Dec 10 2009Surprise!: Pokemon Is The Devil's Work

"Pokemon World is a world of the demonic. Of the satanic." I knew it! This guy says a lot of crazy shit but the best is between 1:30 and 2:30. It's scary. And what's even scarier is the way all the people in the audience are so attentive. Really makes me want to start my own cult. Who's with me? Oh come on -- we'll wear bathrobes and chant!


Thanks to Amanda, who's officially in charge of new recruiting.

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"The night time is the right time..... The night time is the right time..... The night time is the right time..... The night time is the right time..... The night time is the right time....."

If you play the pokemon theme song backwards it says i love satan

wow....thank god i'm not christian....

Oh noes.
I knew a girl across the street who wasn't allowed to watch pokemon or even play neopets. She was weiiirddd.
She didn't go trick or treating either.

Once again GW, cruel and unusual you post a video i can't watch at school.

Jesus H. Christ! Who is this guy's hairstyler?

or is it coffeur... damn :D

I think he's talking about the pikachu fail from a few days ago

hahaha .. pokemon "paraphernalia"

HOLY DSL at 1:25!

Tv Evangelists... gotta catch em all!

this kind of religious behaviour is like a black comedy. you laugh at it but realise as well the dark/menacing unterdones.

i mean the idea that pokemon is devil worship is ridiculous. thats just his interpretation via a book of a thousand year old chinese whispers. i`ve no doubt kids who watch it are totally obliviuos to such far fetched conotations and thus cant be affected by them.

he even drew reference to an instant where one kid stabbed another over a game of pokemon, wish i could have asked him what was worse that or when preachers murder abortion clinic doctors.

F**K RELIGION!!! it not longer has a purpose!!!!

i welcome any well constructed counter arguements!!!!

This is an extreme case, its just an ignorant idiot speaking his beliefs in front of a crowd. But really it shows how religion extremists can be insane, this guys should go to a mental hospital.

and why's he gotta single out jigglypuff when talkin' about Satan??

*Here, specificially, is the representation of Satan!*

btw, I don't care if I do go to hell - manipulating pocket monsters through my power sources has been, and always be, my favorite hobby

Hey GW! Why don't you get something from this decade as news? This came out around the same time the stupid Purple Homo tubby thing was out there with a purse. I'm slowly becoming disappointed with this site :-(

hahahahhahahha mas putooooO~!

next they will say porn and masturbation is Satan worship. whats this world coming to.

GW i would totally join your cult!! every Wednesday we take hits from the star trek bong and sing songs around the laser fireplace.

"Everything in life is real."
Except his hair.

The Cult of Geekology hmm.... Well if there has ever been a cult I wouldnt mind joining that would be it, But if you start breaking out the strange tasting Kool-Aid GW I am out of there like ted haggard...only without the meth use and gay sex that is.....

@ 12
sorry man, but i agree with ya, no argument here
religon has been twisted into something completely ridiculous these days
mid to late 90's poke=evil, today its like...i dunno prolly social networking=evil

anyway, i just feel sorry for the folks that take what this guy is saying seriously or anyone with a srsly closed mind that buys into the poison that most religons have become

I miss my pokemon gang.


i'm all for the geekologie cult tho

I'm still actually waiting on permission to use this quote, which was a reply from someone else who saw this video on a friend's blog: "I always get a huge charge out of religious people spluttering about how RPers can't distinguish fantasy from reality. Especially when they follow it up with how the demons are gonna mess you up."


The greatest trick the debil ever pulled off was convincing the world he was jigglypuff...

this is so ridiculous it really isn't funny. it's scary.

The video is most likely a fake, for the simple reason the rant doesn't include even a single mention of false idols(which is the only complaint most of the fringe have about major pop movements).

Wow...I need to bust out my blue version.

You watch your child masturbate?

Gotta Catch em all... and then sterilize all of them so they cannot procreate more morons.

So... wow... I've grown up playing Pokemon my entire life, but apparently that means that despite the fact that I know Pokemon are fake, and despite the fact that I am a Christian who believes strongly in God, I am going to be nothing but a pawn for Satan because I like cartoons and videogames... Great, my life is fucked. XD

Reglious people generalize so much it hurts my head. I guess it's because they're not use to using facts.

@4 yeah. I totally boned her.
Now excuse me while I go and listen to some more Dark Funeral... which reminds me, i simply must call uncle varg about the tr00est way to make victoria sponge cake! maybe im not including enough monk testicle a christian and it sucks that the overly religious nut jobs get the huge churchs and video cameras... makes us look bad

All hail Jigglypuff

Religious extremism is a universally terrible thing.

