Dec 2 2009Call A Podiatrist!: Custom Zombie Feet Shoes


This is a pair of Vans deviantARTist mburk painted to look like zombie feet. Paint your legs green, drool blood, walk with a limp and rock a blank stare for added effect. OR CUT CORNERS AND JUST TAKE A BITE OUT OF AN OLD LADY. Om nom nom nom! Mmmm, Geritol. Say, are those dentures? Quick, bite my nipples!!

Zombie Shoes [mburk's deviantART]

Thanks to sham, who once chewed her own foot off because she thought it smelled like beef jerky.

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that is awesome!

you know GW... you could always commission someone to make you a pair of custom Dino feet shoes.
Not me because I can't draw stick figures without them looking violently and hideously deformed, but I'm sure there are some geeks out there with actual talent who could do it.

I'm just saying. Dino feet. Every. Time. You. Look. Down.

I know this person in real life, this is so crazy to see him on Geekologie. Hes been doing this for a few years now, and his work is awesome.

hahaha ,is a unique

paul smith on sale

This crazy

supra high shoes

good job. a relief to see after those speakers.

TOP 10

Wow, does a zombie really need a bandaid?? C'cmon, look at that big ass hole in his left foot!!!

those are cute, these would be fun on either those zombie march days

They look more like what I imagine Frankenstein's feet would look like.

With those, I could take a bite out of crime.

what's up with the band-aid... zombies bleed???

GW! You should buy some some Dino-feet shoes(Like #4)! And Show em off on Geekologie!
175 Bucks a pop.
^_^ 6 months waiting period.

I went to Highschool with the kid that makes these shoes! i cant believe his stuff is posted here!

hey this dudes totally stealing Jordan Buckley's Idea, he's the guitarist from Every Time I Die, and vans gave him a shitload of shoes to do drawings on, he did zombie feet AGES ago!! check him, his destroys these, cept his are black and white.

There's already a company that does this..
I don't know what they are called but my buddy has a pair.
However, I live in Canada..maybe they are only here?

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