Dec 7 2009Who Knew?: Tetris, Behind The Scenes

Did you know that every game of Tetris is controlled by a malevolent Tetris god? I didn't. I thought it was controlled by some oldschool Ruskie programming. But what do I know? Besides where you live. And don't even think I won't bat your mailbox -- your parents are gonna be piiiiiiiiissed!

The Tetris God [collegehumor]

Thanks to Julian and Nathan, who have both tried jamming S-tetrads up the Tetris god's ass with little to no luck (single block penetration).

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Robbed firstards!

*Shakes fist @ 1.

Had to say that even i who hates the government hate first-tards.

@hayley hey sorry girl no offense but when you try robbing a first-tard of their juvenile glory and in turn fail in doing so, your only reward is frustration and one of these


*Ignores link @ 5 based on previous clicking experience precedent

Also: People who say no offence when they mean to incur offence should be beaten.

With heavy objects.

Oh hayley, must we fight? i only want the best for you. We girls gotta stick together you know, and not only that i think that your quite the little smooth talker trying to seduce LSDiesel tsk tsk he's mine...just sayin

See that Trevor? Apparently I'm trying to seduce you.

I don't think it is within my power however to lure you away from the unstoppable force that is 8.

Zzz time for real now. G'night Geekologie.

I danced

guys guys..err girl. whatever. Don't fight! Y'all just need to kiss and make up...and then take a pic of it, send it to GW, and let him post it. Besides what does Dees have that naas doesn't? Try answering that!

However for the topic: I now know what Michael Phelps has been up to sence his last candid pic

Damn, What a jerk of a tetris god! I hate it when he does that, he does it to me all the time =( Was it something I've done or said previously to anger him =( (my blog) =)

I just watched this on CH, then came here.


Creepy as hell.

Also, Hayley, you're rather annoying. Please leave. Thanks.


holy jeez, it gets funnier towards the end.
it's really good

LINE PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tetris god is only angry because not enough virgins have been sacrificed in his name.....

@ 13

Why would you want to kick out one of our very few girl commenters? I officially label you as retarded and ask that you GTFO.......unless you too are a girl and then I demand illicit photos of yourself that I can place in a shoebox that I keep under my bed.........TMI?

this was so good, I forced my boyfriend to watch this - but he was already tied up, so not like I went too far out of my way

*female geekologie readers unite!*

LINE PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha, oh wow.

this is thank you..

@17 - Because she's a kuntbagel.

Photo's in the mail, sweetie.

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