Dec 21 2009Boy Gets Revenge On Sister Via Facebook


Chris's sister Katie told on him for hiding beer in his room. So what did he do? He went through her room, found a list of people whose genitals she wants to play with, and posted it on Facebook with all her friends tagged. This is just the explanation of the note here, you have to hit the jump to see the actual thing (WARNING: possibly NSFW due to dirty words). Damn Chris, even as a guy whose done far worse to people, I've got to admit: that's pretty harsh. Now melt her face off with a Looftlighter!

Hit the jump for the actual note and her friends' reactions.


Revenge [lolfbmoments]

Thanks to twellve and dustin and anybody else who sent this in whose emails I couldn't find, I'm a sex addict.

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Reader Comments

wow i want to do this now off to my sisters room i need to get back at her for walkin in on me wile i was enjoying my power glove

hahahaaha awesome. Shitty, but funny

Haha awesome. XD

Dont mess with asians.

First. Thats what Im talking about. EFF facebook. Welcome to personal invasion of lives. You signed up for it. Enjoy. =]

best revenge ever!

pics (of her) or it didn't happen.

Wow. Bravo.

OMG! brilliant! hahaha, too bad i don't have a bigger sister to do this to!


boom roasted!

hahahahahahahahahahahahah, fucking hilarious

@8 - Why, how big is your sister?

Hilarious but sad too. Still, chick shouldn't keep a list of that crap. Really, what the hell is that for, in case she forgets who she wants to give a handy to?

Very dysfunctional family! Am I glad my family is not like that!

@13: Hmmm... What was I doing just now? Oh, right, giving super-hunk brian an hand job! Thank god I've got my list with me.

HAHAHAHAHA this is so wrong on so many levels, but i couldn't help but laugh...hilarious.


This is how aids is spread!

She has a DEADLINE, FOUR months away.

This guy's the biggest whiniest dbag on the internet. I'd never trust anyone who'd do something like that. Your sister is your sister forever, and she'll never forget this. This guy knows nothing about loyalty or obligation.

He's wrecking his own life and he's too stupid to even realize it.

I don't think I have LOL'd that hard in a long time.

read that list again.

She has a DEADLINE to molest these guys.


thanks fucking jokes !!
Cheered me up big time !!

This guy is heartless. His sister might have just been concerned for him, and even if she were just being a bitch he should have blackmailed her for the three months. You know, made her his slave or whatever. I mean how can you actually do that to someone who only got you grounded? His pain lasts 3 months but he basically ruined her life for years to come.

Then again it's probably fake because everything on the internet is fake. Even this comment is fake. A robot wrote this. BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLOOOOOP.


You're a fucking idiot. How can you talk about loyalty when SHE RATTED HIM OUT. She rats him out for having beer, he rats her out for being a filthy slut. Hers is a lot worse. He didn't make her a whore, or make her keep a list of how much of a whore she is. Her fault, what goes around comes around. This bitch got hers big time.

20 is retarded.
What sister rats her brother out over a 12 pack.
Seems like the kid did big sis, and some other guys, a favor....

Ladies and gentlemen....... my sister is a whore.

hahahaha!!!!! am I.

Honestly don't you have friends to talk about that kind of stuff to instead of providing evidence? Maybe she will learn her lesson with this.

And don't fucking rat out your brother for drinking.

read the comments! ahahahahahahahahahaha

That is so horrible... if anything, go tell your friends, but you didnt have to embarrass your sister, as well as the guys on that list. Especially the guys who already hooped up with her that are crossed out. lol

Different kinds of evil here. Not on the same level...

tsk tsk tsk... lol

This is one of the best posts in a long while.

I like Britney and other posters trying to fault this guy for having something benign like beer. Oh yeah and isn't it the skank's fault for having a BJ list?! WTF are you that whorish that you need a grocery list of all the protein shakes you want to try?!

Ok so at 20.

Hes wrecking his life huh?

How about her wrecking her own life? You dont think people would have found out about that later? She may end up with a disease, she could have gotten in something with the wrong guy and end up dead, she is putting herself on the track for the inability to ever truly connect and get close to someone. As well as causing problems in other peoples lives. But shes not ruining her own life as well. Because to you I guess its ok to be a whore.

Guys SHOULD know about that. And she should have never done it.
But she set herself up by keeping a childish list like its a game, and thinking her brother who probably goes to the same school and hears about that, also who has to deal with people asking HIM about HER, will do nothing for getting him screwed over for 3 months.

Keep defending the sickness in this world. Its amusing to know you think that its alright for her to do that and lie and hide things from others, but wrong for him to retaliate for being screwed over himself.

I say that either way it is her fault for even having that in her room, i mean wtf?

WAIT.... what is a "v-card"?

I can't imagine what she's going to do to get back at him for that

This is fucking epic win.

Remember your Klingon, kids: Revenge is a dish best served cold. And Chris just served his dish in a case of ice.


@35 good to see you, I was going to ask the same thing

lol sorry about that naas, i forgot to change the link

Wait... Yeah what is a V-Card anyhow...

yeah... I totally boned her.

V-card is virginity

V card means youre a virgin (shes probably refring to the guys, with a list like that i sencirely doubt shes a virgin)

apparently V-card means being a virgin, like if she would give them her v-card, she would be giving them her virginity, which obviously is irrelevant in this case because she probably lost her v-card when she was 12

to give someone you Vcard is to give them your virginity... But what is a "Bitty Bang"?

oh man so awful. so awful hahaha

god damn, what a douchebag. this is why I don't have a facebook.


It says "titty bang," not "bitty bang."

@40 heh it's your link not mine
@43 ah, thanks


the brother's comment is great. last one on the list.

facebook is a horrible thing.


this will never ever ever be off the internet. it's fooooooooooooooooooooorever!


i don't think it's "bitty". I think the "b" should be a "t".

Ashlins is a jerk.

This is fantastic. I love that kid. I also love that the first comment is from the first guy on the list! HA!

@20 Really? He ruined her life? He posted a bang-list on facebook he didn't steal her college acceptance letters and burn them.
Money says her friends already suspected her of being a slut anyway. Guys talk. All he did was confirm the rumors.
Fact is, she got what she deserved. There's a reason you never rat on a sibling and now she knows it.

Hell, maybe her slutty ways will help her pledge a top sorority once she gets to college. The tri-deltas at FSU are a particularly cockhungry bunch.


You're an idiot. learn how to read.

@46 its titty bang i read it wrong too.

Is the swear filter off? Fuck?

@59 Suck my dick. Hey look, it is!

@48 You don't have a facebook because you have a whore-list?

@60 Deal. Meet me out back.

Let me cross you off my list XD

hahahahahahahahahahaha fucking hilarious!!!! funniest thing ever

Yes, totally epic WIN!!! This is harsh, but this is what you get for being a tattle tale little bitch whore... she got what she deserved. BTW does anyone have her number?

awesome!!! she deserved it.

wow this guy is awesome i want to no is last name so i can add him on facebook haha


And yes, she got what she deserved.

I'm sure it wasn't "Mom, Dad, I want to have a serious talk with you. I'm really concerned about my Brother.". It was probably more like "MOM DAD! CHRIS HAS BEER IN HIS ROOM! HAHA GROUND HIM!!!!"

I have so much to blackmail my sister with :)

And video footage....... Mwahaha

first of all, she deserved it. secondly, lol.

Katie, do your self a favor and switch middle/high schools. It'll never be the same for you at your current one.

Hey Katie, call me.

what a whooooooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeee!!!


This kid is my new personal hero.

This kid is a little shit.

F#ck Family! Comedy Gold is forever, and she broke the get your siblings back rule first.

Niiiceee move chris, legendary truly

"what are you gonna do? tell mom & dad i uploaded your dick sucking list to facebook?" FTMFW!!!!!
Even my wife agrees that bitch got what she deserved.... ratting him out for a fucking 12 pack of beer?!..... just sayin

Who the hell gets grounded 3 months for having hidden beer in his room.

C'mon that guy is a real pussy, how old is he...13?

To who ever said the sister was looking out for her brother and he took it too far.... Drinking is a way better thing than being a fucking street hooker. Chris was just looking out for Katie before she starts selling herself.

