Dec 11 2009Cry Baby: Man Insulted Because Coca-Cola Website Generated Offensive Security Code


Apparently a man who's too stupid to realize nobody ever wins anything with those "go to a website and enter the code under your cap" deals (you haven't, don't lie) was offended when the randomly-generated security code at the Coca-Cola website read "U F**KR".

Warehouse manager Alistair, 26, said: "I couldn't believe my eyes when that popped up.

"I understand it was randomly generated, but you'd think Coke would have some measures in place to stop four-letter words like that appearing."

Red-faced Coca-Cola bosses have promised immediate action to prevent embarrassing codes popping up in future.

"Unfortunately this has occurred due to an automated selection of random letters but we are taking immediate action to ensure this will not happen again."

Oh grow up, Alistair, you whiny little Nancy. You're just upset cause you know THE CODE WAS THE TRUTH. Ooooh, burn!

Coke 'sorry' for swear blunder [sun]

Thanks to Coedy, who once had to enter 'U BUTTLOVING DILDO' and did it without thinking twice because he's not a whiny baby.

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Reader Comments

Ha ha ha! I would've had a laugh putting that in!



@2 Ha ha ha, fail!

Why did he black out his b-day in the screen cap? What a tool.

PS - Websense now blocks the Superficial. They can lick by sack, fascists.

whats the point in RANDOMLY! generated codes if you start controlling the outcome

what if they just tracked his IP and it turns out that he f*cking loves porn? they left that possibility out... jus sayin

Having worked in the IT/Marketting world I will say that there ARE controls put into place that prevent offensive capcha (Capcha is what afforementioned security method is called).

Its funny that a huge consumer packaged goods conglomerate didn't think about this from its conception.

So...what you're saying is that the coke website was/is psychic?!

Turns out to be true!!! I went there and it "randomly" generated "uRgOD"!!! How the hell does it do that? How could it possibly know? The last person I talked to one on one with about it didn't do so hot. So I know that HE didn't rat me out?!?!

WITCHES!!!!! BURN THEM!!!!!!!!! ...or at least their website.

@9 is right. Mine said cOCk GIaNt

hey shit. mine says sMaLLdicK.


good system..

My father in-law does those codes. It is not a contest, it adds points to your account and you buy things with them. he has bought 3 DvD players and a ton of other crap. That said he spends like $30 a week on coke so yeah I still say it is not worth it.

NICE! I found this site with a googling of "Zelda Medicine." I love all the old school Zelda and Mario posts on here! You have definately earned a spot on my cheesy cell phone photography blogroll.

And I saw that post about a hot Trekkie... that is pretty stinkin' rare. I go to Star Trek conventions and most of the people there are freakshows. LOL.

Oh, and OF COURSE you can win things by entering a random code and tons of personal information about yourself on mega corportaion websites! It has nothing to do with gathering some free market research on gullible customers or anything like that!

@14 - Bigg Scott, post a picture of your sister.

Welcome aboard.

I'd laugh it off but it should never have happened, I wouldn't want one of my kids to be met with such vulgarity.

@14 - Bigg Scott

Favorite Books - Bible and pretty much any Star Trek novel.

Seriously? The Bible? AND Star Trek? You must be pulling some pretty serious tale, you animal.

I'd rather be called a fucker than to get a bunch of random crap I can't figure out

@18 - Fucker.

I actually won a Flip video camera doing the cap code thing with Pepsi.:p

This is precisely whats wrong with the world.... People take stupid meaningless bullshit way to seriously, and yet seem to look the other way to the shit that truley matters. FTW.... I wonder what would have happened if a muslim went on the site and it said "Fuckallah"???? would they suicide bomb the coke headquarters???? stupid bastards.....

I'm with 19

How is "ufuckr" a four letter word?

It's six. This guy better prepare for more disappointment in his life.

Really, GW?

You censor "U F**KR" but write out "U BUTTLOVING DILDO"? What the hell kind of censorship is that? It makes no sense to censor one and not the other.

...just so we're clear, I'm objecting to the censorship of "FUCK", not the lack of censorship of "U BUTTLOVING DILDO".

i got a big ass telescope from that site, only 140 12-packs lol (they weren't all mine, i got them from other people)

Honestly, I don't think the guy has put all the letters together...he's just annoyed by the word fuck, and not that it called him a fucker. That's some awesome shit though. I love captchas.

@17: "pulling some serious tale?" I like to pull Aesop's fables myself.

@21 (Aaron)

Ever realize why Pepsi is the cold drink of Asia? :)

It's because Arabs can't say Coke (let alone coca cola)...

It sounds like: "COCK-Ahh-kholla"

mmmm cock-a-cola....

OMG I always wanted something like this to happen to me

This is why i only visit the pepsi website

I tried this and it said... uR moM

You are special, you are unique; may your Christmas be also as special

and unique as you are! Merry Christmas!

the same thing happened to me 3 days ago and i pondered sending it to geekologie but then realised it was pretty stupid.

Completely not true

Won my Playstation 2 from there. Nothings better than fucking gratis!

I once got "kkk" from a site.. to bad i couldnt sue ther ass!
Lawyer: what wher you doing on an illegal downloading site?
Me: um... blogging?? Hehe..

You nerds got merked.

I think he was hoping he would win a set of balls, because he lost his old ones. What a fucking pussy.....

One day I had a "C*nt" and another I had a "NoLord" in a Google's security code.

To "NoLord" I replied "No U!" just for lulz

this was started on a forum i read...whole thing was done for the lulz to be fair, he wasnt' actually insulted. usual sun baiting...

The incident is true, it started at

The guy was heart broken.


wat r these commets mean lol tb x

@5 You must work for the same company I do.

oww not coco cola !
yes the drink turkish yedigun.. :)

What does "[email protected]#$%*KS" stand for?

one time i got a code like that and it said "jewster" it was silly. like a goose. a SILLY GOOSE.

Word of mouth story from work... someone had to enter "2rape" as a captcha on the National Sex Offender Registry. :O (We perform these searches daily and have to enter a captcha after every 5 searchs)

I know the guy who did this. He only sent it to the Sun for shits and giggles, he wanted compensation from Coke. Didn't get any though.

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