Dec 29 2009CANNOT BE UNSEEN: Bodypainted Trekkies


NOTE: Link is NSFW due to naked boobs.

Ever wanted to see a bunch of Star Trek fans wearing nothing but funny faces and body paint? God you're sick. But also lucky, because this is exactly that. Don't miss Worf's head in the back!

Hit the jump for the NSFW version and another one of them on bikes.



These Star Trek Fans Are One Weird, Naked Bunch
Naked Trekkies...Need I say More?? [nerdbastards]

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Long live the robots. First!! We are first.

Organics will be be last.

those boobs are nice

i can clearly see their nuts.

BOOBIES FTW Nice to have jailbait right in front too

naked dudes painted junk FTL

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHA I love the fact that the dudes went full blown nut spray paint! Omg win for the day! This made me laugh more than anything today!

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHA I love the fact that the dudes went full blown nut spray paint! Omg win for the day! This made me laugh more than anything today!

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHA I love the fact that the dudes went full blown nut spray paint! Omg win for the day! This made me laugh more than anything today!

Oh hey those are nice costumes, but the almost look just like skin, and that jock strap looks almost like a penis.... OMG!!....I forgot to eat breakfast again!!

In all seriousness, starting from left to right;
3.Would bone...again.
4. My penis is small don't look at me.
5.My penis is small, and I don't care.


Go run outside with some scissors.

There is a naked boob in the picture before the jump uncovered. On the far right with gray helmet and terrible sandles. I see nipple!

If there's one thing i've learned on teh webz, its that this censored and labeled 'CAN NOT BE UN-SEEN', it means do not click.

Can't we just take the nice pert breasts on the blue-painted butterface and put them on the super cute girl in the foreground with the saggy titties?

I need mindbleach for the rest... ahhhhhh

It appears that the red topped lady has rubbed the paint of her snatch.

On a side note, my mustache is now black.

I just came.

Feels like im wearing nothing at all!

damn, i was hoping to see a ten year old going as wesley... if there is grass on the feild play ball!!!

J/K, I wouldn't prey upon young boys, but i'd three way a bev crusher and daina troy so hard

and it might look something like this

@14, that's an interesting pic you've linked there.

@17 that is a picture that can't be UNSEEN.... it keeps popping back in my head
@15 "Stupid sexy Flanders" my wife and I say that all the time..... just sayin

Thats in Seattle! The Fremont Solstice Parade. They do a naked bike ride every year.

So... is it possible to get some of those (guys) telephone numbers?

Total girl boner for the dude in red. I want to squeeze his little boobs and bite his thighs.

Girl in blue has best boobs then red and last purple

shes in a red shirt... so to speak. shes going to get hit by a car. I just know it.


Hey GW, those pics are 6 mos. old. Like last summer solstice, when they rode through Fremont. Get w/ the times!

And girls, if you want those guys' numbers, just come to Seattle next summer, to Fremont.

If Mrs Naas knew what you were looking at I don't think she'd be too happy now would she !!!

Also @15 That was the best comment I've ever seen! You officially own me ! :D

butterface doesn't count. She's wearing some form of black undergarment

still not as tight as Seven of Nine's jumpsuit

NSFW for boobs?? How about for painted junk. That guy is totally freeballing it.

it looks like it was a bit cold for em'

dude in yellow spray painted his junk but he wore socks...

Their called underpants guys. Sooo didn't want to see you're unimpressive junk.

This picture is foul. Just........ foul. WTF

what the f*ck is with everyone using my brute. is everyone 7 years old again?

@37 - It seems everybody here IS 7 years old.

If I had the snip there'd be no way i'd be spray painting my knob. What if it blocked my pee hole?? Sweet jesus.

Lame. The girl in purple is clearly supposed to be Seven of Nine but has no facial implants, instead the Red Shirt has them? What kind of Star Trek fans are they?!

I didn't even get a boner... Just a facepalm.

yeah that really couldn't be unseen, I should have heeded the warning. why would they DO that?!

@ Milkman: Biomodification FTW

@ atheistgirl: I feel the same way lulz

Really very informative and interesting site.

Lol, girl in blue is covering up but it looks like the jailbait in red is rocking the vag.