Alos, bitch got fucking OWNED!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go kid you make the dark side proud haha btw tell your sister i would love to sign up for a handskis or a bj her choice

What a horrid little psycho that kid is. Also, this place is full of sex-starved creeps, I see.

I love all the people calling him out. Has everyone forgotten that there are consequences to your actions? If you are a "slut" and you get called out as a "slut" it's no ones fault but your own. If that isn't the image you want there's a simple answer... DON'T BE IT TO BEGIN WITH.

Now of course the same goes for him and hiding the beer, but once the first blow is thrown anything goes.

Oh and V-Card? Stupidest fucking phrase ever, what is wrong with these fucking idiot teens now?

I want to know why the guy assumes every asian parent is strict. dude, your parents are douches dont assume thats the way with every asian.

Wow. This is the greatest!!! And anyone who feels bad for the little whore must be a whore themselves. I mean REALLY. What if it HADN'T been uploaded and she gave all these guys diseases? I would say "She could get one, too." But if she's this much of a skank, she deserves an STI.

There's no rational reason to defend her or condemn him.

They both engaged in worrisome behaviors
They both ratted out eachother
The only differences being
Her behavior was more dangerous and less socially acceptable
He ratted out her as revenge, making it completely justified.

To those defending her, did you ever think to consider that these guys deserved to be warned about her intentions?
If it was a guy's "playa's list" of the girls he planned on bedding, I'm sure you'd think he was a monster for taking advantage of those women.

This is great. I wish I could see the aftermath of this to see how it all turns out.

You don't bring a gun to a snowball fight, assholes.

She fucking had it coming. She sells her brother out & thinks it's all good. She doesn't give a fuck about screwing her brother over.

Now she got burned. Maybe next time she thinks about trying to fuck w/ her bro, she'll think twice.

This is awesome. AWESOME.
If a woman got beer taken off me i'd burn her with fire. This girl got off lightly.

what is a jump link and how do you find it to go there?

So his parents grounding him for 3 months is a little over the top, but invading his sister's privacy, humiliating her, and wrecking their relationship over 12 cans of beer is a proportional response? This kid is messed up. It's not funny, it's horrible. And, no, it's not the same thing. If he'd shown the list to their parents that would have been on par. Exposing it to everyone she knows? F'ing LAME. This is not a quality human being.

This is a pretty good example of revenge. See, because the sister was like "even though this beer affects me in no way, I can't help but worry that my younger brother is having more fun than me. I better stop this so that I will still be the cooler older sister". Then the brother was like "well, 3 months is a long time to plan a pretty good revenge, but since i'm asian and therefore smart, it won't take me that long"

The fancy thing about revenge is that you're allowed to step it up one notch, and the notches are generally generously spaced. It's like like he cut off her right hand, he even kept it within the same realm (social life interference).

The only problem with this situation is that since she's already given enough evidence for me to decide that she's a bitch (I'm a very good judge of character, by the way, and if you aren't and if you were unsure, I assure you my reasoning is trustworthy and accurate) she's going to try to revenge the revenge. This isn't a prank war but she has that mentality now.

This can only mean bad news for their family, no two ways about it. The only second way would be if Chris is so good at living that he can't be outdone or undone beyond his minor beer incident.

I got a feeling their whole family is going down soon, but right now I gotta study.

This is 13 different kinds of awesome. This kid wins....TWICE!

*not like

What's the phrase? "Turn about is fair play".. Trust is a two way street, she broke her trust, so he broke her's. "All's fair in love and war"... and that's definitely a war now. LMAO

Gun to a snowball fight isn't an apt analogy and exaggerating will never help your case, as it just makes it look like your point of view is hopelessly skewed.

A snowball is playful, a gun is fatally injurious. Her act was malicious and she was repaid in kind. It was more a gun to a knife fight. If you engage someone in a fight with intention of harm, don't expect them to play by your rules. "Hey! You can't bite!"

She goaded him and challenged him in a poker game because she thought she had a winning hand "Beer in your room".
He drew his cards and got "Sex List". He either had the option to fold and let her win or play them.
It's not his fault her private acts were more embarrassing this his, she should've thought about that before she decided it'd be fun to invade his privacy.

She aired his dirty laundry to who would be most bothered by it - their parents, and he aired hers to who would be most bothered by it - the people on her list.

And don't you think the people on the list deserved to know of its existence?

@98 read the news.

Hahaha! Owned!

p.s. 100tard!

@70 Wtf? You have video footage...of your sister? Whats wrong with you, man? Bet you keep it in a folder marked "spank bank" don't ya?

Should I u/l the one about my Ex fucking her dog?

haha, why do people whine about him posting this.. who the fuck wants a slutty sister like this anyways.. hah she got what she deserved. maybe she will get staright with her life. not beeing a c0ckrapingslutfucker

@96 - I thought you had to study?

Bitch had it coming :D

She seems to be a person I want to spend my life with.. Spend the money earned, make some kids, trust each other, love each other... Things that make you one of the happiest people in world.

Or not.


@To All Those Who Defended Katie - America's Next Top Dicksucker
Especially #s 20, 25, 31, 76, 83, and 93

First off, ratting her brother out over something petty as a pack of beer speaks of her malicious intentions. She don't talk to her brother about the dangers of beer drinking, she had to tell her parents about it FIRST. No warning, no reprimand, nothing like "Better ditch those beers or else I'm telling them on you.". She never gave a damn about her sibling in the first place, talk about COLD.

It just speaks of malice. Chris must've felt betrayed.

Second, keeping a dick-sucking list in your closet detailing every guy you did or be doing it with is just sociologically disturbing. Do you think those 10 guys she listed on that note won't be traumatized for life as well when they find out Katie was playing with them all along, with or without Chris' help? What Katie did was EVIL. If Chris kept mum, he'd be an accomplice to evil. Good boy.

Truth hurts, but it has to come out sooner than later, because when it comes to painful truth, the earlier it comes out the less painful it is. Chris just did these guys a HUGE favor, including him exacting sweet revenge. They deserve to know.

I mean, put it like this: your boss just demoted you for having beer in your cubicle even if you haven't drank it yet. Then, you snooped in the boss' hidden PC folders and found nasty videos of him "eating out" the secretaries even though he's married. If you choose to reveal it, it could lead to a big world of hurt for your boss. What you gonna do?

She brought this shit upon herself. Privacy schmarvacy, there's no privacy with this one either. The beer was private property, she gave Chris the smackdown. So was the note.

Her losing her reputation is a just repartee in magnitude to her promiscuity and general sluttiness. Burn, bitch, burn.

White-knighting a bitchy whore like Katie won't do you guys any favors either, the most likely reward for you white-knighting her is the 11th spot on her dick-sucking list. Come on, Katie white-knighters, strip, get your frankfurters out and she's gonna squeeze out some mayo. I dare you people.


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Oh brother.......HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA too funny. What a slut! I bet school is super fun for her now! HA HA

@108: Cool story bro!

Both of them are at fault. He was wrong to have beer in his possession, she was wrong to rat him out...


sorry, I had to.

so has anyone found her facebook yet?

hahahaha stupid closet slut deserved it! G.R.R.!

@110: Well, his revenge served a much better purpose than her snitching. Better side with the lesser evil. Both at fault, no doubt about it though.

Beer is petty, Katie's malicious intent was real, but it saved no one.
What Chris did was revenge but at least it saved 10 guys (and probably more) from the agony.

I see some bad blood brewing for this siblings.

@111: Try the LOLFBMoments link, scroll down and see their FB links.

epic win. just sayin'

@ 108 I want to have your babies.

He fought fire with (fire * 9,001)
bitch got burninated.

dude... what is a V card??
and i am surprise they haven't blur out the word " whore"..
overall.. 2 thumbs up to Chris....
this is epic

FUCKFUCKFUCK FUCKEDDY FUCK FUCK FUCKER FACE BITCH WHORE PUSSY BIG ASS HAIRY MOLE BETWEEN HER PUSSY LIPS???? WUUUTTT!??!??!?!??! no swearword filter?????? man i might just get back to my geekologing ways if this keeps up?

