Dec 22 2009Haha!: Awesome Pacman Vs. Mario Cartoon

What would happen in a battle of Pacman vs. Mario? Would the dot-chomper gobble plumber ass, or would the Princess saver stomp the big yellow mouth like a Goomba? Watch to find out! Also, this may or may not be a Russian commercial for some kind of snack food product. Damnit Russian, who needs snacks when you have vodka?! And you wonder why you couldn't put a man on the moon.


Thanks to A-lice in Wonderland, who, that's it I'm shaving my head.

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Reader Comments

Que spicy meataball y head chomp.

what happens when two drug addicts from the 80's come together?

this would be better if i was stoned

@3 duh.... EVERYTHING is better when you're stoned..... just sayin

Awesome... Great sound affects!!! lolzzz

@4 except for maybe walking into a Dunkin Donuts that is PACKED with cops..... especially because you know that 'they all KNOW you're stoned'...... MLIGS

katie would definitely v-card these two.....and prob a hj for mario too....

reminds me of fractured fairy tales.

come, come baby!

"I think Nintendo gonna sue somebody."

@12 Reminds me of Itchy and Scratchy

Watch the other ones too! There are some pretty good ones!

@7 Lol'd.

ZOMG that was disturbing.

I just cracked up at the end. The style is adorable.

ROFL couldn't stop laughing at this. quite cool that it's a drawn cartoon style, not the mashups we currently get.

That was F*cking funny as hell. The pole dancing at the end was the best...lmao

haha i didnt know mario had pole dancing skills, he has earned himself a dollar.

Mario has no penis.

"Damnit Russian, who needs snacks when you have vodka?!"

WTF man? We not only drink here^ we also need some for eat!
And there are no bears! :)

Anyway, awesome ad.

good video and pictures. thanks admin.

What This about me

video down, sadly

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