Ghost Pirate-y: Monkey Island LeChuck Tattoo

December 7, 2009


This is a pixelated Ghost Pirate LeChuck tattoo in the style of the original Monkey Island. It's badass and if my balls were any more steel I would have it on my face. Sadly, my little pirate huevos are 24K gold AND BLIND YOUR MOTHER ALL THE TIME. Oh, and for those of you who have no idea who this is, may God have mercy on your soul.

On a side note, the 5th (and final) serial in the Tales of Monkey Island series comes out tomorrow. I've played through it all so far and highly recommend it DESPITE NEVER RECOMMENDING ANYTHING. Take it as you will, I'm feeling yell-y tonight.

Ghost Pirate LeChuck Tattoo [bme]

Thanks to Edd, who knows the damage a little voodoo rootbeer can do to a ghost pirate.

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