Dec 21 2009Looftlighter: Because Matches Are So Archaic


The Looftlighter is an $80 incendiary device that never actually produces a flame. Instead, it produces a wave of hot air at 1,000° Fahrenheit. That's hot. Could you tell I was trying to say that like Paris Hilton? Well I hope you liked it, because I'm gonna go drown myself now.

Unfortunately, the Lofftlighter has to be plugged in, which means you're gonna need a monster extension cord if you wanna set your neighbor's mailbox on fire. But on the plus side, it does look like a curling iron so you can melt your sister's face off.

Start fires with hot air with the Looftlighter [dvice]

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i gonna buy one and use it for sandwiches


Now its only a matter of time till cops are packing these. "FREEZE OR I'LL MELT YOUR FACE!"

is that safer than using actual matches?

@5 Probably not, but it would save me buying boxes and boxes of those barbecue matches to light my wood-burning stove.

I knew this was gonna be posted here when I first saw it on dvice. :P
ah, you folks do sure love fire. This will be fun to clear the snow away....though not as fun as a flamethrower. :D


in the, non-cool sorta way...

@5 Just as safe as a monkey with a chainsaw

$80 for that? Gasoline and matches costs like 3 bucks for both.

Cool! Want one... now just need some light saber effects.

Soon to be seen on "When Porn Goes Wrong"

@12 add some popcorn kernels, and you got "When Porn Goes Hilariously Wrong"

Nothing but a glorified heat gun. and Much more expensive. You can get cheap heat guns for like, $30. Why pay 80?

This will be the weapon of choice for the antagonist in No Country For Old Men 2.

@1: FAIL
@2: you speak of sandwhiches, we should meet..?
@3: FAIL
@5: probably not, which is why i want one to light my birthday candles

This is actually kind of awesome

@9 because of that mental image I am getting one today.

no comment

Still on thinkgeek...

Can't wait till I take this camping with me instead of the inferior matches

@6 Buy a lighter?

"Gosh, wonder what that order for 1000 units to be sent to Guantanamo Bay is about? I didn't think they got cold enough to have fireplaces down there!"


I buy 4 and strap 2 on each arm, then I'll run around town blasting the faces off of criminals and calling myself "Heatwave".......or I'll just take my medication.

As God is my witness, I'll never shovel snow again...

so this is like that one battery-powered backpaching stove... the sierra stove i think. weird. i need a dozen-ignite the moles in my yard. BWAHAHAHAHA DIE!!!!!!

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