Hey this is like my list

it's you dont bring a knife to a gun fight
or you dont bring a snowball to a gun fight

bitch deserved
totally deserved

sex = natural
getting drunk = not natural

I'm on Katie's side, her brother is an immature little prick.

Ohhh katie, i'll shave my head and both my balls for you!!!

u slut!


@121: Personally I think I'd rather my son has a 12-pack of beer hidden in his room than my daughter is a slut.

@124- lol... totally!!!!!! ...
but thanks to the brother.... she's gonna get lots of cocks win

@121: Congratulations, you're #17 on Katie's updated "My Hook-up List". Got a hard-on already?

@121 oh yes, sex is natural. I'm pretty sure she left the bounds of 'natural sex' when she decided to take on the entire offensive line of the football team. I'll take a drunk son over an STD-laden daughter any day. Give her a year and her vag could be donated to science for research

He should give a copy of the list to his parents for the extra punch in the gut. Just sayin'

In my town, when we put a dog down we use a FLAMETHROWER.

@ 128 but if he did that then she could rat on him for puting it on facebook im sure his folks wount be pleased with that , good to see a rat get what they deserve once and a while

What kind of guy would hide cans ? Cans is for Fridge tsss...

Bitch got what she deserved! funny how it seems to be mostly girls defending her... got secret lists of your own have we?

@89:"You don't bring a gun to a snowball fight"

You do when they're hiding fucking rocks in the snowballs

@66 Nice Video

p.s. I Love Geekologie, Like she loves Cock

I`m bored on my work... but this REALLY MADE MY DAY!

Russell must be a bit embarrassed... look what she wrote just above #9

thats amazing!

I definitely got my 7 chuckled in on this lol i'd have to agree if this is real it's the best revenge ever lol

I'm Asian, and luckily, I don't have an Asian sister :p
Do note: If you're Asian, and you're so ill, your parents wouldn't stop commanding you to clean this, to do that.....

HYSTERICAL!!! Someone post Chris's fb page please, I'd love to congratulate him on a job very well done. Oh man, I really hope we get a part II on this story.

She totally had it coming i would do it and its not wrong at all revenge is sweet, it just shows again if you are going to play the game be prepared to take what you dish. Good job chris the force is strong with you

fake, no asian girl has boobs big enough for titty bang.

fake, no asian girl has boobs big enough for titty bang.

Part Two is where Chris gets murdered, or Katie (if she's smart) lands a six-figure contract with the NY Post for a column on family relationships.

I don't understand the whole flap, though. What's so wrong about a girl setting goals for herself?

Holy comments.

@108, nice.

Overall moral; don't be a whore AND a bitch at the same time.

you have to wonder, just how strict these asian parents are. when i was a teen and got grounded, the FIRST thing taken away form me was the computer. and yeah, theyre both a couple of cutthroat as hell kids, but, odds are, if theyre both this fucked up as is, they'll look back ten years from now and laugh about it.

besides, she ratted on him first. a kid keeping booze in his bedroom is prolly gonna drink it in the house, which is way safer than out in some park or something. She should learn a little something about loyalty herself, don't fuck over your family.

I would have done the same thing. bitch had it comming.

If getting drunk isn't natural, how do you explain this?

Little Bro still has an Ace up his sleeve, so Katie best STFU now.

She didn't snitch about the beer to her or his friends, she went to the top with that shit - and if she doesn't calm the fvck down, I say little bro amps it up once more and fills the parents in on sweet little Katie's activities as well.

If her folks gave the little Bro 3mos for a case of beer, guess what they'll do to sweet little Katie.

Know your limitations, Biotch.

Good for him. Maybe she'll think twice before ratting her brother out again.

Hmmmmmmmm Anyone notice his sister have a shorter last name ?

This was pretty funny. Still scratching my head trying to figure out all the "slut comments"??? She wanted to experiment a bit and had a few guys in mind for some stuff. No harm, no foul. Seems like to me there are a lot of haters around here pissed off about only having been able to bang one (if that) person in their miserable little lives. Shit man, if you want to call a chick a slut for doing shit that YOU want her to do, then go for it....just be careful with the whole throwing stones thing b/c it works both ways. Oh yeah, that's doesn't!! In that case, you're as self righteous and hypocritical as you want.

Ignorance...who knew?...just sayin

I haven't had so little sympathy for someone's plight in a long time, Katie. You'd have been better off owning up to your slutdom.

what is the link to his facebook I want to see the photo >=]~~

lmao. Who are the douchebags calling this guy heartless? Get a grip. This is hilarious! If she supposedly told on him for having beer because- as some moronic previous posters have hypothesized- she is "concerned", then does it not stand to reason one could label his airing of her dirty laundry as "concern" for her being such and uber-slut while still in high school and her teens? College is one thing, but making a booty-tap list at all of 16 or so years old? lmao

Btw, their relationship will be fine- I'd bet money on it. They'll laugh their ass off about it ten years from now.

Dante: 37! My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!!!

Customer: In a row?


Neither one of them give off the warm, fuzzy family vibe, do they? I predict bro Chris will grow up to be a nasty ass lawyer.

And self-righteous skank sisters who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

@ 150

Totally agree with you.....and I'm not saying that because I'm #3 on her list. GO FOR THE WIN KATIE!!

@153 "Hey, try not to suck any dicks on your way to the parking lot!"... just sayin

I forgot to mention that this, as funny as it is, is further evidence that facebook destroys lives with the purest of evil intent...

The computer is the Devil's Typewriter!

@ 156 What are you "...just sayin"?

Quote ftw. Insult ftf.

Bryan cut your hair!! hurry up!!!!

omg can someone get the black knight, we need to extinguish some white knights around here... fucking insane...

@157 typewriter IS my TYPEWRITER, my computer IS my COMPUTER!!!

Sheesh...get it right folks. I mean, who makes up shit like that anyway? It doesn't even make sense.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go see if Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs have any more souls for me this morning (those greedy bastards seem to be keeping all the good ones for themselves lately).

PS. It's pronounced "deBil"...just sayin. >:-|

holy shit. damn this guy is harsh. that's a bit too much....



can anyone help me find the photos =>

She ratted on him first. This was one of the most funniest posts i've seen in a long time. Hell hath no fury as the scorn of a ratted on brother!

@ 163, those people look pretty white to me

Epic Flawless Victory !

Everybody is going to be happy now, he had his (SWEET) revenge, she´s going to get a lot more dicks from guys that know her modus operandi (slut-like) and guys that are looking for a casual bj will know where to look.

I bet she had her lesson about treason.

Anybody noticed that the whole fable was around beer ? God save the beer !!!

Did I say Epic ? EPIC !!!!

Major respect to chris and katie :D

chris: nice move! :D

katie: blowjob plox :D

Two Wongs don't make a light.

LMAO this is 10/10 in my book. Very dick move.... Who would say they wouldnt do something like that just to be a dick haha

@163 - ur mental.

the kid's expose of his sisters philandering about town giving sex to all and sundry probably did her a huge favor before she was gang raped at some frat party and then had to defend herself in court against claims that she was 'asking for it' .......yep, the kid did her a favor, she'll thank him for it....and probably give him a blow job as she doesn't seem to fussy.

What's wrong with a girl wanting to have lots of sex? Are you guys all gay or so?

They're all alias' for the Jonas Brothers' accounts....v-card alum till the end.

Genius! Brilliant! If this is real it is awesome. Girl had it coming to her. The next step is to convince mom and dad to join FB and "friend" them. Maybe that will teach her not to slut around, and not to betray her brother. Hah!

lol. That's sweet extreme revenge.

I don't think I've laughed that hard in years. This is probably the best revenge I've seen. Damn, I want a sister just to do this! It's pretty fucked up to out your sister as a slut, but I think she bloody had it coming!

But I think next time he should use something like that to blackmail her with.....

Snitches get stitches.

LOL i fuckin lol'd !

This is hilarious, seriously, power to this dude!

I imagine Katie's punching through Chris's door right now.

@163 - so...she's younger and he's in college? CONFUSION.

