Whoever is out there making videos can just stop because you'll never top this one, sorry.


Thanks to TigerCH9, who has the coolest bird ever in the history of birds AND THAT INCLUDES PTERODACTYLS.

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This IS one of the greatest videos of all time.


i love the dr. horrible in the background. makes it exponentially more amazing.

A parrot that makes beeping noises. Our worlds have been rocked.

Meh. I've seen better parrots. If it were a talking unicorn, that would have been better.

Butt kissing buzzard!!

Give that bird a hand...I mean, talon.

A PEW-PEW Parrot..... just sayin

Holy shit

@7 fail

That bird not PEW PEW on my windshield

@LSDiesel, fail

Oh lawdy. Now I've seen everything. I can die in peace.

Dr. Horrible + Pew's = AWESOME

That was so good I no longer feel the need to go on youtube


Pew pew and so much more:

The chick sounds hot. I want pics.

i especially enjoy the "we do the weird stuff" in the background lol dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog for the win

Cool yes

Actually... she sounds a lot like Jewel Staite.

The Dr. Horrible music is the best part of that video, I think. The bird is pretty awesome, too, but I don't want to fuck the bird.

Yeah, no. Not entertaining. No explosions or jet packs = me, not entertained.

mensa not entertained = me not caring.... just sayin

It's pew-ing? I thought it was meowing, I didn't get it until now.

i heard this one from a parrot the other day...

black guy walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. bartender says
"where'd you get that?"
and the parrot says
"in africa, there's lots of them"

and that's why parrots are hilarious and occasionally tell off-colour jokes....

Rofl! Even Kanye would agree...

Yo, lazer parrot. I'm really happy for you. I'mma let you finish but this parrot had the best video of all time!

No shadow = FAKE

heyy noliy neydiyirsiniz? (:


African Gray's are the smartest/most vocal birds AFAIK....

lol that is the epitome of awesome XD

Did it occur to you gw that this may infact be a devious plot to destroy you? You know what makes Pew Pew pew? lasers. This is not a laser, this is a parrot and You know what ELSE Pew Pew Pew sounds?


So i think the parrot is actually one of those robots that finds peoples weaknesses, brings them close and them DESTROYS THEM.
Gw beware.
:C one day ill help you destroy the robots, after i kill the zombies. :D

pew pew peww
thats the sound my penis makes after my girlfriend makes it happy

Geek-Ology? I prefer Gook-o-loogie, like Chicks-a-plenty but with geeks, the word 'of' and a loogie.

too many E's?

pew pew pew!!!

Dr. Horrible and a "pew"ing parrot are the combination of my dreams.

That's my favorite Dr. Horrible song. Awesome.

Better: PEW PEW PARROT playing with SURPRISE OM NOM NOM LOLCAT CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER. Filmed by a Tiger Woods mistress.

Wow! I've been reading this site for three years and never expected to have you finally post my video (especially as I sent it in about 6 months ago!)

Oh, and I never even taught Quito to say that...he just started doing the PEWing all by himself. I am quite afraid I might have been given a robot in disguise!


That is so WIN

When the impending robo-holocaust comes, we need to save this bird along with the geekologie writer. They're our greatest resources!

Actually, Pterodactyls are not classified as birds. They were reptiles with skinned wings that lived throughout the Mesozoic- completely different phylum. XD
Cute bird vid! but I've seen much much better. :(
Dr. Horrible = awesomeness!

this is thank you.. :)

hha haa asweet. I want it.

yeah the bird. no. duh. the animal.

Ha ha - I love how 30 and 45 remind us that this remains indeed geekologie: site for geeks! :-D

@39 - I agree.

African Greys! Super :D

I had one that used to wolf whistle whenever my mom walked into the room.

Dirty whore.

Bravo, Bravo.

@ 4
It's saying Pew Pew Pew, not beeping, dumbass.
@ 27
Oh, hell no! Just what we F***ING needed; a second Daisy. Thanks, asshole. I'm going to go absolutely bat-shit-insane, now.

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