Dec 17 2009I Want Babies!: Weaponized/Armored Strollers


Have you ever seen a better reason to have children? I haven't. These strollers, designed by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong, are just the thing to give your little tyke a head start on surviving the zombie/robotic apocalypses. Which, according to my calculations, may actually take place simultaneously. What does that mean to you? Holy f***ing shit.

Hit the jump for another shot of this one and another badass carriage that I would in no way, shape or form be ashamed to be pushed around in.




shi jinsong gun shape baby carriage [designboom]

Thanks to nolan and Don, whose children already know how to disassemble and reassembly a handgun in less than a minute.

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Shoot now, and ask que.... and RUN AWAY!!!

Baddest (only) stroller on geekologie this week

haha this thing is awesome, i want one for myself

OMG I want one for my nephew! This has to be the COOLEST thing in child-rearing ever, besides the Klingon based ones of course.

Autobots! Roll out!

Oops, they forgot to mention, it's unmanned, or unbabied? Anyway, it looks like it's for your baby, but believe me, it FOR your baby. There is no future man, we are all gonna die... soon...


Looks like Randy Moss’s real jersey – and at a great price! Reebok – the official onfield brand of the NFL – has made this jersey to look and feel like the real thing- but at a price that’ll make you stand up and cheer. Makes a great gift for your favorite fan! Screen printed with your favorite player’s name and number 100% heavy-duty nylon mesh body Rugged double-needle construction on gusseted side panels Nylon dazzle sleeves Reinforced v-neck Extended split drop tail NFL Equipment logo Reebok logo

I will personally volunteer to have your babies GW.

We need someone to carry on the war against robots

holy f***. should the weapons fire, the baby will probably become hearing impaired. unless, of course, those are meant for robot babies... then, rock on. just sayin'

Is there one for big babies like me?

Goo, goo. Pew pew!

You dumb shits, it's sculpture.
Heard of that ?



you just want babies because it's the holiday time of year again where you have to be around your 'happy' family who legitimate their relationships with tiny versions on their shitty selves. it's the most wonderful time of the yeeeear.


Only time I considered having a kid is to raise it ready for the apocalypse. This would make things easier.

this is the MiniMe chair lolz

If you run out of bullets...... Just launch the baby at them.


lol Awesome. might have one of those for sprog number two!

Now I need the adult armchair version. Rocket launchers, lazers and a cup holder, yes please!!

this is a prototype stroller designed by stewie.

Reminds me of Lone Wolf and Cub!


Really? You mean to tell me it's suppose to be non-functional concept art? I would have NEVER guessed as it's obviously being displayed in a gallery.. you fucking moron.

Do not breed.

Fuck the Stroller. Did you just say Robot-Zombies???

now thats a single husbands baby carage!

This is just like the thing from that movie with the bad ass samurai and his kid, except modernised. You know the film.

seems like urban weapon to me

What's an 'art'? I have never heard of one.

Finally a stroller that a father won't be embarrased to push around! LOL

Wow where the fuck do you guys come up withthis mother fucking SHIT..Seriously...Weed and drinkings alot more fucking important okay?? ASSHOLES>>>>?????????????????????????????????

SEX----------->NOT---------->WAR------------>FO SHOW

Totally reminds me of "Baby Cart from Hades," one of the movies from the Lone Wolf and Cub series. Oh yeah, it was a manga first, I guess.

@26: "single husbands"?

My biological clock is ticking just so I can buy this stroller!

this is the MiniMe chair lolz..

I think i just died and went to heaven when i seen this.when and where can i buy one?This is the best thing ever created by man!!!!

@ 16
Hell yeah it would. It's the Stroll-inator!..........................................wait for it .................................... Hosta lavista, bayby.

This is very funny strollers... Are babies comfortable with this? Maybe with the guns... Lol, I really like this post.. They really exert effort just to come up with this fantastic stroller.. Great! Keep it up!

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