Chris is pretty much a dick for doing that... Ruining a part of her sisters life because of three months of being grounded is not justice.
But then again, Katie is unbelievably stupid for keeping a LIST. Jesus. What was she thinking. She has to have known that her parents or her brother could find it, yet she still wrote it down. Stupid. If I ever went through the trouble of listing what ever sexual things I'd like for specific people to do to me, and me to them, I'd keep it in my head.
Stupidity seems to run in the family though, as Chris kept beer in his ROOM. I'd at least found a better hiding place. It couldn't be a very good one since her sister found it.
Why keep beer hidden anyways? You buy it and then you drink it, and when you want more, you buy more. Whyever keep it for any amount of time?

Well you know that bitch could've been the source of aids spreading around in her neighbourhood :) deserved



Whores dont get second chances!

she deserved it x) i feel bad for the guys she was messing with or planning to
hahaha her brother did the right things now the guys she was playing around with know what she was doing...her fault for making a list in the first place

ROFL that is great. Karma really is a bitch. i like how the one person says he's being a dick by posting that, it seems more like a warning. that's also really creepy that she made that... and i think one person on that list is at my school... at least their name seems familiar.

katie should've not reacted like that in the first place, she could've just like, "hey chris, why u manufacturing lies about me and faking my handwriting, still, dont be a slut to not be branded as one, careful fucking and sucking ladies


I don't think I've ever heard of someone making a list like this. Like.. wow. She really is being a little tramp.... I mean, a DEADLINE? REALLY? Not normal. I don't care how "cute" it is, I think this behavior is far worse than underage drinking.

@6 totally agree!!

Someone get this kid a medal.

@ 33: Why so serious? It is the internets.

163. The_ShadowWw - December 22, 2009 10:41 AM

I'm pretty sure that's not them. Their (katie's) parents are Asian, so I am assuming they are also Asian.

I'm a little older and I don't quite remember girls writing such literature in my day. Is this what they do now? Is today's society with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Megan Fox raising our young ladies to be whores? If so, i need to be 16 again to get a fresh start!!

190;Kittie. I used to know a girl when I was younger who did this stupid stuff. She saved her first condom, the plastic applicator from her first tampon, etc. Chick was effed up in the head!


She so horny! :O

@94 You didn't take into account the possibility that Chris hasn't shown Katie's parents the list yet. So he can use this as blackmail for the time being.

Is it bad that i haven't heard of some of the shit she wants to do?
Crazy kids these days and their rap music...

LMAOO epic just EPIC

@163, those two aren't Chris and Katie..the only Brian on Chris's friend's list is a Brian who goes to school in Oakville. I know Katie's slightly messed up in the head, but go all the way to Oakville? Naaaah.

I really want to see a screenshot of all the new comments from his/her friends on Fb for that pic (If he didn't take it down)

@Closet Nerd, funniest joke made in the last twenty years of film.

@Blastphemer, I think that, because she was given such a negative review from the very start, with no-one to defend her personally (the exception being you), people just assumed she was a bad person. You add a bit of sexual promiscuity to the mix, and you have a universally agreed slut. I'm not going to say she is, nor that she isn't. But I already have, and there's no point repeating myself. If one of her friends spotted this, stepped forward and said 'hey, it's not as bad as all that', then there would be a suspicion on the brother's argument, but seeing as not one of her friends (of which we can be sure she has many, judging by the hit-rate on that list) stepped in on her defence, the suspicion rests firmly on her. Think about it - a friend of yours finds alcohol stashed under his/her little brother's bed. There was reason for him/her to tell their parents (say there had been strong rumours about some heavy drug abuse, type of thing), and so they did. The brother then, in an attempt to dig up dirt and get back at your friend, sneaks into your friend's personal space and swipes a private note, meant solely for the person who wrote it (the one thing I don't get about this whole thing, why write out a note in the first place? anyway, assuming this is all real...). They post this private stuff on the internet, in a massively open environment in which there is next to no chance that it won't get back around and damage your friend's reputation catastrophically. At that point, you would step in. There's no question. You would crack your fingers and get right on defending your friend, if you knew they were unjustly treated. If, however, the friend was receiving all of this spite justly, through their own fault, you might hesitate, then do what Brittany did (which was to avoid the guilt of the friend and focus entirely on the guilt of the brother). If this was just the tip of the iceberg, you would say nothing.

Only one person close to this girl stepped in (in any more than just a basic 'this is wrong' kind of way), and even at that, there was no argument from her on the moral standing of Katie. Here's why I think that is; Katie IS a slut, and deserves IN FULL this earth-shattering burn.

Holy shit, I wrote all that?

Woah, mega blunder in that megagraph. Didn't check through it properly. Aw well, it resolves in the end anyway.


what is the jump thing? he said if you click it you can see the actual note ?

If you go to his main page and look at the clip of this entry, you'd have to click a link to see the entire post. But since you were directly linked here, it was as if you already "clicked" it..... Can I confuse you anymore?

After much research I have concluded that this is a fake. A hoax. A sham. A attempt to take a stab at internet fame.

You want to know why it's a fake?

EVIDENCE A) Note the above to the photo. It uses 3rd person in speaking of Chris. "Chris's Photos" "Chris's Profile"

EVIDENCE B) Now draw your attention to the comments. Each one of them has a "Delete" option next to it.

Now for the line that draws these two points together. On Facebook only the person who owns the photo can "Delete" any of the comments. However, this is contradictory to the fact that "Chris" (who supposedly owns this photo) has his name in 3rd person above the picture. Now go to your own Facebook (if you have one, if not just follow along.) Open up a photo you've uploaded and look above the image. The text will read "Photo 1 of 1|Back to Album|My Photos"

Therefore this image was either
1) A combination of screenshots from two different people (highly unlikely)
2) A fabrication someone put together (likely)

Myth. Busted.

duuuuuuuude, this has been ongoing insanity even back in my middle school days (think circa 1996-1998) dude me and my friend eric found a note from the girls like ranking the guys in the room you know, and stuff they woudl do with them..... yeah dude #7 out of 20something dude! high fives urrwhere, then we got big dome from this two skanks after school under this little bridge thing that lead to the football field, MASSIVE HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND. Nasty i know... but damn those were the days! girls in my area were all about the sucking of the wang!!!!!! cus they didn't wanna give up the "V-card" as they call it now i guess...... BUT HEAD GALORE NONETHELESS!!!!!!!! WIN WIN! HEAD>PUSSY ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xD iloled so hard at this, who keeps a list of there dirty deeds?
if I did that i'd have a long list of the five finger discount if you catch my drift

Wow it's so awesome how so many adult strangers here are willing to give negative labels to a teenaged girl for having developing sexuality. No wonder girls who are raped are called sluts and whores so often. I love geekologie but am really ashamed to be part of its readership right now. AND all of the victim-blaming going on! I just feel filthy for having read these comments.

It never hurts to be organized.

This shit is funny as. That bitch got what she deserved. Some people here have said that brother and sisterhood is based on trust, but who was the first one to break that trust? That stupid slut who wrong the list.
Guy is a fucking genius.

Bitch got owned. I'm still on her side though. Her brothers a prick.

@ All People saying she got what she deserved, being a slut is worse.
the fuck, are you high? Unless the dude is a fucking nerd @ his school, he has to have at least 200 people on his list. 200 people that happen to be friends from school, family members, and other people Katie must've known. He's grounded for 3 monthes. She's scarred for life.


In the rush to call Katie a slut, not one person mentions the possibility that Katie's "tattling" was in response to something her sadistic, asshole brother did? That maybe his was the disproportionate response? The extreme empathy for one person and the callous disregard for the other tells the tale.

Regardless, the self-hatred on display in this thread is mind-blowing. "If a girl wants to experiment sexually with consenting boys, she must be a whore, because boys are disgusting. Why would any girl want to have sex with a boy anyway?"

You all must feel terribly conflicted about your own sexual impulses. I hope for the sake of the girls and women around you that you don't act on those impulses until you can see the humanity of the person you want to have sex with.

Nice Power Glove Ref!

I can't help but wonder if this is fake or not. It seems a little too made up to me.

A lot of the side comments written on the list sounds like what a DUDE would say. Bitty-bang? "He ate me out! Awesome!" Hahah yeah this is SO not a fabrication made out to be an internet stunt.

