Dec 4 2009Wrong Way!: Minivan Hit By Wrecking Ball

You like what I did there in the title? Wrong way -- get it? That's a common road sign you see when you're driving the wrong way because you're a f***ing idiot!

Dodge minivan that entered a closed construction zone in Manhattan was accidentally hit and flipped over by the wrecking ball as onlookers watch in horror and ran for cover. Driver escaped with minor injuries.

DAAAYAMN, I've always wanted to see that happen! Aaaaand now I have. Jesus, well what do I watch now?
Cat videos!!

NOTE: FAKE video is FAKE and for something I don't care about.


Thanks to Yopoleo, who once hit a wrecking ball with his truck and sent it to the moon.

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Reader Comments

wow, that's insane :0


as insane as it was we can all learn from this, better read the signs or a wrecking ball might getcha' >:D

it did not look like it was the vans fault,

Wow, obviously staged. It's probably made to sell the AstroBoy movie, on the bus ad.


And why was there people who happen to have a camera running right at the time of the accident lol.

Definitely staged.

fake, when the car gets hit u can see the the lanchy thingy or catapolt under it =P

It's fake. Cool, but fake.

Pause it right near the beginning, you can see a group of people (the same that run up at the end) watching the minivan approach and get hit. No arms flailing, no yelling, nothing. It was obviously a stunt for something, and a pretty good use of a minivan.

Proven to be fake

get out of the way bus i cant see the show! and astro boy looks like shit

you can also hear ppl yelling cut afterwards

Thankyou, bus, for being that little bit later.

Its a fake, you can see a hydrolic arm under the car. It is for a movie

Lame shitty actors in monotone "oh my god wow.. god"
People walking along in a "closed construction zone"
Empty bus with, as Pekod said, an Astroboy sign on it.

Clearly staged and obviously fake.

How do people even fall for these stupid viral marketing things? Fuck people are retarded.

fake the crane is not even movin... where the hell is daisy!!!

This is a movie set, look closely at the bottom of the van and you can see a pneumatic ram and bar that flips over the van, as well watch the people to the left of the screen before its hit that are watching the van and remaining completely calm, not to mention the medic with large duffle bags walking casually towards the wreck.

Who goes around filming this stuff? I'm not sure this is real.

agree with most, fake!

@16 my B. Just read your post

this is 24rd street and park avenue. it's part of a film called "the other guys" look it up. this car had a complete roll cage.



Yup its for a new *pause for drum roll
wait what was i saying
oh yeah
its for a new movie with Will Farrell
lucky us no?
in this movie Will Farrell will take place in a franternity's attempt to travel back in time all while trying to promote his new career as an anchor man.
has winner written all over the straight to dvd sticker slapped on the case

Fake, real, I don't care. I want to see more things get hit by wrecking balls. It's sorta like when David Letterman first started dropping watermelons from the roof.

Well I would have actually said that instead of cat videos you watch videos with wicked lasers that go PEW!

Okay some problems i pretty much agree with everyone that said it was fake. If it was a CLOSED construction zone why the fuck were there people walking down the sidewalk?

@ technabob
I AGREE! we need shit like cannons shooting frieght trains at jonas brother painted


there is also pretty clearly a wire retaining the wrecking ball for going any further because i van would barely phase that shit

yep and there is also an aircannon/arm easily seen under the bus when it flips

faker than triple D tit5 in a beauty pageant...

I'm with anyone that called fake, just sayin

agree 27 comment, fake!

ya this totally looks like a movie shot...if we see it in some movie in the next 6're officially cursed by demon robots GW! Drag Me to Hell style....

this is fake ... you can see the catapult arm under the van as it flips, also the van was hit in the center and would have not been flipped on its own

I was in this movie, they casted my balls, but only needed one.

Is the van made of led? .... because the wrecking ball stops dead after impact. The motion is all wrong. The roof would have ripped off the minivan and the wrecking ball would not been phased. Fake ..and a bad one at that.

totally fake...
you can see the spring attached below the minivan going off. watch carefully right after the van going up in the air, you'll it...


the kind of people who stand around watching a movie being filmed.

To prove our case even further, if it was real, that road would of been blocked off.

Where is Daisy when you need her?

Fake. People on construction site, van started at beginning of clip, ball had no clear trajectory except to hit car, and bar pops up under car to flip it.

Still... had me for the first two views.

For One noone was on the bus?

For 2 Their where no road signs

3 the road must of been blocked off for any brick that would fling off would go onto the road, never would i find myself drive past like that

4ly the car SPEEDS UP!!?? to catch the Ball

5 the ball is head on center to the car

4 why would noone be running out shouting and staying stop?

Lastly if this where true minor injuries would be a LIE! lol.. unless huge blood loss and a fractured scull is classed as a minor. coz in tv

Not that anyone wants to know these facts..

