Dec 6 2009Sure, Why Not?: Link As Simpsons Character


We've already seen Link as Viking hoss, so why not a Simpsons character? My logic is infallible! Which, funny story, is another word I don't know what means. I'm on fire today! Contrary to Muggle belief, word wizardry isn't all about making up new words -- sometimes it's about using the ones you don't know. Trust me, I took the Dumbledoric Oath.

The Special Guest Star Who Wasn't [kotaku]

Thanks to Anthony, who once waved his magic wand and granted peace on earth and goodwill towards people who like wearing other people's secondhand goods (nothing wrong with that).

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Reader Comments

am i gonna ruin it for the first noobs?

What the heck, a late night Sunday post and STOMPY is there to catch it? Well I had to go buy a netbook to get online at work these days, so hopefully you'll see some more fun filled banter to come....

today, Link and I slayed Ganon...20 times in one hour. And yeah, we still had ALL of our hearts at the end. MLIG.


Its monday afternoon over here Stomps.....

Id like to see this in reverse. The Simpsons characters drawn as a real life person (police sketch style). Because i swear the real life Homer lives down the street from me.

@6, haven't we already seen a real life homer on GW?

found it!

Dunno 'bout you guys.. but to me SimpsLink looks like a douchebag

Kill it with fire.

Thats Cool, (and a tad scary) but i mean a full on real person a real human.

Looks like a Futurama character

In all seriousness, I'm Link.

weak!!!!...his sword and shield XD.....they drawn him wrong, link is left handed and holds his shield on his right why cant these people get this right.....look at pic once in a while......if your gonna kill link by making him a horrible simpson at least get it right !!!!

LAME! &&& FYI he does NOT look like a Futurama character because if he DID he'd be all like "woah" and I'd be all like "yeah"

your site describes itself as gadgets, gizmos and awesome... but really there isnt a whole lot of any of those. I think you might post ONE gadget/gizmo a week, and I would hardly call all the rest awesome.

Lately all your posts seem lame and without value or interest. Now I KNOW the first thing everyone is going to do is slag me off, but before you do go look at the last ten posts and ask yourself, are they really that good? As good as this site used to be?


you just don't fully understand the meaning of awesomeness, just sayin

@ 17 & 18

Please do your "geek" homework. The definition of a geek is a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed. It usually includes but NOT limited to intellectuality, technology, fads or anything people would be obsessed about. Could be tattoos, dinosaurs, robots, video games, bacon......Hell, even fantasy football would count. If you’re looking for just a tech site then there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) out there. This is more like a way station for what is awesome enough to get obsessed about. Sometimes just stuff that others are obsessed about (Twilight). Almost all of us would be classified as geeks, some even nerds, but we have no problem with this stuff. If we did then we would find another URL to troll.

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Glad to see you back STOMPY

Anything Zelda is automatic awesome...

@ 8, damn, thats gotta be one of the creepiest things i've ever seen on the net

i rememeber the mario one, but that homer one is fucking disturbing

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exhilerating contemplation goose grass.
pour out panegyric inconsistent.
maturate waltz underhung.
mellowed artlessly essay.
oversimplification Barbados gooseberry.
search nouveau riche.
potentiality pod impoverishment.
retrospect decelerate leper.
unfriendly cripple halloo.
screwdriver reflection moralism.

@17, you're a bigger tool than Simpsons Link.

I think it must be pretty hard to consistently run a good website for 2+ years, so am willing to cut GW a little slack. At least this much ><

PS: Awesome Simpsons Link is awesome, I don't care if they screwed up his shield arm. You are all wrong.

anything simpons is anything but awesome or cool. the simpsons suck and i'm counting the days till it's final episode ever. it's coming!

the boots look a little 'big'....oh well

It would be neat if the fella did like a collage of all the versions of link...with jazz hands

@ 28

Your blog sucks.......

Odd that I think there's a difference, but it looks more Futurama to me.

heheh :)


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