Dec 10 2009That's It, I'm Going To The Next Convention!: A Hot Trekkie Girl


Yes, even the crew of the Enterprise take Myspace-style shots of themselves in the bathroom mirror. And you don't see me complaining! What you do see is me gluing these fake elf ears on. "Nanu-nanu!"

Hot chick Trekkies DO exist! [albotas]

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first? love you daisy!

I hate star trek , but I 'd rail the crap out that one.

Yeah. She is enough reason for me to go...

totally nippin'! <3

She's pointing at me!

All-finger shocker, or Vulcan salute?

i think i can see her nipples too... niiiiice!

"To boldly go, where no man has gone before!"

@6 It's called the Spocker.

True story - I almost submitted this earlier just so I could have ONE more place to see this chick. Between the ears, the long fingers, the boobs, the uniform, the skirt, the haircut, the nose, the eyebrows.............the...........the.........the............................

Ok...just in case there really is a Santa........PLEASE!!! JUST THIS ONCE...I'LL BE GOOD ALL YEAR!!! I'M NOT LYING THIS TIME! C'MON!!!

Seriously [email protected]! Think I could talk her in to dressing up in Leia's slave outfit too??? Just sayin....

PS. GW you're on-again/off-again relationship with the language filter is driving me Just flip a coin already.

this is relevant to my interests

The Wrath of Khaandom.

Redshirt joke FTW.

90% chance of this being just a haloween costume. 10% of genuine interest in Star Trek. 8% only likes the original series, the next gen, and voyager (and the movies, with the possible exception of the motionless picture). 7% Single. 0.0005% lives near one of us. 0.00000000000000005% lives near me. 0.000000000000000000000001% we ever see each other. 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% anything comes out of that. 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% Ahura joins in.

I like my odds.

meh...i'm more of a Romulan-chick type of guy.

@13 that's the young Ahura.

I just noticed the skirt. ONLY AHURA GETS TO WEAR A SKIRT.

ah its going to be the everlasting fight between the sons of lucas and the trekkies. but omg a "spokess"

@17 They're two completely different versions of sci-fi. Star Trek is proper sci-fi, whereas Star Wars is more fantasy orientated. Both are excellent, but there's more of Star Trek. Even if you ignore the poor stuff (DS9 + Enterprise). So, as it takes up more of my freely given time, Star Trek FTW.

o god she's uber hot.... makes you think twice about trekkies huh?

Am I the only one who finds her mediocre? I mean, she looks pretty damn authentic, but, not all that hot.

That is, I would. You know. I'd take on three birds of prey with a galaxy class to do so (which would be awesome). But she's not that spectacularly, awesomely hot. I'd maybe duck out of a fight with the borg. Especially if Data's brother is involved.

yeah! she is cool!

it would be fun to nibble on her ears, although they'd probably fall off..
Actually, I think a Klingon chic would be a lot more fun in bed, since they like it rough.

Nice body, her nose is a bit funny looking though! she'd def have to take the ears off too, even if i am a trek fan, i don't dig it sexually! lol


F U C K I N G S*C*H*W*I*N*G*!

Shes hot...if your into pointy noses to go with those pointy ears...(err)...just saying

Seriously, DS9 is on your bad Star Trek list and Voyager isn't? Voyager made the Borg crap . . . Voyager sucked ass!



It'd be hot if she pulled her arms into her shirt and stuck her hands out of the arm holes and said "RAWR RAWRR who's yor clever girl, RAWR".

Okay First Blastphemer and Cabbo are my new heroes.

Can everyone hear that? That's the sound of 10 million (moms basement living) nerds heads exploding from seeing that picture.

Fantastic face...shame she has the body of a 12 year old boy with some oranges shoved inna bra...:/

Seriously, you people are so sad (and possibly closeted) for thinking that emaciated stick is a bangable woman, hot cosplay or no. *rolls eyes*

hot just means "not fat" in this case

beam me up hottie?


i wish i had a sick costume like that.

I'd land my "shuttle" in her "docking bay"! I'd let her use her "Vulcan death grip" on my "phaser"! I'd shoot my "photon torpedos" into her "black hole"! I'd let her "energize" my "tractor beam"! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! See what I did there?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! But seriously, I would have sex with her.