More here as well to laugh/vomit at.[email protected]/galleries/72157623096613400/

@40 I think she's meant to be Deanna Troi

I am cool with nudity, except for when my mom used to get a midnight snack with nothing on except a strap-on dildo and a fake Mexican mustache...... The horror, THE HORROR!!! Anyways I am slightly confused as to how Body paint, Star trek, Bike riding, and a parade are all combined into one activity??? They must have had this idea when they where stoned and watching a Nex Gen marathon while having an orgy and decided to go for a bike ride. Thats the only way I can rationalize these pictures..... And I would totally stick my Dilithium crystal into the chick with the red body paint's warp drive. Star trek dirty joke??? FTW

they should have painted their ugly ass faces.

GW, you missed a censor on the chick on the far left you got a nip over her arm

I've always suspected trekmania is just an excuse for having orgies.

whats the point in that

I have seen the future and it has love handles!

I would seriously have to be stoned to think this was a good idea. First, naked in Seatle (always a little chilly, ok for girls/not ok for guys). Second, biking? When does that get fun? Third, Star Trek is not a good way to get a hot naked chick interested in you (notice I said "hot").....nuff said.

lol peepee

am i the only one that was shocked to find out the one in blue was actually a chick???

nice boobs and all but i was expecting a dude

..pleasant suprise for a butterface

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@22 wash off the paint first.
@34 socks because he was afwaid of getting blisters on his poor little footsies.

I don't know, if I was drunk/stoned enough to think this was a good idea, I wouldn't be able to keep a bicycle upright, and that's some hard-core road rash. (I said hard-core, hee. Yes, I'm 7 too).

I like how the girl in blue cheated and put on short shorts, you can see the lines if you look closely enough. Chicken shit.

The Solstice Parade started out as an indie/art event. The Nude Cyclists never were or are still an official part of it. It started out as just a few people, but almost ten years ago, the police decided to gestapo on the cyclists and started arresting them. It caused a backlash, the next year it was flooded w/ nude cyclists and now they're the largest part of the event.

Just goes to show, if you try to suppress something, you'll only get more of it. (take a note, christians)

reply to post 61

just look at the head and tell me thats not a he/she

have fun getting that paint off your junk.

You missed covering the girl in black; I see a nip slip.

@65, 10 already got it.

Nice. I miss Fremont (neighborhood in Seattle) and their annual naked bike ride.
There's a nice long video of crazy naked bicycle people in Seattle just in case anybody coudln't find that on their own...

Naked trekkies? I can still taste vomit in the back of my mouth. Does anyone notice that the muff on the chick in red is bigger than the guy in golds frank and beans? The only way this could be worse is if they rode the bikes without seats.

omg the purple one looks like my maths teacher from year 12

It's... beautiful. Although it just makes you want the real 7 of 9 (the one in red).

BTW about redshirts - there are rules. If they have any establishing scene that gives them any hint of a character, then they will not die (the original Kahn episode - the historian, McGuiver? Something like that). If they are tagging along, then there is almost no chance for survival, but the longer they survive, the better chance they have (most redshirt deaths occur quite soon after being beamed down with the shore party).

They do something like this in Ft Collins Colorado too, Its called Tour De Fat. Its organized by the New Belgium Brewery. There's significantly less nudity, but I'm okay with that.

Paint = not naked!
I vote that paint counts as clothing!!! Anywhere

Its a good information and great trip.thanks for sharing.

In the top photo, you missed covering a nipple on the far left chick. Plainly visible right above her arm. Might wanna cover that up for the non-jump shot.

Oh wow, ok ill rate the girls from left to right in hawtness: based on boobs and faces.
1. (Blue) Boobs-#1 Face #3
2. (red) Boobs #2 Face #1
3. Boobs #3 Face #2

So Overall- Red [email protected]@

who would paint a ball sack????????????????

Its kind of cool and yet kind of a bad influence for some teens and children. What kind of pervert thought of this sick idea?! The girls arent half bad, but the guys being painted all over is just gross!!....

that was funny!

I fail to see why people seem to think those girls (they look like well endowed 8 yr olds) are attractive

I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand times. Star Trek is full of fail.

the women are litteraly aking to get raped

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