Dec 7 2009Ghost Pirate-y: Monkey Island LeChuck Tattoo


This is a pixelated Ghost Pirate LeChuck tattoo in the style of the original Monkey Island. It's badass and if my balls were any more steel I would have it on my face. Sadly, my little pirate huevos are 24K gold AND BLIND YOUR MOTHER ALL THE TIME. Oh, and for those of you who have no idea who this is, may God have mercy on your soul.

On a side note, the 5th (and final) serial in the Tales of Monkey Island series comes out tomorrow. I've played through it all so far and highly recommend it DESPITE NEVER RECOMMENDING ANYTHING. Take it as you will, I'm feeling yell-y tonight.

Ghost Pirate LeChuck Tattoo [bme]

Thanks to Edd, who knows the damage a little voodoo rootbeer can do to a ghost pirate.

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Reader Comments


Sweet ass sweet.

This is so full of win.

Monkey Island is my favorite ever. I hope they come out with another full game soon...

Pretty ballsy getting a tattoo of Muhammad in this political climate.

Sweet. I llike that the pixelation detail was kept proper

Nice, no dead pixels, definitely get a refund if there was. (my blog) =)

This is not from "the original monkey island" It is from Monkey island 2

@7 'nthya nths thnot thom thriginah thnonkeyth thnisland thnya thnya thnya....

Quit being so picky mr. specific, so fucking what if it's from monkey island two ITS STILL MONKEY ISLAND

he has me beat.

Indeed, it is the great prophet Muhammad! Death to the infidels! Holla Allah!!!


I really hate that guy!

Looks like Mary brothers !!!

Just owsom...

That's either one crappy tattoo or drawn with magic markers.

That shit is permanent yo!!

That's not the Ghost Pirate LeChuck, that's the Zombie Pirate LeChuck. I will not be coming to this site ever again.

@ 17 Due to the recent tragedy of a PS3, no one is allowed to say "yo" for a long long time

@ 18

It worked!! He's leaving! Everyone cheer!

@ 19

Yo, I'm a rebel yo.

This is bitchin'.

Um, new monkey island games? What?

Telltale games are making them?


The pasty-white definitionless arm, the bright washable colors, the negative chest and wife-beater? That's SO obviously the GW; come on people!

uuuu; o my God..

You call yourself a nerd. CLEARLY, and I mean CLEARLY it is zombie LeChuck from Monkey Island 2.

This makes me want to get a three headed monkey tattoo. Freaking amazing.

Thats my tat. it could use a clean up, but its no fucking marker.

and i' m still happy about it. and...
it got me an animation job on the remake of monkey island 2!!! Now isn't that just the best story ever???

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