JFreezy - Voltaire did those puns (and did them better) in The Sexy Data Tango :-P

zaphod-you are telling me if she came up to you and wanted to beam you up. you would let her. c'mon. i am a man that has a taste for body types like kim kardashian. you know plump. but i wouldn;t mind stunning her with my phaser.

Trek joke time!!

What do toilet paper and the USS Enterprise have in common?................................................................... They both fly around Ur-anus wiping out Kling-ons!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't be stopped today!!!

That guy was ok. Mine were WAY better though, trust me. That song would have been better if I didn't have to look at his ugly douche bag Trekkie face through the whole song!

cool looking costume. however, "hot" should mean more than just "not busted looking"

ummmm shes not that hawt boys..
bathroom camwhore.... thumbs down

I wasn't planning on commenting on any posts about this photo on any sites. But, shit, GEEKOLOGIE?!?!?!? I am a big, big fan.

That's me in the photo.
On the site I check daily.
Pretty fucking awesome.
Although, I'm still a bit upset that the haiku I wrote and entered in the Buckyball Magnet contest didn't win. Damn, man. Keepin' a playa down.

(I know I am doing the Vulcan salute incorrectly in the photo; I explained my mistaking a Jewish worship gesture with the salute in the post I uploaded the photo onto.)

Anyways, see y'all at next years Comic Con.

I see that the complexities of using the camera timer are still beyond most women

Additionally, I posted it on a personal blog. I did not post it to Reddit or any other sites.

@10 "ME WANT SNU-SNU!!".... just sayin

BTW, did you get a chance to check out that dj ztrip website?
Do you like Motown? I just found this artist, Mayer Hawthorne, and this cat can sing.
(Really you should just close your eyes and listen, then you'll really be surprised when you see what he really looks like)


Meh, her face isn't that hot. Her body on the other hand? Not that bad.

But I'm not convinced she's the genuine article. More likely it's a halloween costume, or she did it on a dare.
On a sidenote:
Likelyhood of her having a boyfriend: 93%.

She's cute, but she looks like Jim Parsons.

I think she's perfect in the looks dept. Just my type of girl. And it's even better that she's actually a Star Wars geek, not a Trekkie.



Looks like the guy that played Spock with a nice set of B cups

@42 sorry for my honest opinion, I am sure you look much nicer in a swimsuit


the bathroom walls are very well painted with a nice color.

So does that mean you folks didn't see this lovely classic science officer?

I think comparing her to Leonard Nimoy is a bit harsh. I'll bet you that if she ever got around to posting a picture of herself in a bikini we'd all be drooling just like we do when we watch Seven of Nine on ST: Voyager.

Hahaha, I don't think comparing her to Leonard Nimoy is harsh at all.

After all, that IS who she had in mind when she donned the ears.

I wouldn't hit that with Kirk's rod, although maybe if i was wearing Geordi's banana clip....

I clicked her username, and she had a choice between Spock, Kirk and a GI Joe halloween costume. So why in the name of the almighty nerd god George Lucas did she pick the Spock costume? Everybody knows that the Shat is the coolest guy ever to grace the Star Trek universe. Just sayin'.

i'd bust that ass like a looter in a riot. a space riot.


You're gorgeous. Han Solo is lucky.

youre all going to feel ashamed when u find out thats a man


Would you hit this if it was a Worf costume?

Klingons belong in the toilet.


Waay cuter then this girl.. Plus she's encouraging girl on phillipino girl action... something that NEVER happened in Star Trek (I guess Philipinos didn't make the cut in Gene's world)

@asian sensation.
No-uh. We'll just put on the soundtrack to "The Crying Game", go stand in the shower with our clothes on, and cry our eyes out.

Yeah, I'd hit that. But if that turn out not to be a female I'm gonna feel really bad in the morning and cry many, many manly tears in the shower...

I'm gonna agree w/50 -- looks a little man-ish to me...


@I'm gonna agree w/50 -- looks a little man-ish to me...

You've been fapping to too much gay elf porn

Been surfing again I see, WIN!

I'm in love <3

She looks a lot like Felicia Day. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I wouldn't put it past her to dress up this way.

