of my colleagues has full sleeves and wears long sleeves to the office just as I do. (We walk among you, OoOoOOooOoOoOoOoooooo!) Not everyone has the same idea of a "dream" job, and that's okay, so perhaps those modifications don't prevent those people from pursuing that dream.
Having said that, don't think modifications are sexy? Don't sleep with us. Let natural selection do the work if you think us freaks are all so ugly. Problem solved. :)

That's just disgusting tbh. Imagine sitting across this guy at diner.

Man, all that BME stuff and the dude couldn't even save for some make up. That's a gross looking mother fucker.

*cleans the mess GW made*

what a gross, disgusting bitch...or...bastard! Whichever!

@h3llc4t date me ahah

duude, no bueno, her beer is gonna drip from her mouth!

duude, no bueno, her beer is gonna drip from her mouth!

@ 22 True dat, unless you have an underbite (class 3 jaw relationship)

That is the position your teeth should be though, not refraction.

All y'all mother fuckin' dentists out there, check out the Ala Tragal line.

It is no refraction, he is pushing his bottom and upper lip towards his nose, That is where teeth should be.

That's crazy! Where would be your motivation to want to do something like that?!

Interesting, but I have to say that it's a good thing that the kid in the picture has decent enough teeth. I'd hate to see this on a person with bad teeth.

It's pretty cool, but I think that far too many people get body mods without thinking of the future. No, I'm not talking about jobs or whether they'll be able to get by in society. Honestly, things are becoming more acceptable & I've seen people in the medical profession (ambulance drivers & nurses) who have visible tats, facial piercings & plugs.

It's just that people get body mods without thinking what they'll look like years in the future or whether years down the line it will hurt their body. @ 67, congratulations- you are sadly part of only about 40% of people who actually put that much thought into what it will be like later on & actually get the bodymods for deeper reasons. Most people get them because they're cool & don't think about further down the line.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't get them- I think people should get them if they want them. Just that people should put more thought into them.

This is fucked up, people like this have problems. Piercings are one thing, but some body modification goes too far. I am not telling these people to be sheep and conform to society for what is society except a culmination...a mosaic of all things that were, are, and will be, but this is just fucked. I can think of so many negative attributes to this its not even funny, most of them a health and safety concern. Can't even tell if this person is man or woman.


I absolutely agree.

Robots will be smart enough not to do stupid things to themselves and regret it later.

This is not standing out from the crowd, this is being completely and utterly stupid.

@82 you say it like it's a bad thing. It's just simple cause and effect & being aware of consequences.
Lucky I can say I won't be that dumb broad with a butterfly above their cooter at age 40 and say "why'd I get this? Oh right I'm dumb!"

Wow I can't believe this even caused a debate. It's not real. Well the implant is real but this is not a see thru anything and it's not even new. I have a friend with a similar implant and basically just imagine an round implant with a an image on the surface. That's all it is. And no he/she/shim is not pushing it's lips upward in fact if you follow the brackets of it's mouth it appears to be smiling slightly which makes the picture even more impossible. At that height all we should see is gums and maybe a sliver of it's bottom teeth, depending on how recessed his gums are.

For god's sake, just look at the bottom of the image (on the implant) you can tell when the image was taken his mouth was open you can see part of his bottom lip (the inner part of his bottom lip, which wouldn't have shown if this was real because in order for the image to be real, a good chunk of his lower lip would would be missing).

I'm only in my second year of medical school but I'm hoping anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of biology knows that this image is false, god willing humanity still has some common sense.IT'S NOT SEE THRU.

I dont know what is sooo hard to believe! they make clear plugs for lips! tons of pics of clear lip plates here! http://www.krisal.com/pages/arch_dumont09.htm

weird/gross, she definitely wont regret that when its grow up time

Time is changing fast, people these days don't know what to do with there body, from tattoo the inside of your eye ball to this. Well since you can get a real job and just work for pizza you can do anything to your body, disgusting.

I agree, Why would you want to do that to yourself, you won't be able to get a job outside of a circus. We all do stupid shit when we are young. Mabey she can get it stitched up in the future. He she I can't tell with that shit on. Tattoos are bad enough. I read atleast in the future high tech tattoos will use body heat to change colour and other stuff. Crikey i'm not looking at that pic again.

I wonder if the tattoo shop above Ruggbys have the patent on this new trend? They are legit with the whole micro-diamond in your chest fad. We should ask Amber the owner

@86 You're not too bright. Go look up Lip Plugs (since lip gauges isn't the proper term for it).

This my friend is a clear plug

And heres someone else with a stretched labret.

if thats not enough proof, not sure what is.

No! No! Look at meeeee!

Are you serious? That is disgusting looking! If I ever saw someone with one of those, I'd want to puke. D:

Wow. The negative feedback on this is turning my stomach. What's wrong with you all? He decided to get something he wants done....so?
Your body is the only thing in your life that YOU own, and will always own. You should be allowed to do with is as you wish.
Sure, this totally isn't my cup of tea. He likes it. There are plenty of other people that have similar, and far more outrageous, mods. Everybody has their own reasons for whatever it is they wish to do to themselves...
As for thinking ahead - the guy might get hit by a bus tomorrow. There's nothing to say that each of us will live to a ripe old age...so why risk not doing something NOW? Live life to the full, and if you can ignore the crap you get that goes along with it, good on you.

Fucking props, Im assuming by the comments noone here gots the balls to do this, including me and I love tattoos and piercings. Its beautiful. This guy has my respect.

Oh. My. God. "anon", No wonder you diddnt put your name. Your a fucking idiot. You dont think this is real. Seriously. It aint even that unbelievable. Some people are so ignorant it turns my stomach. Dont start sayin shit less you KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKIN BOUT and can back up what you saw with more than crap you make up on the spot. Again, I Find this beautiful and I wholeheartedly agree with the person above my first comment, Props for being intelligent and open minded bout this. Seems the same people who are thinkin this guy needs to "grow up" cuz hes gonna regret it later need to grow up themselves :3 Just because you people dont got the bawls to express yerselves dun mean you can bash on those who do.

unbelievable!!! how can someone do this shit on his mouth?!
what is the reason?!!
people became crazy

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