@35, I'm also a brother in arms.


Asking for well constructed counter arguments after your tirade, which neither counts as an argument or a even well constructed paragraphs is a bit fu*ked up, but here you go:

Comparing normal Christianity to this video is like comparing the democracy of Great Britain to the democracy of North Korea. Both are democratic in name but with huge differences. I use this to open my argument and to draw attention to this junior school argument, that you will no doubt subscribe to, that religion is responsible for all the worlds evils which conveniently ignores capitalism, politics, and all the other facets of human life that have been twisted by mankind for it's own ends.

Furthermore, you attempt to use the video as evidence of what all Christians are like. I don't blame you, that sort of argument has been well and truly perfected by Richard Dawkins and is easy to use: Portray Christian faith as it's worst caricature then say that is what all Christianity is like and attack it. Ignore the vast majority of Christians living normal lives, (enjoying pokemon if they like!) and living what they perceive to be a good life: helping others / hurting none / donating to charities because hey, it's really hard to form arguments against people like that. Lets just generalise them and make ourselves out to be intellectually superior.

Religion has no purpose? Tell that to the billions living their lives with a code whose central precept is: don't cause hurt to others. Where does this hate come from? Maybe you should start hating the real cause of misery in the world: human beings, whether they be Christian, Buddhist, Pagan or Atheist, and stop blaming religion. Every one of us has free will after all.

@14: see my argument above about caricatures. And do some fuc*ing research before making a sweeping statement!

I'm an agnostic before the attacks start, but I have at least examined the Christian faith impartially and the lack of original, well thought out attacks from the religion bashers really does beggar belief. I am well aware that posting anything on the net is like pissing in the wind.

Im gonna pump this guy full of bullets....
its ok though!
he will be there again the next day.
then i will do it again!

I am alll for GWs cult!
what must we do to get in oh great GW?!

@12 I agree. Organized Religion = Modern Mythology



Awesome...a religious debate on a pokemon rant post, on a geek blog!!!

Classic. I'll go warm up the popcorn.

Pissin' in the wind...bettin on a losin friend...we'll just sit and grin...and tell our grandchildren...

Yeah, i kinda like how the guy wraps it up, in the end (3.32 - 3.33) "Listen, don't think".

@39 First Let me say I agree with most of what you said. I am my self agnostic to the notion of a god but strongly atheist when it comes to the bible in all its forms. But you were all to right when you said "I am well aware that posting anything on the net is like pissing in the wind" especially here on geekology. This is a site to check out when you need a quick laugh or a quick story about something cool in the geek/nerd/robot hating/dino loving world of the GW.... Philosophical, social, and all other subjects of high relevance to mankind hardly have a place among juvenile humor and gay bashing. This was better suited for Talk origins or one of the many other sites dedicated to us all pissing in the wind about religion, one of the few subjects that people kill over and feel fully justified in doing so.


i love how you say i didnt put forward an arguement to counter and then go at length to counter it!?! this is despite that fact i clearly showed my arguements of how this guy and religions are almost laughable.

dont give a shit if my punctuation/spelling/structure is incorrect, as this is just a post on a website, not a f*cking uni essay.

your comparison of the UK/ N.korea is obsurd. if this guy was talking about murdering the makers of pokemon then your comparison could be justified.
i mentioned the abortion killings as an example of how the pokemon stabbing as a reason to class it as evil is just as obsurd.

Ok yes i cant argue that most indivdual followers of religions are decent people, but then i never did.

the reason i belive that religion has no purpose in modern society is that all the good things it teaches can be addressed and taught without the need to dedicate one`s life mythical being. a being that allows mankind to do the horrors it does. now your going to say that its man`s choice to do these things, but why create a species that would butcher its own kind and everything around it, doesnt sound like a supreme being to me.

i could go on further about chrisian and muslim oppression of women and the catholic churches stand on contraceptions, all of which ends up causing misery of millions. or maybe about how so many horrible events and/or wars have been caused by religion.

people are free to believe what they want. these are just my (admitedly strong) opinions, but hey that free will isnt it? something religions can often override.

what'd i miss?

just woke up for a long night of battling at the pokemon league, guess whos in the hall of fame? this pal

gangar i choose you!

More butter anyone?