You're all missing one important point. Reporting the beer to the parent, and the subsequent grounding remained within the familly. Nobody outside the family had to know about the circumstances.
On the other hand, posting his sister's bad behavior on facebook, rather than just taking it to her parents, who would have handled the situation in private, perhaps even gotten their daughter counselling, he made his sister the object of PUBLIC ridicule, a far more serious affair, which will have horrendous consequences for her.
I'll bet she's going to be psychologically scarred by this incident, and will require professional counselling to help her deal with the consequences, not of her own actions, but of her brother's actions.
The punishment her brother chose for her FAR outweighed the "crime" she commited against him. He has done something she will probably never be able to forgive him for, i.e., ruined her public reputation, made it difficult for her to face her peers in school.
Did the brother have to suffer in public from his sister's actions? I'll bet he turned it into something that enhanced, rather than ruined his reputation.

reads like a spineless douche to me. @ 221 : and yea it outweighs, but wtf should she care? beyond the personal info, its a stunt pulled by her jerkoff brother. and its a brand facebookers should wear proudly.. everyones a post away from calling someone a whore for 15secs of fame. so awesome ah degurgitatedz mah very own nutzack XD



Harsh, but if you are prepared to stab a sibling in the back then it's fair game, and you should brace yourself as such. Having an older sis I can relate, we would ditch each other to our parents all the time, usually to win favour and attention from them over the other. Thank fuck there was no FB when I was a kid.

Send that pole-monster to a clinic. And remember kids, always use protection.

It's Katie's fault, and she deserved it, no matter how you put it.

-She could've just asked for bribes and kept the beer secret. No fuss, no lifelong family grudges.
-Why did she have to write that down?
-If she didn't squeal on her brother, he would never have to seek revenge.
-Chris was wrong, yeah, but then, what's worse--liver cirrhosis or AIDS?

I guess their parents would've known about this by now.

It's hilarious. Plus, she wrote down that list, who would be stupid enough to do such a thing? If he'd made it up I'd feel more sympathy towards her but holy crap. Maybe now she won't spread chlamydia like wildfire = good thing.

Is katie hot or what?

bitch got OWNED!

@150 (late) One doesn't have to be a virgin to note a slut, and there's a difference between "experimenting" and being a list-keeping whore. The reality is that she had a list of things she wanted to accomplish by a deadline. This wasn't experimentation, this was a sexual goal.

Side-note: This isn't uncommon. Guys, snoop more. :)

I feel so bad for their conservative Asian parents.

I just can't stop laughing.

This still isn't as good as Climategate.

Chris is gonner get some slap when mummy and daddy go shopping!

poor girl, never saw it comming.

All. Thank you for the kind words of support.
In the future I will be sure to keep my mouth AND legs shut.

I'm just sayin'

What a badass kid. sweet sweet revenge on his filthy whore sister. I LOVE IT!


Sucks to be that bitch!

Note to self: Don't mess with Chris

Katie is ruined. We had a "Katie" like girl at my high school. She banged about 10 guys at one party and it became public knowledge. She quit the school and was never seen again... Sad but true. Katie can no longer show her face without being ridiculed....

My prediction: Katie will kill her brother.

If you all think Katie feels bad, how about poor dude No.9, Russel?

Russel's the only one who NOM NOMMED teh nastiness, on October 4th, 2009.

basically-----bitch got owned, and she deserved it.
I just imagined her going cryin to her parents about it, who would get in more trouble?


OMG this is amazing, lol, i really wanna add this kid so i can actually see it on facebook, anyone know his actually name?

awesome! my side hurts from laughing. nobody likes a tattle tale katie!


Seriously, does nobody even wonder what kind of parents these children have? I blame all of this on them. Bad parenting skills and lack of communication on their side. I feel bad for these siblings. They will hate each other forever. What is the world coming to?

Wow, she's gonna hate him for the rest of her life. I mean, yeah, it was stupid for her to make a list, but when she's older she'll regret the things she did, but he'll never be able to take back the fact that he completely ruined her highschool experience. People will write mean things in her yearbook, and she'll never be able to go to a highschool reunion because of this. Oh, three months for having beer, real fuckiong tough to deal with. Try being called a whore for the rest of your life. Because all the people that know her will only remember her by this stupid list. I wouldn't blame her if she never spoke to him again. And I think she should tell her parents, because they're going to find this evenmtually, and if she tells then he'll be punished, because what parents would want this up on the internet?

Did anyone even notice that only one person has "v-card" written by his name. That means she's still a virgin, which means she 's not spreading any sexually transmitted diseases. And how many teenage girls can say they haven't done at least half the shit on this list. And guys too. Most teenage guys will dump a chick if she doesn't "put out". You're all hypocritical dickwads.

That is so fucking amazing, I love this kid, I want to buy this kid a 12 pack, I want to be this kids friend, and most importantly I want on that list.

Ah, sweet revenge... this is awesome. HUMILIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess this girl had her menu all planned out. *puke*

Ah umm.. got with 3 guys on that list in 2months time. If she wants to meet her quota of 9 guys in 4 months, she better get cooking. F'in Slacker.

That is shitty. It was his fault for having the beer. I think he has lost a sister for good. What a stupid, immature thing to do. Dumbass!

What jump do i have to it to see the whole thing?

LOL, props to Chris for Pwning that whore of a sister of his... BRAVO!!!
Reading some comments... wow some of you people are whiny little girls with bleeding hearts. The bitch got what she deserved , and you all know it.
Now if i could only find out who Katie is i'd go get a hair cut and drop my pants :P

there's no blaming him, she shouldn't have had the list if she was concerned about it being found.

best line:
"what are you gonna to do? tell mom and dad i uploaded your dick-sucking list"


This family belongs on Jerry Springer :D I can see the headline now "Drunk brothers and horny sisters"

"So posted...a list of the guys she wanted give ORAL to on the internet?"
"Damn straight!Fucking slut needs the wake up call!"
"......So says her brother, the newly made alcoholic."

Asians can be pretty harsh inside familys to eachother, and if the parents ever would get to know THIS, they would disown her, I know some familys that are exactly like that. They even flip if someone not related to them smokes in their pressence and isnt old enough for it where they come from or raise a disdainfull eybrow if someone minor in their region would drink a beer

blabbing on someone for beer when having a list like that really is, well, stupid ....
but, putting such a thing on the internet may ruin HIS live and HERs, future work givers my look up who is in his friendlist and what he postet (NOTHING on facebook is private, and you dont need to be a hacker to get private stuff from complete strangers ... which is scary)

I think it's fake, so I feel OK laughing about it... but if it's real, Chris is an out of control sadist, because his revenege is way way out of proportion.
How about all the losers on here calling her a slut?
As if you wouldn't line up for a chance at sex with a real breathing human female! You wouldn't be calling her a slut then! You just know you've got no chance with the Katies of this world, and your trying to pretend to yourself that the reason your not having sex with the ladies is because you're better than that! So transparent!
If a guy does a fuckton of chicks, he's a hero! If a chick does the same, she's a slut! Do you realise this is a repressive 1950's attitude people? About time we treated each other equally, don't you think?
And organised girls make lists about everything. At least she's not hooking up with randoms, if the list is real.
She doesn't seem like the world's biggest slut if she's still a virgin, anyway...


I have not read all of the comments on here yet, but plan on it. To all of the girls and guys defending her, I hope you sluts join her and get STDs. But keep them to yourselves when you do. oh and if she wanted to experiment, get a boyfriend, and have fun with him a bunch of times. But that must not occur to other sluts and hoes. to all those who laughed at the sweet sweet revenge. i love you, you are amazing and i want to be Chris's friend.

Hahahaaaa..... this made me Laugh. and KATE, i bet you are the katie they are talking about. i know im not, stop giving kates and katies everywhere bad names.

whats the jump page? lol

EPIC WIN OF 2009!!!!!!!

EPIC WIN OF 2009!!!!!!!

my favorite " hey Brian, if you cut your hair, ur getting a blow job"....... priceless

This is fucking great I wana add these people to my friends list :P EPIC TRULY FUCKING EPIC WIN OF 2009

lol, someone crown this guy as the revenge king. never take a mans beer

Because nothing is official until it is up on Facebook...lmfao

id like to believe this is real but

in addition to adam savage (poster 209)'s evidence otherwise...

you can't type that much under a photo on facebook.
it would have to be a note.
it's formatted like a note.
and yet it says "chris's photos".

da fuk?

