Dec 13 2009Guitar Hero Inspired 'Christmas Light Hero' Actually Playable On The Side Of A House


This is a screenshot of some kid playing 'Christmas Light Hero' on the front of his (parents') house. And I thought I was a crazy Christmas decorator (I am, I wander around the front yard in my bathrobe cackling)!

According to the Daily What, Ric Turner, a former Disney 'imagineer' and special effects specialist, turned his yard into a game of Guitar Hero, built out of 21,268 lights and LEDs, that plays Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover."

To program the show a video recording was made of a perfect round of Guitar Hero playing Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover. The timing of all the dots and the light show choreography follow that video.

When you play, you watch only the Christmas lights, but the audio you hear is from the Wii, so your flubs are broadcast for all to hear (people in cars can tune 99.1 and crank it up as loud as they want.)

Wow, that's....impressive. Not as impressive as wiring up a homemade 'Rock Band, Holiday Edition' using EVERY HOUSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, but it's not bad for an amateur effort. It is sooooo on, Ric! (I have all the giant inflatables, just sayin').

Hit the jump for the video of the lights in action.

Guitar Hero Christmas Light Display Turns Your Yard Into A Game [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to CANDACE, who's loud and proud.

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Reader Comments

yes!! my first first!! hahahahaha


Shoulda used a LED screen and had an actual console on it.

siberianmoosecow = fail

agree and besides not on expert so can't give much credit. I still think projectors can have cooler effects

I do not know why.. but i want to punch that kid.. He just looks like someone who should get punched.


I reckon thats fake as urm fake bat shit? (my blog) =)

Excuse me! Geekologie people! Can you please delete this photo:

I did not give you permission to host it, so delete it.

I shouldn't have to keep asking.

Nice! Too bad Christmas (and all Holidays) are a scam...

Good going. . . being first on the shittiest post of the year.
You fail at life.

. . . and siberianmoosecow fails just a little more




If I had ink as regrettable as that, I'd want it off the air as well

Your kid brother probably loves it, but in 10 years time its gonna look like a left4dead wound


Huh, the guy in the beginning ruined the video... >.>


Actually, that's pretty cool. All you assholes ripping it... well you know what you are... you be dipshits.
Projecting your own failings on this kid's parents?
Again, you be dipshits.

That kid probably thinks he's the coolest cat on the block. Not to mention that fact that I think this is one of those neighborhoods where every house tries to out-do the other with lights. Suburn American FTL!

Wow your house is looking really beautiful
and i would love to come at your place to

Seems like perfectly good use of time and energy. I am feeling merry and christmasy!

Damn! The kid knows how to rock the house!







That seems all rather pointless.

@ 23

Ah come-on! Let the kid have his fun. Still, I would be more impressed if he could last outside in Minnesota weather! It's damn cold!

@9 i like how she enjoyed all the views but wants it taken down.

it's not like GW didn't even give her pic a page link and just blatantly used it.
i would be stoked to have someone show appreciation for one of my images and give a link.
hell i don't even think i'd care if they showed a link to my page or not as long as they didn't claim it was there's.
now that's stealing.

but whatever.
this lightshow's idea is good but i think it's executed kinda lame.

Haters = FAIL. This video was very cool.

Hold up fellow decorators - I'ma let you finish but I just wanna let ya'll know this is the best Christmas decoration of the year - but I'ma let you guys finish.

CANDACE is soo cool for this!

that is awesome!!!

This is awesome! Rock on dude!

I like how the little turd thinks hes all cool when he put his sunglasses on even though its dark outside. haha

Cost of light's - 600$
Regulator = 100$
Extension cords - 50$
Child actor - Piece of candy (1cent)
Guitar Hero Easy Lessons - a bottle of smirnoff and a hobo
Donuts - 60$ (to bribe the police to not interfere until the end of the song.)

Guitar Hero Inspired 'Christmas Light Hero' Actually Playable On The Side Of A House
this is thank you.. :)

Give it a rest people - that is [email protected](%ing cool!
Do something better or shut up.
Y'all are hackin on it but you'd be out there playing if it was in YOUR neighborhood.

Way to go Ric! That's completely awesome!

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