And no one mentioned rule 63 yet!?

you can totally see her nipple through her shirt ^_^

@27 I calls 'em like I sees 'em. DS9 was filler episode after filler episode, usually smeared with americana. Voyager had plenty of well thought out episodes which reference the Star Trek universe. And, the borg? Next gen killed the borg by giving one of them feelings. From there, you could do anything, and they wouldn't be as cool.
Remember the one with the teleportation device that could've brought Janeway et al right back home? Good sci-fi. Weirdly, replayed much more than any other episode, over here. Admittedly, it's no-where near as good as TOS or NG but it outstreaks DS9 and enterprise by a buttload

@42 Don't mind these over-aggressive arses. You are good looking. Hot, though?.Sorry, but that is reserved for the true hotness that is to come.

@47 steal my joke again, I spam.

She's hawt as faq. BTW her (Lauren) and her hot ass friend (jenn) have a decent blog on tumblr @ and

@58 because she's a woman. No mere woman can handle the power of Being William Shatner.

I just clicked the link to her blog. She's fine!

Guys come on. Upload a photo of yourself to geekologie and let everyone pick it apart. Seriously. funny nose, no figure? Go to a mirror and look for a couple of minutes at yourself. When you're finished crying and have apoogised you're welcome to come back to adult conversations. You're all the sort of people who give other people complexes...

Lauren, you're a bonny girl. Keep up the cosplay. Ignore the tards.

Q. You know what I can't get over? A. A 50 ft fence.

Q. You know what I can't understand? A. Chinese writing.

DaveAtFernie out

Wow, sorry for being the first one to dis. I was just saying that, you know, she's not that much above average in this photo. Click her link though. It's worth it.

Does she speak klingon???

Very hot but its not that hard to top this girl

I dont understand why everyone finds her that hot. If a not so attractive girl would put on a Zelda costume i would'nt find her freaking hot.... Wait i would. Now i understand you guys.

Old pic is old. This made the rounds on /b/ weeks ago.



the blaze of a supernova is shining within my soul, ready to explode, spread the love, shaking every planet moon and sun from alpha centauri all the way to the far reaches of the milky way, ready to illuminate even the darkest matter and blow out the flame of he brightest star, ready for ascension, devour, interconnect, fuse to be ONE with you.

that is how you make me feel, because you are the supernova.

(ShoDan, pls die! she is mine.)

where is that cloak technology?

Isn't she the same girl from the Zelda shoot a while back?

@ 42

Star Wars vs. Star Trek = Star Wars FTW!
Geekologie vs. everything else = Geekologie FTW!
Lauren & Felicia Day vs. Any overblown Hollywood "hottie" = L&FD FTW!

@ 76

Well said, though, not cosplay, t'was Halloween.

That's an off-the-shelf costume?! Damn! This has increased my appreciation for the new movie.

Cosplay WIN for sure!

At first glance, I thought she was to good to be true, and probably one of those photoshopped to look like heroine porn hoes

She has a cute face I suppose. Appears to have a pretty nice body, although clothes can hide a lot. I wouldn't say she's hot enough to lose my shit over though.

NICE.. if you geekologie folks are into it.. check this out..

that star trek girl is on there too.. i will add some more when i find em..

NEED... NUDE PIC! Good god this chick is hot, could raise boners at -50 degrees lol. I'm a star wars guy but I'd make an exception for this chick!

Y'all are nuts. She's very cute. Those hands are interesting too. Very young, but very cute too. /shiver

I'm no hero, buddy. Unless by hero you mean a super amazing person who's dashingly handsome, loaded with cash, intelligent, kind, possesses a great sense of humor, and...oh yeah...has superhuman powers...........then, yeah, I guess I'm a hero. Whew...good thing I'm modest, THAT could've taken a while to type out otherwise.

You do your damn thing, baby girl! You look good, and that's the bottom line because Blastphemer said so! Forget all these haterz, man...let the little boys figure out what those fake plastic hollywood hoes are good for on their own(especially without the makeup, borrowed clothes/jewelry, and airbrushing). Gimme a naturally hot woman any day. Will check out your site this weekend and see what you have going on.

Buddy...I have not had a chance yet to check it out. Have been spending a lot of my home time with the kiddos (board games, music lessons, a little WoW, and a bit of xbox) this week, but they're heading off to stay with their mom for a while so I'll definitely check that out this weekend. Thanks again, pal...I'll get at you monday with my 2. Weren't you talking about a blog you had going a few posts back? I'll have to dig through, find it, and check that out this weekend too. I've been thinking of starting one myself, but between work, travel, kids, gf, gaming, and a new book I've started writing....whew....not sure my plate can hold much more. We'll see. Just sayin...

