Dec 2 2009God Bless America: Monster Truck Chocolate Covered Bacon On A Stick (2 For $3!)


A monster truck crushing a race car and advertising chocolate covered bacon on a stick (plus ice cold water, wings and great food). Is it raining where you are? Because it is here. That's God crying tears of joy.

Possibly The Greatest Single Picture Of All Time [jalopnik]

Thanks to Laouik and The Bailey, who accidentally ate the sticks too. Hey, it happens.

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As much as I love bacon everything, chocolate covered bacon isn't good.... just sayin

I've had this about 4 or 5 times at different places to see if I'd eventually find some that was tasty but the chocolate ruins the bacon everytime MLIG caramel coated bacon on the other hand, would be sticky

Dude... did you see the 2 for $3 eff'n awsom... granted i don't eat pork!!!

@2 what about bacon covered chocolate?!
Not everything tastes better with chocolate.... but everything tastes better wich bacon wrapped around it.... oooooh just remembered that wifey and I are having bacon wrapped filet mignons this saturday in honor of our first date (five years ago).... just sayin MLIG

@5, congrats.
@4, llama bacon?

Nascar sucks.


@5 what about bacon covered children?

You haven't lived until you've had a chocolate/bacon/mayonnaise milkshake. Even better if you plop in some Bailey's and lime juice.

@4 Really?!
The pig IS the most DELICIOUS animal on the face of the planet.... I mean any animal where you can take... well I'm not going to list the ingredients of scapple here, because if you read what 'parts' of the pig are used to make scrapple, you'll probably never try it.... eventhough it is DELICIOUS (if it is cooked right)....just sayin

If you're ever in the Philadelphia Region... try it

if you really REALLY want to know what is in scrapple....

@8 Have you been reading "A Modest Proposal" again?


@Closet Nerd scrapple sounds delicious.

I was also not suggesting cannibalism, moreso a better way to consume bacon than with chocolate. Don't take me literally though, it could yield disaster

I had bacon covered sausages with rosemary and honey today in my cheese sandwich. Oh, with extra crispy bits of bacon in the cheese.

can't say that the combo sounds tasty
but i'd give it a shot, i'm usually stoned at a festival/carnival/anygivenplace anyway

@ Closet Nerd: Scrapple sounds offal
lol lol lol

naw, i'd try it, i dig on spam all the time and it kinda sounds like a combination of that and pork head cheese/bologna

Bacon? Chocolate? Chocolate on Bacon? On a monster truck?

Hillbilly's dream come true, just sayin'

@13 & 16 Scrapple has some nasty ingredients (just like hotdogs) but it does taste good when its cooked right.
Kinda like pancakes, if you want to cook it right, you gotta get the first side cooked well and crispy, and you only flip it once.... but deinately should try it some time.
Habbersett makes the best scrapple.... scary that I can actually taste the difference between different brands of scrapple.... just sayin

I tried some at the state fair and just about horfed after choking down a bite. There was a trash can nearby so I threw the rest in there and saw about 50 other half eaten chocolate bacon strips already in there. I think the people running the booth were conducting a psychological experiment to see how retarded and redneck people are...and I fell for it.

Damn, all this talk about Scrapple makes me want to go out to the lunch cart and get a scrapple, egg & cheese sandwich with salt/pepper & ketchup!!!!!!!
Mmmmmm so good, i'm getting a boner just thinking about it!!!! just sayin

@20 the roach coach always has good food in any industrial park in chicago, but sadly no scrapple (or cracklin, damn you the south)

As a kid my Mamaw, made this concotion for breakfast that she called "chocolate gravy" you poured it over biscuits for breakfast. The best part was dipping your bacon in the chocolate gravy though!

the united states of fat asses

@23 and the UK where the women are as beautiful as the day is wide..... just sayin

@23 of proud fat asses. I'm not even fat but I'm proud for those of you who are. That simply means someone's good behind the stove where you live or you're near some good places to eat. That is a great thing & you should be proud


ugg.........just sayin

If the chocolate covered bacon on a stick gets a post, this whole site should;

The only thing that saves it is the stick. If it was chocolate covered bacon served in a dish, or whatever, then it wouldn't have any real character. But when it's on a stick, you know it's big. And big bacon is good bacon. MLIG.

Omg, no one is driving, and who ever is in the race car is surely dead. MLIG?

@20 as I read this comment I said to myself Cnerd must have been born or at least raised in the South and before I could even think @21 took the words straight from my thought process i.e. CRACKLIN FTW!
oh and yes I've been to Chicago and NYC many times never found myself with a reason before this to go to PA (no offense Cnerd) but yes the best food (for the price) can be found in the shady steel carts run by people that don't speak any other english besides what is written on the side of their cart

I feel honored as an iowan to be a part of this. i myself have not try this chocolate cover bacon even though i live only two blocks away from daytona's.

dingle berry used my e-mail, HOLY FUZZ NUTZ i know where this place is hahaha its in urbandale iowa ah small world

I love America WOW.


Bacon = Delicious
Chocolate = Not a fan
Chocolate covered bacon = Meh.....

YES! I am from Des Moines, Iowa, and recognized this place, Daytona's Sports Bar as soon as I saw the picture! I followed the link to the source, which confirmed my suspicion: Des Moines is awesome. Thank you, GW, for making my day 10000x better. 68 friend points rewarded to you.

I think the raining should go on continuous as America is full of such freaks. I think Monster truck is proving why it is called a Monster truck, isn’t it? The theme is absolute mind-sucker. Truly you said, God Bless America.

Stainless Steel exterior and interior makes the entire body quite stronger and strengthened. Also the high temperature heated and molded material provide the trucks one of the most rough and tough trucking bodies.

Scrapple MilkShake,great for off roaders on the move.Scrapple ,Heavy Cream then Blend til its a thick slurrpy,add black olives then nuke it.Top it off with creamy blus cheese on top.Now eat it.

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