Dec 11 2009When Religions Collide: A Star Trek Menorah


I have no idea if Star Trek is actually a religion but I say yes and from now on you will too or I will punch you so hard you bruise before I even make First Contact. See what I did there? I'm so wicked. Anyway, this is a Star Trek themed LED menorah. Sacrilegious or not? I actually don't really know a whole lot about Judaism (despite dating a Jewish girl briefly in highschool), but I think it's actually kosher to have a themed menorah. Get it, kosher? I didn't say I didn't learn anything!

Star Trek LED Menorah Design is Nine Times as Geeky [walyou]

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Owned Spoonman lol



Are tehre any posts that you don't steal from Gizmodo/Kotaku ??

hey david,


@3: I disagree. You didn't even call "first".

i Hate you gw i waited 4 hours to get first and spoonman beats me or was it terry? do do dooooooo!!!!!!

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It was Terry. But I was technically the first one to call first.


With the exception of gizmoduck.

And by your ruling, spoonman, then I get Second! Yay me! When people scroll down they'll read my post second and be all like 'wow, that guy got second' and I'll be like 'yeah, that's how I roll' and they'll be like 'you got anything to say on the subject of the post?' and I'll be like 'naw, I'm a retard'.

Fuck you.

@Pic Shatner looks way off.

Including Science Fiction into religious activities is most illogical. And if the scientologists are a good cross-section, VERY expensive. Then again the movements are still going strong.


It is in the World of Futurama

Am I the only one who realized that 8 of the 9 'candle holders' are from the Star Trek PEZ collection?

I guess I'm just that much of a nerd!

But at least I'm not so much of a loser that I call "FIRST!" in my posts and argue whether or not I'm technically first if the first ACTUAL poster didn't say "FIRST!!! der der der!!!" You make the internet suck...

oh, btw, "THIRD!! DERDERDERDERDER!!!!1!!1"

saw this posted in the comments elsewhere, figured it was worth a repost on a star trek post:


This vulcan has an amazing pair of... ears.


@13 I completely agree, the 1st dozen comments = blatant retards. You are trying to make geekologie suck on weekends, PLEASE DIE

I'm gonna have to go with Naas on this one. You guys are staggeringly retarded. Especially #2, 6.

And the menorah is creepy. I'm not gonna lie.

hmm staller ^o) ?

Great, I really enjoyed reading the blog, I never knew this, thanks.

Personally, because I'm Jewish and a huge Trekkie, it's hard to decide it this is offensive or not. I've seen Spock Christmas tree toppers, but does anyone else think that this is going too far? It's cute and all, but still. We're talking about Chanukah, people. Should Star Trek be brought into this? Are we mocking Chanukah? On the other hand, i find this adorable, and perhaps I should give it to my geeky third-cousin...


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