Jan 19 2010Avatar Claims First Victim, More To Follow


It was only a matter of time before Avatar killed somebody, and it's finally happened. Which is exactly why I haven't gone to see it. Well, that and I've been banned from all the local theaters for public indecency excessive awesomeness and killer style.

According to AFP, the 42-year-old cinemagoer, surnamed Kuo, had a history of high blood pressure and suffered a stroke while watching the film in in the northern city of Hsinchu (Taiwan).

Emergency room doctor Peng Chin-chih told AFP: "It's likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms."

The China Times reported that the incident represented "the first death linked to watching James Cameron's science-fiction epic".

Interesting, China, but if it was actually Avatar that killed him then how do you explain THIS GUNSHOT WOUND?! Dum dum dum!

Avatar kills Taiwanese man [theregister]

Thanks to Justin, who was *this close* to losing consciousness during Titanic.

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Reader Comments

I lol'd

He should be so lucky, I lOOOVVVEEE that movie. Notin an obsesive way, but it was awsome in IMAX 3D.

i reckon an AVATAR themed PORNO would wank a lot of geeks to death

Thats nothing. In the movie 'Scrooged' a woman suffered a heart attack watching the commercial for Frank Cross's version of 'A Christmas Carol'......... just sayin

I bet he was jerkin his gerkin to the female na'vi and got to excited.

People people people. Death is not funny...unless you die from the previews. Which happens to me every time.

@3 Especially if they show how to preform the elusive sex act known as "The Pandora Steamer"...... just sayin

@3, you mean they'd "stroke" to death.

Yeah, tasteless, I know.

@7, I just died laughing. While reading the comments!


I love the wording on this:
The China Times reported that the incident represented "the first death linked to watching James Cameron's science-fiction epic".

First. There will be more. China guarantees it.

They won't explain the gunshot wound or how they got that blood stain out. It's an ancient Chinese secret.

poor bugger

If this is viral marketing it may have stepped a bit too far.

At least he died doing what he loved.

I wonder if this will plunge the already fragile Pandora-depressed into a frenzy of mass suicide?

That would be kinda cool.

Really, really sad ( I would actually cry :( ), but kinda cool.

@16 kinda lemmin like? That would be an awesome movie.

I'm a FF/EMT in a small city in Washington state, and I can say this is not the first death that resulted from this movie. I was not on the call, but I heard about it. It was the 4th or fifth night after release, and from what i understand he suffered a massive heart attack in the theater. CPR was started by bystanders, and the gentleman was unfortunately pronounced dead at the hospital. I remember wondering what part of the movie this occurred at.

hrm...so epic it kills? well you gotta admit the graphics and other goodies that follow along through this movie were pretty impressive.

sad lost though, best wishes to his loved ones.

Yes, because people can't just happen to have a heart attack or stroke while watching a movie. This guy could have died at the theater while watching Bambi, but I guess that means that the movie Bambi killed him.

The dialog in the movie probably killed him. I know it killed a small part of me inside when I watched that awful movie.

Either that or he died from anxiety while waiting for the good part of the movie that never showed up.

@20 Bambi can be pretty scary.... the last time animals started talking to me, I didn't stop tripping for a week!!!!!

@10 Cuz even though America (and Taiwan) don't officially recognize it, China thinks it owns Taiwan. Which, to me, is funny. If you receive no taxes from a government that functions autonomously and merely borders yours, how can you even claim that you own it?

That's interesting to hear. I live in Boston and went to see it in IMAX 3D, when I was coming out of the theater there was a guy laying on the ground outside surrounded by friends/bystanders/theater manager/etc. waiting for an ambulance because he was having serious heart trouble.

It'd be great to find some statistics on this stuff.

Good. Not in a mean way, but for a second there when I say the pic I thought it was going to be a report on how some idiot obsessed with being on Pandora and being a Navi had actually gone and killed himself - which let's face it, would be much more depressing.

Meh. I finally gave in to the hype and plopped down my $10 for a matinee yesterday. The eye candy was yummy but the story blew green chunks. When the one dude said something about "ewya will provide" I expected a Bob Marley song to kick in -- that line was totally ripped from the Rastas. As a matter of fact, everything was ripped from something else. Damn you, James Cameron, you took my $10 and alls I got was a recycled storyline and some cheap polarized glasses... In Part II, I hope that Ripley and the Marines take off and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Avatar depressed me.
Not the state of the economy, rampant unemployment or the rookie in the White House.

Kid was probably knocking one off to the Na'vi love scene lol.

once of those two scenarios:

1. he was bored to death with all those smurfs on steroids and crack;

2. he was p-off and wanted his money back, and had a hear-failure.

either way, his family should have 0.1% of the box office!

Who is that socialite??---Jocelyn Wildenstein? -- the one who plastic surgeoned herself into a cat - an Ugly cat----well, now all she has to do is paint herself blue and she'll be attractive.

This is TAIWAN we are talking about, please, not China.

China's been trying to get their paws on Taiwan for a while now, however, they have yet to succeed. Please, people, Taiwan not China. As of right now they are still two separate countries with their own governments.

Taiwan is not only part of China, it is China. It is in their constitution. LAWL

Im sure the fully democratic government doesnt amount to anything to you does it?

This is all part of a incredibly sticky situation where both sides are fighting for their own standpoint. Its much like America during the civil-war fighting, in essence, for freedom from Britain, parallels can be drawn

China has supressed Taiwan on the global stage with its brute size. Had China not done this you would have seen the Taiwanese flag instead of "Chinese Taipei" flag at the olympics. Similarly so, Taiwan was also part of the UN before China used its brute force to bully it out of the UN. Unfortunately, as long as China remains an arising economic power, it will continue to bully Taiwan into submission.

As long as it can still fight, Taiwan is an independant country, and deserves to be treated as so.

He was probably jerking off to blue elves in bikinis..

And so we all agree..

James Cameron was quoted as saying "I created "Avatar" (actually ALL my movies) to specifically kill my arch nemesis Kuo. “Avatar” is my greatest invention because it allowed me to do just that. My revenge is complete!! Ha Ha Ha!"

- so I guess this means that it was his last movie, unless he gets another arch nemesis....

pawpaw's just another retard net troll

I live in Albuquerque and someone got shot in the theater downtown here during Avatar. I'd normally say that incident probably had more to do with it being ghetto as fuck here than the movie itself, but I sort of felt like shooting myself or someone else while having to endure that shit for three hours, sooo...

People die if they are killed (by Avatar).

That is an outrageous claim you make against the Chinese government. I hope you have proof of your claims? See you in the court for the Peoples Republic of China

I'm sure there are more people that have died in worse movies. If I had to go, watching avatar wouldn't be too bad. I mean, what if he'd died watching Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li?

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