@49 I need some more over here.... just sayin

Here ya go, CN. Could you pass me those milkduds? Thanks.

"but they're so into this make-believe world that they can't distinguish between fantasy and reality"....

and yet he firmly believes in a 2000+ year old book about people bringing plagues, parting seas, curing diseases by touch and walking on water, written by multiple authors over the course of a few hundred years, then translated numerous times by different people with varying morals and various views and on what it's message is?


@ 46

Yes, let’s ALL be atheists and I'm sure the world will be a better place. No more rape or murder and everyone will live in harmony, like all the other anti-religion countries, they have none of are a certified idiot.

It sure is nice that TV Evangelists make the rest of us Christians look like loons.

HAHAHAHA, I almost peed my pants here with this soooooo FUNNY!!! Oh I looooooooves it, seriously poke'mon oh man that is stupid they are not evil in the satanic way they are evil in the marketing genus way hahaha. Like how much money did they make? I remember being a kid and crapping myself over wanting them. AWSOME!!! Just AWSOME!!! Its evil the thing at the end "Everything is Terrible!" oh man I love it hahaha.

My favorite part about this is how they're talking about Pokemon, yet the video and everyone in it looks like it's from '86 at the latest.

Is this Pastor Deacon Fred from Landover Baptist? I think he did this as a podcast sermon a few years ago. He has some other great sermons:

Also be sure to check out Betty Bowers Ministries - part of the Landover Baptist family of ministries, TV stations, and golf courses. They have a great program called "C.A.S.H" or "Christians are Saving Homosexuals."

He says:
"children stabbing each other over cards"

Wow, for years people were killing people over their religion. Your point is invalid!!!!!

No dude, you didn't originally present an argument, you generalised then used that generalisation as your entire sort of argument.

Your comment about punctuation is spot on and I shouldn't have drawn attention to it.

My UK / N. Korea comparison was used to highlight how ideologies can come under the same umbrella but be completely at odds. If I judged all democracies by a flawed democracy I would have to say that say that that system of government has no respect at all for human rights and is wrong. Which is similar to saying that we should examine all religion based on the extremist side of it. Furthermore, religion and politics are both worldwide, so can you see where my comparison comes from?

You state that all the good things that religion teaches can be taught without dedicating one's life to a mythical being. To begin with, your view on that “mythical being” is subjective, try reading books by Francis Collins, who was heavily involved in the Human Genome project, or any number of books out there by religious scientists. You can if you want, dumb down the very advanced arguments for the existence of a creator and then attack those arguments, similar to the way Christianity is attacked: by generalising. And if Christians live a good life away from religious extremism, believing in something more than the nihilistic creed of Survival of the Fittest, something that gives to them personally a more meaningful life, then what is the problem?

I could further challenge your view that these good things can be taught without religion by referencing the atheist regimes of Pol Pot and Stalin to begin with, but I would be generalising and attacking a caricature of Atheism at its worst.

On the subject of giving man choice to hurt others, perhaps you would like a creator who does not give free will then, and we are all automatons? If you really want to attack religion maybe you should look at the non man made evils in the world and base your grievances around that.

I could go on further, and twist your argument about oppression and misery, but that would just loop back onto humans twisting politics and religion, and so on ad infinitum and I risk turning into an apologetic for someone else's faith. Religion has caused misery in the past, the atheist regimes of the past also caused misery, also research non religious wars and you may be surprised how the vast majority are motivated by greed and politics and not religion.

@45: Well said! However, topics such as this are always free season for people with a grievance who can't wait to force their anti religious views on others. I despise what that preacher is saying in the youtube vid, and it is worthy of mockery. Any hoo, another 15 minutes of my life wasted.

Hahahah, yeah, because I know a TON of dudes in gangs who are also big into D&D. Riiiiiight....

I think he missed a few steps in the slippery slope argument.. Pokemon to russian roulette. Its like saying you start off playing crayons and then what.. the next thing you know you're a heroine junkie on the streets selling your spray paint art

on some level i think hes right, everything on television does indoctrinate you, from commercials trying to brainwash you into thinking you need to buy something you don't really need to television programming, its called programming for a reason,you brain is the electro chemical computer and the television is the programmer running the software 4 to 5 hours a day giving its version of reality to your brain.

Steve Newlin and the Fellowship of the Sun.


Wes - are you saying that I could've been selling SPRAY PAINT ART for my heroine all these years???!!!!! NOW somebody tells me!!! Well that's just great...would've been good to know BEFORE I developed all these mouth sores!!!!! then, where were we? Oh yeah......popcorn.