...dammit to hell.

Wow - there is nothing like family fury. My only concern is that it could back fire so badly that this young lass ends up committing suicide. I'm sure for many of you if you think back to your younger days experiences like this can be very traumatic, and it doesn't take long before these terrible thoughts can enter your mind. This experience might make her think her life is over!

I literally feel sick to my stomach thinking about this situation. This family's life as they know it is forever changed. I imagine once this leaks to the parents, they're going to have to make a drastic decision like moving schools or maybe even moving towns. I don't think Chris has realized what he has done. If any of you Geekologie readers also feel the same sadness that I do, please pray for this family.

It's prolly true because it looks like the 'list' was scanned or taken with a digital camera.

But someone else could have spotted it and sent it to someone else...and so on.

It's late and I'm tired. This kid rules.

I can't believe all the people here that don't know what a V card is... Did you all grow up under rocks?

This is epic...

Wow the dealing is on my birthday.

@246. Jesus you are stupid. You do realize you can spread disease through oral sex, fingering and kissing right? Didn't you find it strange that after eatting your mom out you started getting those nasty cold sores?

you are an idiot. i think you're just thinking to much. of course, chris only told to the ppl on facebook.
but have u ever thought of maybe ....oh..idk...HIS FRIEND/s screen shotting it while using their facebook account, and emailing it to other ppl on the net.
and maybe someone randomly found it and uploaded on some site where now ppl know how katie is FAIL?

the bitch deserved it. who the hell writes down their list. i mean c'mon. someone will eventually find it :P might as well keep it in your head -_-

and to those who are defending her, have u thought about society/teens these days. :P underage drinking is normal :P
i have soo many friends that drink even before they're 21. i wouldnt even be concern if maybe one day my kids went drinking before 21 jeez.....this is reality.
it's better than being a slut :P bitch~

ROFL, she shouldn't have snitched on her brother.

Also, it is a little disturbing that she is giving herself a time frame to make rounds on a list of guys. If she wants to experiment, a list of what she wants to try, not who she wants to try, wouldn't be any worse than what is printed in a Cosmo list. But seriously, she must have been thinking as she wrote this, "I am going to do this to this guy, this to this guy, this to that guy," etc, etc. Desiring a couple people at the same time is one thing and not out of the ordinary, but making a dick sucking list of ten people to get done in one high or (hopefully not) junior high semester seems a little, well, I hate to say it, but slutty.

All these "white knights" (love the term btw) donning the good guy badge probably whack off to "Pretty Woman." If a guy were to write have written that list, I guarantee that you would not be sticking up for him, and rightly so. So why the double standard?

Also, her life is NOT ruined, sure she will have a rough teenage years, but that is short lived. If you maintain contact with all your childhood peers throughout your life, then you, my friends, are losers who never got out of town. She'll probably be more successful than many here who commented, so why feel pity for her because of her brother's extravagant, dare I say, marvelous retribution?

An eye for an eye may make the world go blind, but in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

No, maybe he saved her from getting pregs, or getting a STD....Think about it....She might have stopped him from doing something he might regret....But he did the same thing

A little bit harsh for just beer. but fuck Karma suck don't it. XD
Bitches be crazy :P.

gold star for Effort. XXXDDD

Epic Win!

I find it hilarious that everyone just takes Chris's word about what happened. "Um, my sister busted me for beer in my room, so I got back at her." Really? That's all that happened to make you hate your sister so much that you'd post her dick list? First of all, Chris makes it sound like he's got no culpability in this. Of course, we don't know the full story of what happened, only his side. I believe the saying goes, "There are three sides to every story. His side, her side, and the truth." I have no doubt that Katie wronged Chris, but definitely not to the magnitude of what he did to her. Is she a slut? Sure she is. Did she deserve to have that posted on FB by her brother? Hell no. She may be a sucky sister (pun intended) but he's the worst form of brother ever.

what a lousy bitch, fakkin disgusting whore

Ho Ho HO and a merry christmas to all!

Well, just about EVERYTHING that's been said is correct. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion -- you know it's horrible but you are vastly interested anyway. I think Chris got what he deserved and his sister got what she deserved and they both are immature and will both regret what they did (though Katie is far ahead of Chris on the regretting scale). And their relationship will not be pleasant for a very long time but it obviously isn't too wonderful up to this point anyway.

And half the guys on that list are gonna be laughing their asses off and half are gonna be mad as hell, and if someone should be ashamed here I do think it's Katie. Not sayin' a girl is a whore cuz she likes to suck cocks. But there is something really scheming and distasteful (!) about how she's doing it. I mean guys like to be meat sometimes but nobody really likes to be treated like meat.

Anyway, it's the best entertainment, even if it is a hoax, that I've seen in a LONG time. So...

Ho Ho HO! Merry Christmas!

Anyone who defends the sister or condemns the brother for doing this should be slapped upside the head. Why??

You're DEFENDING her behavior....the girl is prostituting herself, on a deadline no less, to any guy she thinks is hot!! Not only does she have no self respect, or respect for others of any kind, she's completely self absorbed in that she ACTUALLY made the list, and kept it!! Whenever guys do this kind of thing (yes, I'm saying when, because we all know they do) the second it gets out, doesn't matter for what reason, that guy is IMMEDIATELY condemned and lynch mobbed by ~everyone~.

Yet on the flip side, many people are defending the girl and saying this was wrong, harsh, unneeded, immature, blah blah blah. Every single person who said that is a hypocrite!!!

Not to mention, she's obviously a little shit anyways if she can't even keep a 12 pack a secret for her brother. Fuck that bitch.

Fucking hilarious, I almost peed on my self reading this shit. Classic, Classic sibling prank one of the best I have EVER seen or heard of.

Omg. Soooo unethical! I can't believe he had the 'balls' to do that! Poor sister...aww

FAKE. If not, someone please PROVE IT. The Katie and Chris Rayburn links are obviously NOT Asian, and they are in college.

Dude, who CARES who's at fault, this shit is FUNNY.

in the comments, why nathan and britney have the same pic profile...
maybe a fake quote generator like we can see that sometimes the same pic is used for 2 different name...

Here is my calculation on Katie's estimated sentence ===>

Let's start from Chris's case,
12 cans of [Beer] = 3 Months in ground.
12 cans of [Beer] = 90 days in ground.
Since Alchol is root of Evil,
Beer = √ Evil Act . ______
Now substitute [Beer] with [ √ Evil Act ],
12 [ √ Evil Act ] = 90 days in ground.
1 Evil Act = (90/12)^2 days in ground.

So, 1 Evil Act = 56.25 days in ground.

That being said, parents will find out Katie had at least
2 Blow Job, 1 Hand Job, 2 Kiss, 1 Eat out,
Total of 6 Evil Acts.
6 Evil Act = 6 X (56.25) days in ground = 337.5 days in ground.

From above, we can predict Katie will be grounded for a minimum of 11 months (337.5 days). With 95% of possibility, Katie is not likely to make her own "Deadline".

I'm sorry, but why the f*ck would someone write shit like that down? She had it coming. Maybe she will stop being such a slut and stop spreading STDs to everyone?

Omg. To make a list like this... I can't believe it

This has already hit the internet and theres no way to get it back. College admissions officers, future employers, even her own children could discover this note one day. This note will be on the internet forever. I don't see how she could ever forgive him for sending this out to everyone. I would think that Chris and Katie are both dealing with some serious fallout over this. When stuff like this goes viral, all hell breaks loose for all parties involved. I can't blame chris for wanting revenge but however funny I think this is, I think its going way too far. A 3 month grounding is nothing compared to a "dick sucking list" that will be circulating through the internet forever. This is a life sentence for Katie. Whatever Katie may be, noone deserves to be humiliated on this scale.

Hahaha some of these comments are just as funny as the original post. Whores defending whores.

I think that they were both at fault. On one hand, he had beer, which he shouldn't have, so his sister may have told on him to help him, however, in her situation, she should've probably spent more time focusing on her own screw-ups, and less time on his.