I'm trying to think of a popular Star Trek phrase that I could turn into something sexual, implying that I would like to have relations with this girl. But nothing is coming to me.

BTW - GW, my friend....wakey wakey, rise and shine, it's on again, off again, on again...

c'mon big guy...If I could drag MY sorry ass outta bed this mornin, YOU can too. Get on the ball, baby...the day's slippin by. Cheers m8.

girl, Han Solo is such a fcking lucky.

your beautiful.

TOTALLY nippling

@55 I'm not talking about Leonard Nimoy, I'm talking about the ambiguously gay looking enterprise crew from the recent star trek

@93 I hear ya. There is never enough time in the day. I'm home with the kids today. They cut our hours down to 35, so I get to take off one day a week, which kinda works out because I get to spend the day with the kids, and we save having to spend $70 on a baby sitter for the day.
Can't wait till they're old enough for school...... just sayin

A/S/L!!!! Meet in the holo-deck? SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS!

where are the OGs at?
Pew3, MooseKnuckles, Daisy, LSDiesel, and NBD??
just say'n

totally irrelevant, but i digest....

@101 Present!

Pardon my mild retarded, but what do you mean by OG's?

She is called Sara ... and life is good ;)

OG = ORIGINAL GANGSTER, Used to referance an original group of people doing it before it got popular.....

@103 Probably "Original Geekologists".... just sayin

I see. While it's true I have been here a long time, I am by no means an Original Geekologist. I carry the flag of my geekologie forefathers whose names we wouldn't even recognize. Who knows, they may be commenting among us right now, walking in our midst....


i wanna fire my photon torpedo right into her ...uhm...well... vagina.

She's a cutie.

(seems a little anal about her towels tho.)

@73 cabbo.
Yeah, I guess I did steal your joke. But I didn't notice it until afterwards. So sorry about that, cabbo.

@75 cabbo.
Are you sure? I mean, there must be someone out there that can pull of a James T. Kirk costume.

Oh, that makes a lot more sense. Although I think that Sylar did an excellent job portraiting Spock Mk II.

Anyone know where she got the shirt? Lauren, you still around? :O I want one...


I believe she said it was from Toys R US and she bought it around Halloween time.

heyy me;

she uzayli ? :)

Oh yeah, I also for got to say "AMAZING. THERE IS A GOD."

@42 dont listen to the hate. You're hot. The fact that it has drawn so much attention (and the majority of it positive) proves that. Good luck in school and keep it up.

@93 LOL. Yeah dude

There is no doubt Lauren is at least an 8 on a scale of 10. Some people consider 8 to be hot others think that hot starts at 9. But she is better than 7, everyone has to admit that.

I like the angle of your picture, well done. I agree with 112: The small towel is hanging a bit too precisely aligned for my taste. Did you do that or someone else? I hope it was your roommate or the cleaning lady.

@13 & @16: It's Uhura, with a "U" you idiots!!!!
What? you only did that to trap the uber-geeks! Damn!~

(I was going to check every comment to see if anyone else corrected you ass-clowns, but after about the 50th comment it seemed to devolve into snarky comments about her looks.)

Hot? Sure. Aware of how to do the Vulcan salute correctly? Obviously not. *sigh*

@121 Hot Definitely, does it matter that she doens't know how to do the salute. Not really. I just give her props for the costume, the ears and being bold enough to put it online. Good on her. Dropping her thumb? who gives a S%&^. Unless she gets invited to be a Vulcan on the new movie, new Tv show or professionally, It really doesn't matter. lol.
(I do understand your point but It's not an advertisement for a formal production. It's a gorgeous girl, who got creative.) Respect

Now if you don't mind, I need to go upstairs and tell my mom what I want for dinner. J/K

@117 woah there.

@120 it's good to know that I've become plural. Genuine mistake though, good catch.

@All this is probably the worst hotness pic of this wee gal, due to that wierd looking cheek shadow. BUT, she is hot hot hot spicy flaming pew pew kuwazza bunga bunga WOOOOOOOOW.

