Dec 22 2009Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie Thing


As is evident from the picture, there's just no way to look cool in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle snuggie. Sure I could do it, but I can also bend time with my mind. AND unhook bras -- both front and back closures.

Cuddle up with your favorite turtle! Stay nice 'n toasty while you reach for a pizza slice in this fleece blanket with sleeves and a Michelangelo body print. Ah, turtle power never felt so...soft!

Available from Hot Topic for $28, I kind of want one. BUT ONLY TO PROVE I WOULD STILL LOOK COOL IN IT. Also, this wizard robe is getting a little tattered. You know, FROM BATTLING SORCERERS AND KEEPING THE EARTH SAFE! You didn't know I did that, did you? Well I do. I do do that. *ZIPPITY ZAP!* See? That was me casting a safety spell. Well, technically, that was a fork in the microwave, but I could cast a safety spell if I wanted. Swear.

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Thanks to Alejandra, who's holding out for a Gargamel snuggie. Now you're talking!

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Reader Comments

Lol at his Earrings.

loloolol second and the guy looks like a douche

Nice giant disk earrings, guy. They really add to your coolness in that thing.


That's hardcore right there folks, he's going to be th........... that's a dude? There's too much sparkle in those eyes to call that one a straight male

I know it's supposed to be the front section fot he shell, but alls I can see when I look at that is a giant cartoon picture of a butt and legs. Why is this stylish individual, with his immacualtely gelled hair, poking his head out the top of a butt? Why?

@5 talk about poking out, wait until he opens one of the secret doors on that thing

i do love all things TMNT but this is just wrong.

TMNT are always awsome...... But this thing is retarded.

Is it just me, or does that kid looks like Rufio from "Hook"?

Snuggie = Bathrobe worn backwards

OLD! Naas got this for Christmas last year from me, we use it for TMNT role playing.


OLD! Ollie gave me this for christmas last year for a role playing game & we exchanged it 4 times before I dominated his anus with an unsharpened bo-staff!

douche chill!

reckon katie of facebook fame would give this guy her v-card.....

Yet again, another example of why snuggies should have hoods!!! I'm holding out for Shredder, bitches! That's right...wanna snuggle now??? Who's bringin the bandaids?!

Ollie & Naas - nunchuks...just sayin.

I reckon the front shell looks like two cocks being held together by bacon.

I think I'd have to beat everyone around me with rolled-up towels if I wore this.

Which I will, when I do.

1. Retarded.
2. I knew it was from hot topic just by looking at that retard.

that's more like a dalai lama goes buff thingy


16 made me lol.

One, I f-ing hate snuggies and anyone who dare to wear one.. but I love TMNT.. so so what can I say other than ... yes, it does look like two giant cocks being held together by bacon.... yum yum

Look at this fucking hipster.

from the look on this guy's face he was thinking. YES I'm the next top model for Hot Topic. The chicks are gonna fall all over me. He then got to the photo shoot and they whip out the 2 cocks swordfighting wrapped in bacon on a field of lettuce snuggie. Now he realizes that his sphincter is going to be hard drilled in the locker room of his gym class.

qka po boni bre a ejni mir na

qka po boni bre a ejni mir na

qka po boni bre a ejni mir na

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