Dec 2 2009They're No Brass Knuckles: Pac-Man Ring Set


Similar to this Pac-Man ring set, except 100% totally different. BLING. I want carbon fiber teeth!

The series consists of four rings- One with a big shiny flat pacman soldered to the top, and the following three with black onyx cabochons. The only thing you need to do is tell me all of your fingers sizes except for your thumb, and we're in business!!

The rings in the images are slightly larger than what I wear, which is why they looked a little crowded on my hand. But when they fit for your hand they will be snug and comfortable and make you want to fake punch everyone you see just so they can get the full effect.

Yeah, fake punching everyone you see -- that's not gonna get you stabbed with a rusty screwdriver. Unfortunately, this ring set sold this morning, so it's no longer available. But you can probably contact the seller if you're interested in another one. Just tell them Large Marge sent ya! Anybody? Peewee's Big Adventure! Freak loved that bike.

Pacman Ring Series [etsy]

Thanks to Blastphemer and matt, who used to take turns punching each other in the genitals on the schoolbus.

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Reader Comments

'wah-ah' (pacman sound)


awesome! punch me in the face!

I'd love to punch someone (preferably a firstard) the face with thsoe... it'd look like Pacman is eating balls on their face.... just sayin


I hate it when you look at the comments and realise there are non but realise you are now too late to be first :/

looks like it was made with tin snips

anyone there own a buffer, or at least a file?

GW... you gurlfriend can pac-man these nutz!!!

now ill never know what blasphemer and matt are

Hrm GW wants us to finish his post

Thanks to Blastphemer and matt, who don't need power pellets to chase the ghosts or their tempting voices from under their beds or inside their heads


Thanks to Blastphemer and matt who could eat balls all day long. OMNONOMNOMNOMNOM

GW hit his word limit for the day.

should be ms. pac-man.. just sayin

@10 FTW

"just sayin" is the new "First"

FTW, my wife blackmailed me into something that should never be spoken about ever again, AKA, go and watch Half Moon... i am in tears, i am going later today, i don't know what to do, taking my life has crossed my mind... getting wasted would be nice, but i'd get too agresive and end up with a long jail term... MLITshit

Although I have already secured my sons PSP, a good set of earphones and I'm trying to get one of those hoodies to block out any undesired glimpse at the screen, I said I'd go with her, but actually watching the shitflick was not part of the deal. MLIG

P.S. i'll probably sleep with the dogs tonight, but totally worth it.

premature postulation GW.... It's okay man, there's no love lost.... it happens


Are you guys for real..??? Its just a lame attempt at a design, look closely at the pacman ring and its just paper..or cardboard...

This is an insult to your master Pacman!

And holy crap..look at his gangerous THUMB!!!!!!

@ 17 - A lame attempt at design is me jumping of my roof with wings made of discarded umbrellas. Needless to say... i now have no fingers and i type with my teeth

***same voice as sho' nuff from the last dragon "catches bullets with his teeth"***

@18 ahhhh, no shit. Looks like he pulled it right from his bum before snapping that picture, siick


@19 "LeeeRooyyy"

Thanks to Blastphemer and matt, who have matching wonder twin cock rings.... WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!!!!!

@16 FTW... BEST comment I've seen in.... in a loooong time... just sayin MLIG

Looks cheap and did anyone notice the busted up thumb nail. Manicure anyone?

I think GW has been abducted mid post! Commence the search for him!

@15 you're in a jam... play sick, get kidnapped, fake flying away in a balloon or something.... just sayin


...who what? WHO WHAT??? Who starts a sentence and doesn't finish it? That's who. Seriously, who what?

@14 just sayin' is so two days ago! MLIG is the new secret code.
@15 My daughter's birthday is Friday..I'll be going to the mall
with a pack of teen girls to see new moon..
(I secretly want to go. MLIT)

@15 I hope you at least get a "bloagie" from your wife for having to take all those little girls to the movies... just sayin MLIG

what happened to GW?! did he get attacked by ninjas and couldn't finish his post?! no link?! WHAT HAPPENED GW? DEFEND YOURSELF!

i had relations with Mr. packman once and his wife caught us. needless to say she was pissed...pissed she wasnt invited....just sayin

de ja vu... just sayin

What a gross thumbnail

All your finger sizes except your thumb.

if that is your hand with those rings on it, you need to seriously consider having a manicure because that nail is messed up yo!

Dots should be white.


@8 I'm the guy who wouldn't give Deez or CN a reach-around, so now they...are...PISSED! Sorry shouldn't have given it up so easily, or quickly for that matter. Hey, at least I left you both straws before I left...hope it was yummy.

Sorry, couldn't post before....was nomnomin balls while activating my cockring wondertwin power - form of giant gushing penis! I always pick that one. What can I say? I'm a pleaser.

good post

pacman pacman pacman pacman haahahah

cheap supra shoes


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

It's like in the Super Mario Bros. movie when Mario finds a mushroom on a spider web.

I think I buy my girlfriend the ms. pacman verson and get a handjob......with lotion of course.

Gross thumbnail!! YUCK!!


This doesn't deserve to be here. c'mon, at least the pinky (and i mean pinky the finger, not the ghost) could have been worked in here as a power pill!! Give the middle (power finger sequence) sompin 2 chase!!! am i right!?!?

I need a little time reading this article, but to taste this article carefully needs very long time.
Admin,I will always come to your blog.

I love these cute rings!

This is awesome, please keep writting.

how can I buy it?

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