@39 & @57 (Captian Darling) LOLZZZ

I don't know about you but this just akes me wanna play with some pokemans.

what a hypocrit.
watch the vidio again and this time, think of religion not pokemon.

as an evangelical christian .... i must say this guy is seriously f***ed up beyond all recognition. all it is, is a man preaching his own fear. we're taught not to fear the truth. obviously this man fears going to hell for his own secret sin .... just saying. people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. but i do agree that garbage in is garbage out.

I can't see the difference between that and a radical imam.
If people want to believe in fairy tales they can but they shouldn't be allowed to influence other people lifestyle.

what are we talking about?


It's funny when people bring up the abortion clinics when those occurences are very rare. Plus the argument that, you claim "preachers did it," when in fact it's individuals who claim to be "Christians." Matthew 7:20 says "you will know them by their fruits" (meaning their actions). If an individual bombed an abortion clinic and they claim to be a Christian, THEN THEY ARE NOT, no matter what he/she says. Every other Christian in the world has condoned these individuals who took action against these abortion clinics. Don't generalize certain groups, that's the same as generalizing a race.

You all can say what you want. but when a man has a unibrow like that. He has to know something.

I mean come on.

Seriously. Shave that thing.

"they can't distinguish between fantasy and real" ......

After a long and satisfying night/morning of hedonism, I finally crawled my lethargic, slothful ass out of bed and, whilst entertaining thoughts of adultery, wrath, and avarice of my own, I stumbled upon this article.
*knuckles crack*

For starters, let's point out the skeptical expressions on many of those actually staying to listen to the sermon. My faith in mankind is sufficient for me to wager that although they may not fully agree with what he is preaching to them on a morning that they would very likely rather spend elsewhere, I must say, it seems that he is looping inwards upon his own argument. If you are going to rant on how what you watch or listen to 'programs' you, and ultimately decides whether or not you make it to that place called 'Heaven', then I suppose it doesn't matter if you fill your followers with a sense of dread of anything superficial and entertaining to children. The next thing you know, it'll be a grievous sin to even play with Legos, for they are 'the building blocks of Satan".
Secondly, let me just go ahead and put the boot to all arguments stemming from anyone's personal opinion of governmental purity or moral satisfactions concerning abortions. This man just insulted Pokemon. My my.
When I was young, I was playing Pokemon while several of my friends who, denied access to such frivolous games and activities, grew to become deceptive, deceitful, devious, and mistrustful of anything that exists outside of their moral spectrum of 'right' or 'wrong'. If you'd like, I can refer you to some of those people today. One is buried, he claimed his own life on the grounds that it contained no joy. Another is incarcerated for assault with a deadly weapon, but that's only because he decided to stab a man in a 7/11 who refused to acknowledge his opinion on religion as the ultimate answer. Jeremy was such a good Christian boy, too, believing himself to be in the right for his actions. Apparently something about local law enforcement policies changed a day or two before his little venture.
Any man who places such a blind faith in a book of bed-time stories that has been passed down over the centuries and watered down and edited to suit the masses should really step outside and enjoy nature. I mean, Pokemon are 'pocket monsters' in translation and thereby tools of Satan, but that mountain lion is one of God's creations, correct? Who's feeling cuddly? I am.
He rants on brainwashing, on how a person's actions are so corrupted by their past-time activities that they can no longer distinguish between what is real and what is not.
I'd give my left testicle for that ability, honestly. And it's the larger of the two. (Just by a wee bit, though.)
When these children grab their .45's and...whoa. Hold on a moment, please. Sounds like a case of irresponsibility. Who the hell handed their child a gameboy and a firearm at the same time?

"Timmy, if it starts floating and trying to command you, I want you to shoot it."

Oh, that's right. HIS children.

Most of you have realized that I really have no structured argument that I am trying to present here, but then again, neither did that preacher. And I feel as though I could just as easily convince an equally large crowd that, instead of being sent to HELL for their gaming hobbies or those of their children, that they could, instead, find a more lucrative past-time. Pimping, for example. There's good money in pimping. Selling drugs works pretty well, too, although it's based more around D&D in that you'll find having a high charisma skill helps out quite a bit.

To wrap things up:

Before somebody mentions it, I'd like to reveal that my name is based on an Elton John song, not the bible. So suck it.



Wednesday night we anoint ourselves with rare candies. Thursday night we power-level. Friday is poker night of course.