Also, I think he should've just gone to their parents, as opposed to facebook. Humiliating her in front of her friends was a bit uncalled for.

That all being said, it was still hilarious, so I'm not gonna complain too much. XD

oh. my. god.

lol now geekologie knows about it...which is pretty much the whole world...

ooooh that's bad...but sooo good...



Apparently there are a lot of gullible stupid people out there. This was obviously a faked story and you should all feel silly believing this without question. I guess since it's on the internet it must be true, right? MORONS.

Where does this Katie live? I want a blow job.

@221. Marck Fedor : you're a fucking a pussy chode.i'm amazed your ignorance hasnt killed you yet. you're the only solution to your own problem. kill yourself.

My sister ratted me out every chance she got, and I never once returned the favor.

Kudos to Chris for his deeds. I am sure she will never rat him out again...or maybe she will, who cares.


People still think this was actually REAL? It was a FAKE, get it morons!?

aw.looks like it was erroneous for her to be organised.

but then again,i'm sure she din see that one coming.

and now.its time to emancipate my true feelings, my true nature.BJBJBJBJBJBJBJ GOGOGOGO

You know even as a girl, I can't believe there are people standing up for her. I mean, it's one thing to do all kinds of sexual things with 1 guy, or a few over the course of your life, but she really is a whore. This is no longer in the realms of experimenting because you can just experiment with 1 or 2 guys. But a BJ list, including who she decides to give her virginity to? That's just sliding down a proverbial sociopathical slide. And I agree, men have the right to know how many men a girl has slept with. I know I would want to know how many women my boyfriend has slept with because I wouldn't want to date some kind of womanizer.

And as for her parents, i'm pretty sure they already know about this whole deal and I shudder to think what kind of punishment that awaits her. But then again she'd deserve it because I feel bad for her parents as well. Asian parents love to know dirt on each other. I have proof, I have asian parents, and I'm not entirely sure if her friends have the restraint to not tell their parents about something like this. Which means, every time her parents are at a social meeting, they'll know that everyone else knows, and it'll be awkward to the max for them. I mean, their daughter is a whore, while the other kids are... what, doctors-in-training, lawyers-in-training.

And as for whether she deserved it or not, I'd say she totally deserved it. A person, (guy or girl) who is decent just doesn't keep things like that. I mean who does she think she is? Cleopatra? The guys on that list I'd feel sorry for. They maybe suspected that she's a whore, but I bet you they didn't think that she was keeping lists about them. I mean how would you feel if you wound up on another's person's TO DO LIST? And there was a deadline of when she was gonna do it? I dunno know about you, but I would jump on the next plane and fly myself to the other side of the country.

Good god it's so sad and funny to see people arguing over a fake made-up story. Just shows you how dumb Americans are in general.

OMG, i dont think ive ever creased so much in my entire life!
this is so funny!
she deserved that, what kind of a sister rats you out?


how the hell is this made up you little idiot.
facebook is a social thing? though you need friends for it so you probs dnt know what it is

Ignoring the potential fakeness... Yeah, it's an idiot move to make a list, and had no reason to rat her brother out. But who the fuck cares if she sleeps around? She knows what she wants and she sure is getting it. If this was a dude it would just be "pig" or he'd even be congratulated. But DEAR GOD A WOMAN WITH A SEX DRIVE IS A FUCKING BLASPHEMY. I'm a whore and I love it. Suckit bitches.

Personally, I don't care if this is fake.

It is absolutely hilarious.

If it is legit, then Katie will have learned a valuable lesson: Glass houses.

Nuff said.

omgggg this is perfect... i would do anything to know what happened after this.... lol disgusting things are going trough my mind right now......

Wow, this is horrible, and in the social media world this thing went viral fast. I feel sorry for the little girl, but have sometimes been tempted to air out some dirty laundry on facebook to see the reaction, I guess this is what I could expect.

about it being fake I can delete any comments on my photos I want to on my facebook so I doubt its fake and this is way to good to be fake noone on earth could make this shit up lol

LOL she got what she deserved. By turning him in she's being a total bitch. Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house and all that. She has NO ground to stand on when she's slutting around just because her brother had beer at home.

Why would you keep a list of sexual favor you did for someone or someone did to you?

Get a better memory... i mean keeping a list of peeps you kissed is one thing but of sexual favors?

she's prolly in junior high

dayummm this bitch got served!
thas fucking crazy!! best line ever is what are you gonna do? tell mom and dad i uploaded your dick sucking list to facebook?
thats some crazy shit
she got owned

This is an elaborate fake.

did Brian ever get his hair cut?

Can you ensure my name is not on this list? - Who can Check this out for me?????

Has she lost her AV Card???

She has definately seen more helmets than Hitler, and been shot more times than Bagdad.

I bet you she has a face like a painters radio!

Well, I'm sorry to both Chris and Katie, but, I can't help laughing because this is sooo funny. XD

My fav part is the comments where all the other sluts are trying to defend her. LOL.

White wait theyre asian soo baige trash;)

Bitch deserved it, i woulda done the same thing

@319, chris made the list
katie, if you are hot, you're innocent,
but if you are not, you're innocent

fuck this, im lying, ima robot beep bloop beep buda buda buda buda

omg so funny holy shit...

this is by far the greatest thing ever, i will keep this in mind my little sister ratted me out for smoking magic so now the little bitch has something coming. XD


Those 2 kids need a good dose of Raymond Moses. People who used to watch Jenny Jones will know who I am talking about. Raymond Moses needs to get through to them

it's virtually impossible to figure out who these people are. i've been a'tryin.

Well there is a saying that fits in on this perfectly.
"Rats are a dying breed"

I don't remember which poster's said it, and I'm way too lazy to scroll back up 100 posts, but whoever said it was fake:

No. Wrong. Whenever you look on your own photos on the current facebook, it'll still read off as ____'s Photo's while you're looking at them. If you're simply on your own profile page, on anything save your photos [i.e.: Wall, Info, etc], the link to your Photos will read off as "My photos."

And you can write as much as you want under a photo image. There's no real text capacity, it's just that most people don't need a poem or essay to go along with their photo.

White Knights: Please shut your mouths. The cock magnet can't hear you anyway, and by now maybe she's learned the error of her ways and shall touch nary a dick for the rest of her days. This is what the internet was made for: to spread information, be it good, bad, or in between. Both are at fault. Both will burn eachother pretty bad in the months to come. But in 10 years time, maybe a little earlier, they will look back, and there will be lulz, just like the ones being generated right now.

Oh, and lol V-Card. A sane 16 year old doesn't say V-Card [or other Jonas Bros faggotry], A SANE 16 year old doesn't rat on family, and a SANE 16 year old knows that if she's hiding something so psychologically disrupting and life shattering, she doesn't snoop into the lives of others. Turnabouts fair play, snitches get stitches, et cetera et cetera.

Look, with kids these days this isn't that hugely unusual... sure the girl is a good 6-8 years ahead of schedule and a bit up the bell curve, but really, getting STDs from a few hand-jobs? Not going to happen, and in my book that makes this not far from a bit of harmless fun on her part. Seriously folks, this isn't the 1950's.

As for her ratting out her brother over a 12-pack, that was NOT a smart move... as the rest of the episode clearly shows. Definitely worth a giggle.

You who say "...Screw her, she got what she deserved for ratting him out" are truly idiots. WHAT DO YOU THINK HE JUST DID?! Two wrongs don't make a right, jackasses!!!

And today, this incident finds its way into newspapers in New Zealand. That's how I became aware of it.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA OMGGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG wow this is so funny, i mean is she not smart enough to just remember a list in her head? her dumb ass has to write it down in a list, and not even give it a good hiding place! omfg...

see, this is why minor (18 and under) society fails. because we got 12 year olds drinking and 13-17 year old doing the nasty.. wow... lmao this is funny tho, props little dude, heres a fucking medal. =D

loool...they both got what they deserved. If you're gonna have shit you're trying to hide, chances are someone's going to find out. He knew the consequence of what would happen if someone found out he was drinking. The girl? Lol, keeping a list...that was bound to be found by someone snooping or by accident. She should've been more careful, but more importantly, she shouldn't have done it in the first place. Granted, both of them are probably going to fight with each other without learning any real lesson, but that's just humanity to begin with.

