Dec 21 2009Video Of James May's Full Size LEGO House

Remember the full-size LEGO house that was built and then subsequently demolished (there are kids in Africa that have to play with dirt, GOD!)? Well the episode of James May's Toy Stories featuring the house finally aired, and this is part of it. I particularly liked the LEGO scrub brush/loofah. Cute, James, but I think I'll stick to exfoliating the good old fashioned way: with a gas-powered belt sander. Now, where'd I put that 60-grit?

James May's Lego House Finally Shown Being Lived In [gizmodo]

Thanks to Alice, who's seen me shave with a chainsaw before.

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Alice also saw his legs and lower torso for the last time... RIPieces

Leggo my Eggo!!

Yeah that's right!!

hahaha, I have slept on and under my legos after a binge night of drinking does that count?

every kids dream to live in a LEGO house and play computer games all day and never go to school but manage to just survive life in the fantastic LEGO house

Yo momma's 60-grit!

As someone who went down to Surrey and started queuing from 6:30am to take part in the build (I was even interviewed, but didn't appear on the show, sadly), I'm kind've annoyed at how little time was spent showing the people building the "big bricks", considering that more people showed up to help than with any other episode of the show, and on the other episodes, they spent way longer showing the people working.

It also makes me a sad panda that they had to knock it down, after all that effort that thousands (there was around 2000 of us there on the day), of us had put in.

If I ever get rich, I'm making a whole goddamned Lego island, and everyone, except the person responsible for making Legoland Windsor pull out of buying it, is invited.

i love james may.


I was so happy to see this on TV last night! On the show you get a few glimpses at the box that I made! it was big, green+white and said "bits + bobs" on it.

I was very happy that I was able to take part in this! and that my work was shown on TV!

Also, christina is a total bitch. Possibly the most uptight person I've ever met. someone plz remove that bargepole from her vag.

"This lego floor is very painful" Oh that's beautiful.

this is a thing of beauty. I have to admire you James for being at once a child and functional adult. yay.

Yeah, I saw this yesterday morning. OLD.

@6 good work. That's the bbc for you.

@7 TG is not a good show anymore.

@8 I thought that too. Like, crazy perfectionist type of gal.

@anyone involved who made all the decoration?

welcome you to choose

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