Dec 18 2009It Does Feel Like Hoth: Star Wars Weather


Star Wars Weather is a website by Tom Scott that gives the current forecast in your area in reference to a planet in the Star Wars universe. For instance, where I am now it's cold as shit and miserable as hell, just like Hoth! And in case you can't read the fine print it says, "you may have to climb inside a tauntaun for warmth". HA! Can you ever mention Hoth without making a tauntaun reference? Because I can. One time on Hoth I dry-humped a Wompa because I couldn't find any loose AT-AT's. TAUNTAUN TAUNTAUN TAUNTAUN! Okay, so it's harder than I thought.

Star Wars Weather

Thanks to deadbodyman, who obviously couldn't find a tauntaun in time. (I give up)

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Reader Comments

I can relate to this one...

So can I, though I'll take all the snow without the freezing


Long live the robots

Seriously.... where is the real GW today?
A galaxy far far away?
..... just sayin

And these new audio ads are really annoying...... seriously.... just sayin

It's sunny and almost hot here today....was really cold yesterday....yay Texas weather.

The real GW was assassinated by a terminator from the future and replaced with an A.I programed to take his place in order to stop all the anti-robot propaganda and initiate a mind control program in its place......



STAR WARS sucks! This sucks.

Everything related to star wars SUCKS!

IT SUCKS. Really.

Tatooine, bitches! God I love Southern California.

HAH! naas, you said GW would block my network??? He tried, but like i said it is very easy to bypass, now who is the idiot?

@11 you

Damn, you must spend every waking moment on this site.. maybe you ARE GW! Either way you have no idea what you are talking about, almost everything you said was wrong...

@13 I just checked, the site was inaccessible for about a 1/2 hr @ 4:30. GW didn't try to block you nor did you bypass anything. Idiot

Did you run off to go tell on me again?

how exactly did you check? hmmm?

@16 your ISP is in hutchinson, KS right? Your IP address is timestamped everytime you comment here

And just so you know, less than a tenth of the posts by people pretending to be you are done by yours truly... You're just that popular.

No, I live in Austin, Texas... wrong again my friend

@19 Well then I have to get calibrated here, and yes you're right about the other fake naas'. One of them is in VA, another in KS... it does get confusing to track

Either this is bothering you alot, or you are really bored(as am I at the moment, obviously), why else would you be posting about it so often?

@21 nothing's bothering me, not at all.

I'm not bored though, I'm sitting here working doing audio engineering in front of 2 computers, one of which has geekologie set as the home page. You should mess with people on omegle if you're bored & ask about geekologie... just a thought

@Mr. Pig I saw a herd of tarantulas crossing the road once in Austin years ago one fine late summer afternoon. They were moving from one pond to another. .....gave me the chills

I know it's crazy right? I used to live in San Antonio and never saw them, but i moved to Austin and they are fucking everywhere. I even have to try to swerve when driving when they sprint across the road.

@24 Why did you leave San Antonio to move north?'s beautiful there. Schliterbahn!! was like 20 minutes away from there, now you're closer to waco

Well, i was living in San Antonio for 13 years, then we moved to Bandera "The Cowboy Capital" which is about an hour away (did you ever see that thing on Jay Leno where he was talking about a town where all of the cops were having an orgy one night and one of the cops husbands caught them and took a picture and had to run through the woods to get away from them once they saw him? Yeah... that was Bandera ) and is a beautiful place but the people are fucked in the head. Then we moved to Austin after about 3 years... have to move alot for work (we work on power lines).

what i really miss is Garner State Park and Fiesta Texas though

@26 interesting, and no I didn't hear about the cops orgy thing at all. Crazy, did the picture ever surface online? That'd have heated shit up I bet.....

So does this mean you're going to stick to being Mr. Pig now? What did I do anyways that bothered you so much? Did I post the bottle in the face gif at you for something before? The riot shield one maybe?

Well if it was for a 'first' then I'm not sorry, that shit is just so stupid. If it was for anything else, well then.... it's just a gif. Send one back to me if it hurts, that's what I'd say

I just had way to much fun on that...

FTW: Enter 'nowhere'

Hint, you get:
It's like
out there.
Try again, or try another city.


No, it wasn't any of that, it was that you accused me of pretending to be you when i wasn't after you made fun of me for making fun of firstards, because i also think that crap is stupid

you assumed i was the one doing that because you called me a name and i hate when people assume things about others.

@31 and you've been mad about THAT this whole time? Mr. Pig... I am sorry man, I feel bad now. I don't always mean to assume but it's hard to read people through just their comments

Dude, anything that is said when it comes to shit like that (nuking firstardia, making fun of someone for being stupid, ect) usually ends with the next post. You're not supposed to walk away with a grudge or anything from that my friend - it's just a comments board.

I can't believe you've been mad all along Mr. Pig You need to come around & join us again without all the bullshit. Leave behind the whole fake naas thing, the geekologie writer thing, the me thing.... just be you Mr. Pig ... or Mr. Cow. I like Mr Pig better though... just sayin

...I'm glad you don't like the whole first thing too Mr. Pig, it's such a waste of what could've been a good comment

Dude, it's "Wampa" NOT "Wompa", sheesh, you're not nerd.

Seriously, 4 C is like Hoth? WTF. It doesn't even snow at 4 C let alone put you in danger from death by hypothermia. It's an amusing idea but huge fail in actually implementation.

@ nass & mr. pig
Can't we all just get a bong?

uum what?! 4 degrees celcius is freezing desolation? not even close
maybe 4 degrees farenheit but not celcuis
the person who made that is either dim or just ignorant

"it's harder than I thought."
Thats what SHE said!

anywhoo, i think the whole spectrum/range of temperatures are scaled down for higher enjoyability, i mean, Hoth is probably like - 50 degrees, and not many cities go down that low... just sayin'

Being a Vancouverite, I was sort of expecting Kamino for us.

Wompa :D :D

i dont see why they call it hoth, they should call it coldth

@ 43

*Badum pish*

last week Edmonton (that's in Canada jackasses) was -58 with the windchill and I heard a weather guy say the only place colder was Hoth!

No, I live in Austin, Texas. wrong again my friend...

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