Jan 30 2010151 Pokémon In Traditional Japanese Style


This is a smattering of Pokémon characters drawn in a traditional Japanese style (high-res shot of more HERE). The artist took the time to recreate all 151 original monsters though, so you'll have to hit the link at the bottom if you gotta see 'em all. See what I did there? That's just one of the many services your GW offers. Also, spa treatments. Body massage? WHO WANTS A BODY MASSAGE?

ポケモン百五十一鬼夜行絵巻 [livedoor] (with a whole bunch more)

Thanks to Ford and Shaun, who, get back in your balls!

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Reader Comments

first woooooot heck yea!!!!




The Victreebell is scary as f***


That's pretty awesome. I love how Jigglypuff looks insane as opposed to it's other cartoony form

And it's nice to see that Jinx still looks like a black dude in drag a.k.a. Dennis Rodman or Rupal

It's nice to see that Jinx still looks like a black dude dressed in drag and dido looks like a pile of $hit.

Get off my ice you little wankers! Give 'em the stick! DON'T GIVE HIM THE STICK!!! Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

let's launch over it... god i fcking love G.I. Joe

so by traditional japanese style you mean zombie pokemon? cus these things scare the sht outta me.

clefairy looks creeepy as shiiiiiiiiiiit

I know I say this a lot, but this is old!

thats so epic

There's more! He's drawn the other 100 too, all the 251! (You guys agree that there are no more, right?)

I went to the museum this morning. I got there early so when it first opened I ran thru every room yelling FIRST!!! FIRST SUCKERS!!! Then I stopped in front of each exhibit saying "OLD, this is so OLD, thousands of years OLD!" and "this is so Gay! Ghey Ghay Gaaaaaay! Old AND Gay!" I let everyone know how uber-strait up-to-date cutting-edge new-skool I am.

WHO ELSE IS GETTING THEIR PIKACHU COLORED PICHU AT GAMESTOP BEFORE FEB 15?!?!? AM I RIGHT??? pssshhh, i pwn all them pokemanz...wait, you're supposed to own them ? :{P

@16 win
Blastoise looks like he could tear sh*t up with those cannons.


i really like how gengar was done and jigglypuff looks insane. great work. p.s. im watching pokemon right now.


AHAHA @ Jigglypuff


Fuck yeah.

your dumb. you think you cool cause you purposely misspell gay?

some of the ones after 251 arent bad. i liked al the ones in ruby. but diamond and pearl is too many. thats like what 800 pokemon?

jiggly puff is so stoned !! o.O

@15: 251? I have no idea what you are talking about. There are only 151 real pokemon, in the same way that there are only 3 real Star Wars movies.

The first 251 are here:


Clefable looks stoned too. But I'm pretty sure this is what happens when you play Pokemonz on meth. Scary scary shit.

The painting style is called "Sumi-e" if anyone is interested.


I was about to say, "HEY. You already posted this!" when I realized - HEY...no, actually you didn't. The only reason I thought that was because my friend Lisa had posted this from someone else's blog on my Facebook.

AKA, I've already seen this. :)

now that i think about it.. jigglypuff and wigglytuff look like albino critters, and if you dont know what "critters" are just google the word. its an awesome movie/movies.

Now they should make an Anime based on these drawings. Darker and more violent, for the adults of course.......

The second one of the first line is totally the inspiration behind the design of DreamWorks's How to Train Your Dragon. Man... they are almost identical (if you remove the shell with cannons).

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blastoise looks sick

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