Re: Star Trek (the movie - not the motion picture)

It was good.

Granted, the only good actors on it were Spock, Spock, and Scotty (yes that's right. Go watch 'Spaced'). But it was performed acceptably by the rest and the script in itself had a good few gems. The visuals were incredible (and relieving - finally Star Trek gets a big budget) and the plot itself was... well... here I can see where some people could have problems. I liked it, but it does sort of definately mean that everything that happened in TOS... um... didn't (in the Star Trek universe). But it was a viable Star Trek plot (although no-where near as good as the time when the really nervous guy becomes a hyper intelligent core of the enterprise), in that it incorporated the basics of humanity and the essence of society while showing a darker side to life as well, with some man-machine equality in there. Also Kirk pulls the moves (on a GREEN CHICK!).

I'm pretty sure Kirk keeps a colour grid, in which he ticks squares off when he 'lies with' girls of that colour.

@ 115: Thank you!

She's a cutie

All I have to say is:
1) That's a pretty awesome picture, but
2) it makes me glad to know that she's actually a Star Wars fan and
3) she's SOOO much hotter in non-Vulcan form

Another hot spockette:

(and this one is an actual trekkie)

Though the outfit isn't exactly canon... I definately don't mind.



Thanks, GW. You're a pretty cool guy.

OMG I'm in love *-*

all i can say. A very beautiful young lady.

shes AWESOME hot, I want to to the Vulcan mating fight for her!

she uzay-li ? :)
hangi gezegenli hi hi ?

@13, 15, 16

- It's Uhura, not Ahura.

This pic is all over the damn internet. Give it a rest, people. She's not even a trekkie/trekker. She has gone public on her Tumblr blog basically admitting she is sick of seeing her photo everywhere, she admits she doesn't know shit about Trek or the Vulcan hand sign, and she's not even half as hot out of this costume as in. Someone kill this already.

For this even a star wars fan will convert.

She's hot but totally doing the Vulcan salute WRONG...Nimoy himself say's the thumb should extend.


lauren: we love you.

To FuckFakeTrekGirls:

I never said I didn't know shit about Star Trek--I made a mistake, which I explained. I said I was and am a Star Wars fanatic--doesn't mean I don't like seeing Picard on the side. And your name "FuckFakeTrekGirls". Hm, well, I never said I was a Trekkie, I wore the costume on Halloween. I mean, if we're going by your standards of how to determine if someone is fake, you might as well go up to the child in an angel costume and say, "Hey, you're not a real angel. Fuck you, fake angel." Halloween--the holiday for fake ass people?(Sidenote: It reminds me of a Family Guy episode--"You're a phony!"
And I'm ugly outside of my Vulcan costume? Excuse me, have we met before? Mind you: I understand and am fully aware that a large majority of people aren't attracted to me because people have "types." But, hey, I know I'm not ugly or "half as hot", as written by you behind the safety of your computer screen.
Additionally, you have the option to ignore and not look at the photo (WOW!). You not only chose to look but took the time out of your day to comment. I choose to comment because (1) you're speaking rudely of me and (2) you're telling people to give it a rest and yet still chiming in, opening up for discussion.
If anything you shouldn't be telling me to "fuck off" (through the "FuckFakeStarTrekGirls, assuming when you wrote "Fake Star Trek Girls" you meant me) because I haven't leaked the photo "everywhere", as you've written. Other Star Trek fans did, which is fine, I don't have a problem with it. I have a photo of Burt Reynolds on a bear rug as my desktop photo (fap)--I'm not trying to be offensive, but, hey, I like it. And if people like the photo, then let them like the photo. It's a fucking PHOTO. It's nothing against you! So, take the stick out of your butt.
And if you want to play by your rules, then, I suggest that you give it a rest. a Vulcan, she'd only want it once every seven years though...right?? After waiting seven years, it better be DAMNED good!!!

joe- a vulcan, maybe she'd only have PMS once every seven years...


She gives me pon farr

She has facebook for those stalkers in you....

Way late to the party for this pic. But it is AWESOME.

Ignore the haters, you look great! Beautiful. Simple, gorgeous. Classic.

One of the damn sexiest pics I have seen in a long time.

That's illogical.

@6 and 9
It's also referred to as The Canadian Crippler

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