Hey! this is fake! see, see, see the thing that flips the van and the bus and something about astroboy and and uhh.... yep, fake I tells you.


Judging by the comments this is definitely REAL.

I saw this on World News Now... it is for a movie.

Yay cat videos!! ( goes back to watch the surprise kitty video)

I call BS!

Attack of the Show already claimed it was shenanigans

this is a scene from Will Ferrels new movie, "The Other Guys". Listen closely and you can hear them say "cut" shortly after the van gets hit.

also, why was this dude even filming it?

Yeah it's def fake, looks to be an advert for Astroboy, the bus driving past with the poster on the side just after the action has taken place is no coincidence.

what was the ball even supposed to demolishing?

What a moron. Damn natural selection did not manage to through this idiot out of the gene-pool... sad sad

May be staged, but not fake. It's still fun to watch a car get plowed by a wrecking ball.

it is definitely fake. in addition to what everyone said above, whatch it once more and please tell me which building the ball was supposed to hit in that direction!

Do your research geekologie... This is from the filming set of a new will ferrell movie. Why? Because I saw this on the news.

Im not lieing.

Fake or not it was still cool to watch, i bet that would give you whiplash real quick.

fake or not it's funny because it's a "dodge" and it failed to do so

Even though it was fake it looked awesome. I watched it ten times. Then I noticed the spring thingy underneath the van fly out when it flips. Watch closely, you'll see

Inside edition says Will Ferrell movie...not that I was watching inside edition.

Definately "The Other Guys"

Here it is from a different angle

Clearly an advertisement for Astroboy, now in theaters.

Also the wrecking ball is bouncing up and down at the end- it's obviously a very light weight prop for a movie, not the actual 2 tons or so a real wrecking ball weighs.

What the fuck is going on with this site? Seems like every second post is a viral ad. Is your bullshit detector in the shop GW?

Its fake u can see the Hydraulic arm under the van when it flips. Saw this 3 days ago on AoTS

yea seesms like geekologie is posting alot of shitty viral marketing campaigns recently trying to get them to spread....making some money on the side are we?

Fake, you can see the springboard at 3 seconds under the car.

Pretty cool though.

Aaand, you can hear the director scream "Cut, cut, cuut!" in the middle of the movie.... Yeah, it's staged.

this is awesome! i love videos like this. this is almost as sick as this vid

Pause at the start - look 20 feet in front of the yellow vehicle. Guy in jeans, beige top with a BIG film camera that pans to follow the car spinning. Good stunt tho :)

I think all the people crying "FAKE" are losers. Just because there's a cable holding back the ball, a bunch of disinterested New Yorkers waiting around, some dude with a "camera" (whatever the heck that is), and a painfully obvious Astro Boy product placement, doesn't mean it's fake.



Whiny beeeeeaches.

Pants + Monkey = own you.

That was a fake clip made for the Leno show a few nights ago.

Love how the bus is power sliding as it passes you. Especially from something happening that is not likely in the bus drivers peripheral vision....but he slams his brakes and skids?!?

That's what I noticed before reading these comments.

I said it was fake right when I saw it. Then after watching it twice more I saw why. But it was entertaining nonetheless.

Nonetheless is a funny word. Three words in one. Woo.

regardless of the SUV geting whammed, there were people walking on the sidewalk as it happened. Those pedestrians woulda been smashed had the wrecking ball not hit the car. Why would the street be open to cars and walkers while demolition was going on?

jeez, are all you ppl deaf or just stupid? can no-one hear the director call 'CUT' and then everyone runs out. fuck i thought ppl her at least had half a fucking brain.

and for all the half wits saying you can see the wire, thats how wreaking balls work, the crane doesn't swing it around its pulled back by a wire and let go. fucking losers here tonight thats for sure.

My quick queries:
1. Why was the van stopped and accelerating out as the shot started? You can hear the wheels squeal as it takes off.
2. Why would anyone be swinging a wrecking ball across a street with pedestrians on the other side.
3. Why did none of the workmen respond for so long.
4. Why did everyone suddenly respond just as someone screamed out the word 'Cut!'?

Yeah sorry this is fake - its a movie that the rock is shooting - my college is in the background - Baruch College - i remember when they did this....

@76 read comments, first being post #12, if your are guna act like everyone else is retarded read b4 you say something, not counting the 10 others in the 70 some posts that say you can hear them shouting cut

@80, you are absolutely right. Only morons can continue sending messages about how fake the video is over and over again, even though one time would be enough.

@ 80

But the message isn't getting through....

Was filmed on the corner of 24th and Park Ave South. They set up for the shot for three days. When the ball hit it was so loud! I left my office on 25th and went downstairs to see the carnage.

Minivan fail. Whether this was filmed for a movie or genuinely caught on camera, this pwnage just reinforces the already standard agreement that NO minivans are to be driven in a metropolitan area. Ever.

This is for the new Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell film "The Other Guys".

this is ;
thank you.. :)

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