Dec 11 2009Crazy-Ass 'Predator' Inspired Motorcycle


This is a Predator-themed motorcycle. If you really must know, it's a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa with a bunch of pieces glued on and all airbrushed. Plus some skulls for good measure. It's pretty wicked. Granted, it's not as wicked as a Witch of West bike would be, but that bitch was baaaaad.

Hit the jump for several close-ups and a link to an even larger gallery.






Gallery [superstreetbike]
Predator motorcycle (and more) [superpunch]
Custom Predator Motorcycle [nerdbastards]

Thanks to David B. and Lucas, who have Alien inspired bikes and will vs. this one ANY DAY.

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Reader Comments

looks like a vag

fucking scary haha
naw it looks cool, but i'd have gone with the pred mask/helmet on


With teeth. Just like that movie.

An Aliens bike wearing a Predator helmet would of been better

would be funny if at speed the mouth starts floppying around due to the wind... kinda like a fat dog :P

i agree, would be way cooler if the helmet was on. i mean, what are you going to do when an ass breaks off one of the side teeth while you're in the bar getting hammered?

The bike is dope, the head looks stupid. Lose the head & race it in moto x

that's a total waste of a great bike.

You guys missed the alien bursting from the front fender [ala Ridley Scott c. 1979] so it's actually an AvP themed bike, but that doesn't make it any less lame.


Lots 'o money spent there.
Bike was done at Pitstop Motorsports in New Jersey those guys will do whatever you want to whatever you have IF you gots da Money.

Been a lurker for some time now. That bike is awesome, but what I really wanted to ask is if anyone knows what happened to Daisy. Ive noticed she hasnt been around in a long ass time...?

f*cking l337
badass to the power of ultimate radness

Where's Ahnuld's face?

@5 an even more funnier scenario, would be if that bloody thing ripped off at high speeds somewhere on an interstate and crashed through some fellow's windshield, which turns out to be a truck of molasses that eventually crashed in the middle of the road and spilled it's sticky goods.

ah....don't ja' just adore my imagination?


Worst waste of money I've ever seen. I wouldn't be caught dead on that stupid looking bike. How in God's name are you going to look cool on that?

yess mükemmel; motor's..

very good..

What a fukking embarrassment..........

@3 Never talk about that movie. Lol it's so bad!

Head looks a lot better in the first pic than the other ones.

lame :P
@14 - jolly good show, sir! to wit! indeed we must get to the chopper...

Bad ass bike. Would totally love to see an aliens bike, with a guy dressed as a predator (me), stunting around town..... Oh I can dream......

wow`````````````cool !

As always GeekoLogie for the WIN!

Damn, all these photoshop looking posts lately and you are AWOL? WTF!

Wow, he really could have done without the head in front....

ass predator

hey.the bike is cool.

This pic ture is obviously a photoshopped fake.

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i just posted this the other day at
freakin go there..

your penis must be |------| THIS big to ride

crizy motor..

I haven't seen any bike art like this,
superb is the only word that i can
use for this it is really looking like
the alien.

the things people waste their lives on never cease to amaze.

I have a few of these

You are one UGLY mother f**ker"

Tell me you would not be scared shitless if you saw that thing cruising alongside you on the highway.

Yeah! This bike is 'way too cool'. Damn i bet you spent lots and lots of money in there... But does this bike has a great run? like 2,000cc...?
Is the face convertible on wearing the mask, coz the mask is much more cooler than that face.. haha.... surely that bike will scare all the people you pass by, specially at night.. ahahhaa...

But anyways, thats AWESOME creation!
[email protected]

No wonder if i could this bike a run on Halloween..
ahahahahah... its gonna be barely legal......totally. xp

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