Hmm, this type of thing might be my fault. I often walk up to religious people and tell them about how all my friends still have 4 lives each and if I shoot them it's alright. I tell them to go get a 1up from the coke machine, and while they have their wallets out, I grab 'n' run. You might be thinking, 'how's mugging related to a game?'

Well, at the minute, no-one knows where Cloud is and Tifa is the head of the party. I'm going to Nibelhielm (or whatever the spelling is) to get the lv4 limit. Doh Re Mi Ti La. Doh Re Mi Sol Fa Doh Re Doh.

@39 define normal

Hey Blastphemer! Go nuke some more popcorn! I downed my whole bowl reading #72's mind numbing comment. Hurry!

Religious people are hilarious. Love the eyebrows!

#1 sounds like george bush
#2 sounds like he sure knows a lot about pokemon..almost too this his strategy to collect em all?
I think yes

Lock your doors. No, seriously. If this guy can convince THAT many people that a children's show is the work of the devil, then you can bet your ass I can convince twice as many that XBOX is worse and that the only way to make it go away is to do what I say. And by do what I say I mean make me pancakes, and then form an army to take over the Northeast. I think I'll rename it Santa's village. I SAID HE EXISTS!

wow religion is now geting into a kids daily life of RP and internet
XD i love how he mentions russian rulet at an example that is not on topic at all to what hes saying

um, wow. i've known people like this. it hurts my pokemon loving brain.

I always knew pikachu was responsible for all the gangs in the U.S.

Lol, rock music.
If rock music and Pokemon are going to get me into hell, heaven sure must be boring.

Pokemon are adorable. XD

He's butthurt because he could never get past the first gym level. His solution, rather than looking at a strategy guide: he preaches! [email protected]

The guy at 1:25- "Oboy, looks like I have to give up my Gym Leader badge"

Wow, didn't know kids were KILLING each other over Pokeman cards. Good thing nobody ever got killed over religion.

Reminds me of "The Preacher Character" on The Kids in the Hall.

lmao I cracked up @ the "witchcraft" statement (1:20ish).

The Christian church could never hope to understand the Japanese. They have actual games about the devil. Have they ever played Xenogears? They would literally sh*t themselves. And they're concerned about a little marketing ploy. Ironic.

The best part was when the preacher talks about how children will lose the ability to differentiate fantasy from reality. Because you know what we call people like that?

Religion is for freak, and fucks!!!! kids play, use their imaginations....and it IS just a game........losers!!!!!

@27; Applause.

Ehhh how the hell did we go from pokemon to gang shootings?

@91 I mean @72.

No offence @27.

I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

To catch them is my real test

To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land

Searching far and wide

Teach Pokemon to understand

The power that's inside


Gotta catch 'em all--

It's you and me

I know it's my destiny


Ooooh, you're my best friend

In a world we must defend


Gotta catch 'em all--

Our hearts so true

Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you


Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!


Every challenge along the way

With courage I can face

I will battle everyday

To claim my rightful place

Come with me the time is right

There's no better team

Arm in arm we'll win the fight

It's always been our dream


Gotta catch 'em all--

It's you and me

I know it's my destiny


Ooooh, you're my best friend

In a world we must defend


Gotta catch 'em all--

Our hearts so true

Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you


Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!


Don’t let him see Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, he’ll explode! LOL

Well at least there finally giving Heavy metal a break, Now they moved on to POKEMON??!?!?! FTW

Well, what can you say. He is american and he's religious ( = mentally ill.), it's obvious he's an idiot. Such people just make you wanna cry.

yeah i remeber he played D&D and stabbed a kid cause he sayed d&D was the devils work, play pokemon theme song backwards the gottta catchum all and you get I love satan

It's funny how religious people always point at everybody else when people get killed. But in reality, most wars these days are in the name of religion.


Really? Like the ongoing Somalian Civil war, Mexican drug wars, conflict in Burma, Hmong insugency, war in the Niger Delta, Chad conflict, the American & Allied involment in Afghanistan? I can go on and give plenty of examples bout current non religious conflicts. Do some proper looking into it insteading of repeating shite. You're an idiot.

100th Comment
Does that make me a 'hundredthard'?..... just askin

Oh, I cant wait until that guy find out about [Prototype]

"Some of the people here today, can't be saved! Some of you, CAN'T GO TO HEAVEN!"

That was classic.

i am a christian and i take offense to this guy. we are all not close minded idiots that think Pokemon in the devil. i remember my first shinny gyarados. hell ya. just don't derive all christians are crazy. most are normal, but this guy is ape shit.

Okay hey i am Jehovah Witness and even I don't think of Pokemon like that. That is just trying to scare people into your religion and that is wrong. I play Pokemon form time to time but i do not get all evil and stab people because of it. If kids are doing that then them must have problems to begin with.


Did i say all? No i didn't, moron.


Also, you're a bit too agressive, for a religious guy. Aren't you?

@106 Who said I was religious? I'm a humanitarian, but spurious comments like: "most wars are in the name of religion" are as clichéd as they are wrong. And saying something like that as if it's a piece of established wisdom, like you're some fuck*ng zen master, really takes the fuck*ng biscuit.

Interesting though that you should think I'm religious just 'cos I highlighted an idiot who likes to repeat whatever the current "meme" is. Christ, the lack of original thinking being expressed in the above comments is enough to drive me insane.

@ 105. Why don't you head over to some atheist website, get your next "original" thought, and post it here. Douche bag.

Ok, let me begin know what....nah nevermind, I've had my fair share of internet religious debates, as much that I'd like to say on this, I just know the outcome of trying to talking e-sense into people. It's not the people who are strong in what they believe in you should be scared of it's those who take what they believe in from media such as tv, internet, movies. So, ya, I'm just gonna take a breather on this one this time.

I'll bet he goes home and cranks it up on his old school, limited edition, Pokemon Gameboy Color. He's probably completed every single colour too.

I hate this.

Why is Christianity represented by these TV nut-jobs? This is non-biblical speculation; an entirely subjective opinion of one man who has no understanding of the subject matter or the culture it came from. The Christian message has always been, and should always be, focused on the saving grace exhibited by Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection; not one man's personal crusade against a video game/television series.

An easy guide:
If someone claiming to be Christian is preaching about something, and they don't cite the Bible in order to verify his/her claims, they can (and should) be completely ignored.

Im a Christian, I totally believe that there are demonic foreces at work in our world everyday, as well as Godly ones. But i have to say, i dont think its in Pokemon. By far my favorite part of this video is at 1:45 when the video shows a still of Jigglypuff and he's like "Your children need to know there's a Devil and that he hates them."
Poor Jiggly...:(

there is no god

so there is no satan

so this guy is an idiot

see, people like that are ignorant. they shouldn't be allowed to teach the word because not only is he making christians look shallow and stupid, but he's trying to use this as some type of tactic to scare people into being a christian and thats the farthest thing from the purpose of christianity.

what really bothers me are 2 things

1) all the different opinions on this topic in this particular forum

2) the fact not only that people actually belive stuff like that, but will sit here and argue about it really scares me as a christian myself

oh yeah and @13

your an atheist, so your an idiot

Next week: Guitar Hero!
'Music game from satan!-with love'

@ Devin Smith, being an atheist is actually the opposite of being an idiot. You are more of an idiot by spelling you're with the wrong grammar. lol

I'm a christian and think this guy is a looney. It sucks that one christian says something crazy and we all have to pay.

someone really need to pull that stick from up his a** and beat him with it, my brothers an evil midget demon, he srceams "ARRHHH!! IT BURNS!! IT BURNSS!!" every time pokymon comes on so isn't it the opposite

I'm not against religion, or religious. I just don't wanna waste time.... ANYWAYS. Besides the point. This is the far most stupidest shit I ever heard and seen. We all know that "Pokemon" is Anime and not real, so who gives a flying fupp about kids watching cartoons? Soon, everything will be taboo and pretty soon we won't even be able to think for ourselves.I say, FTW. Let us decide what's right and wrong for us.
-end transmision.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! What a close-minded, sad little man. Hahahahaha.

I love how he's talking about Pokemon, then at around 2:30 he goes to FPSs.
Yeah, Pokemon has guns in it.

ya know on the one hand this is hilarious but on the other hand this is just sad.

speaking as a follower of Christ (and a pokemon master in red, yellow, silver and soulsilver), i find it depressing and embarrassing that a speaker who is trying to share what God is telling us would waste time one something like pokemon, which i doubt he even watched before.

it really does make me mad when some speaker goes and does this and paints an image like that for everyone else to see.

pokemon arnt demons there not even real it only ruins some peoples lives i play less than an hour a day i only play because some pokemon are cute and god wants us to have fun serously who stabs people for trading cards

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