Bitch deserved that.

I'm right. Bitch deserved that.

And if you dont know it, now you know: bitch deserved that.

my sister told her ex bf that she was pregnant. (she wasnt) and then told me her facebook password (accidently) and i got on her accout and told him that she wasnt really a modle, and was never pregnant. and she told me all of the things she did with him, like have "sexual intercourse" and was sneaking out with him and his friends that smoke and do pot. and she has been really annoying me lately, and right now she has a friend over and im debateing on whether i should tell or not. but this has been 2 long already. so cya!!! and that was a brilliant idea of urs, lol, luv it!!!

She's a dirty rat. Not only because she rat Chris out, but because she cheats alot of guys. Those who support Katie: do you think it's fun for the guys that they're being cheated on? Oh sure, they don't have to know, but they deserve to know the truth. Chris did a good job, now she won't cheat on people anymore (and if she still does: people won't be fooled by her anymore).

Common...Just because she has a list of what she has done or gonna do, makes her a slut, tramp, a whore....what the fuck is wrong with some guys fucking head? It's ok for some guys to write down how many girls they had fucked and for that it makes them a MAN? WTF! Shit, at least she is experiencing some fucking good times and hey..practice makes perfect.

Common...Just because she has a list of what she has done or gonna do, makes her a slut, tramp, a whore....what the fuck is wrong with some guys fucking head? It's ok for some guys to write down how many girls they had fucked and for that it makes them a MAN? WTF! Shit, at least she is experiencing some fucking good times and hey..practice makes perfect.

Dude, thats the epic wn of 2009!!!! Congrats!!!, well, to my sisters room to try to top it!

gotta love the3 fat girl " 303. Nat " oh yeah, just what we need, more fat girl whores. loll. wash ya pussy please, can smell the red wing(s) from here.

lmao- guys are guys thought of to be hardest working animal in the world.
free to do as they please, until some fat girls decided they should only have one person to fuck for the rest of their lives. fuck you jack.

girls: thought to be undermined workers for the guys, guys work for the money girls do the easiest shit possible, home chores (to skinny ones, not the fat ones that take 55 year to move an inch would be easy) girls are thought of to be respectable, and self carrying unlike guys which are m0rely accepted to being sexually driven overall girls. simply because fuck, we're smarter.

You know, I think I now have a legitimate reason not to have a Facebook account. Or a scanner.

That Chris dude is a douchebag, period.

Now their whole fucking family is fucking ruined. The furthest that he should have gone to is to threaten his slut sister with that list, and scare the Jesus Christ out of her. But no, he had to make it public. Now their family relationships are ruined forever, and they will probably gonna have to move somewhere far or some shit. All thanks to the Chris guy. Good work, dude.

Why is he friends with her friends anyway?

3 guys in one month, and 4 more months to get through 5 more.
I wonder if she completed the list or if people have added her to theres?
Her handwriting doesn't look that mature either so I think she is a proper asian slut.

Not 3 guys in one month. Read notations on right hand 9/13 next to Ronnie and 10/29 next to Jackson? Also note that Jacob was only a kiss. So, by my deductions this list started in September, posted in December.

How big a slut is that anyways? 2 guys in 4 month and how big is the possibility for the rest to score. If this was a man it would be a different story altogether.

So please stop being sexist male driven arseholes and be a bit considerate towards the chickyboo. I know of several dickheads who slept with the same girl in one night and done a lot worse.


Cant wait to see what (who) she's got planned for the next quarter..

Are you guys kidding me? Have you any idea at all about Asian parents? If he took it to their parents, they'd have beat her, chucked her out and disowned her! Counselling is for white people. Also, for having beer in his room, it's unlikely that he just got a grounding like white parents dish out. He probably got smacked a few times, yelled at (Asian parents tend to go ooon and ooon, chatting about you in the third person, telling each other how disgusting you are (doesn't matter what you did), etc etc.) AND making you clean the toilets on top of this! This is why Asian kids are usually good. And drinking beer when you're underaged is a MAJOR crossing of the proverbial line (as are many things you wouldn't think was a big deal). It's a hard nuff life.

@342 Robot:

I agree. The girl did the dirty, but the boy let her bring shame on his family. Where can they run to now? They'd have been humiliated in the eyes of their peers. Let's just hope nobody in their parents' community finds out, it'd be unfair on them. They're both pretty selfish, but the girl is just disgusting, walking around with quite a party going on in her vagina like that.

This is the saddest thing I've read in a long time. Who wants to admit either of these kids to college? Employ them? Have your kids date them? And based on this list, the standard is this: Boys like sex, but are disgusted by the girls who dish it out freely, particularly if they do so in a systematic manner. Here's hoping that all the guys who got 'sucked in' by Katie suffer some humiliation along with her. I suspect both Katie and Eric will have to change their names to get a job or get into a college. Facebook is 4ever.

1st off this is damn funny fake or true, joys of the interwebs, running with the true side of things yes we dont know the whole story, but running from what we do know, is that katie's behavior is wrong, who cares about all the snitching who told on who, who deserved what....

what the hell is this young girl doing? Im a bloke i don't mind a casual shag, but god meet a person go have some fun, a night out, possibly a shag later that night, but seriously making a list with a dead line... and of her FREINDS she obviously didnt think about there well being. its all good to be sexually confident in ourselves but there is a way normal people conduct themselves or i would like to think so anyway :D

But people what happened to feelings seriously, some people made comments relaying they have similar habits to katie i would hope not. if u hook up with a someone or a friend its normally because u care about them and/or trust them enough to explore yourselves with one another. the fact she made a list is umm.. i dont even know what to say, was there some guy she had a master plan to use all the techniques she had mastered on, or did she just like the fun? if so... why didnt she just... wait she did that didnt she...

Seriously i cant even contemplate what she must have been thinking so im gonna stop right there. Sex 'IS' fun people we all know it, but its how she went about it that makes her emotionally immature (or slut) as she cared for her own needs as a woman, which isnt a really a problem unless...

Its with a heap of dudes on a list lol!

Still kudos to Chris for the laugh!

Both of them need to grow up, jesus :/.
I mean, the dude kind of deserved it for hiding alcohol in his room but he just ruined his sister's reputation. what kind of shithead of a brother does that?

So many sluts on here defending the girl, calling the brother terrible...what about the sister? What a piece of shit youhave to be to manipulating people into sex acts just so you can cross them off some sex list by a deadline.

I really make a judgment on who was right and who was wrong on this because there is not enough informaton. We don't know for sure what her intentions were toward her brother when she tattled. I mean it may seem malicious but we are also reading the angry post of her brother, so of course it would seen that way.

Secondly I use to write lists of various kinds when I was in school when the teacher just droned on and on. Its called free writing. Then those lists and doodles would get lost in the massive pile of stuff I carried around with me an was forgotten. it just a theory but she may have done the same thing. Just fantasized during class or something, but not actually did anything.

Also from the list it seems as though she did not have actual intercoarse at all if she did do the things on the list. Why label her such harsh things when all we know for sure is that she made a fantasy list on which she listed what she wanted to do, which isn't even the main event, just foreplay.

It just makes me sad that all these people would viciously rip into this girl on nothing more than assumption...just think how humiliating it would be if she didn't actually do anything. All I'm saying is look at both possabilities.


Sick in so many ways... she is your sister dude. All of these because of a beer? You must be kidding me! You are going to be grounded for 3 months (crybaby), but she is grounded for life, people never forget this kind of shit. You should be ashamed!

There are two options here:
a) you are young and stupid
b) or you are just stupid
I suppose it is a b. Sad, really sad…

hahahahaahahah omfg

great job chris... revenge is sweat:D:D:D katie put me on your list too :P

CRAZY!!!! CRAZY!!! xD put me on theh list? ;P


OMG this makes me sick, but what's far, far worse is the comments.
You think she DESERVED this? you think she's a SLUT? d you have ANY IDEA of the kind of sexism you're showing here?
So, what, you feel threatened by the fact that the girl is promiscuous? she's a young woman for christ's sake, she should be allowed to do whatever she wants without condemnation from a load of sex-starved guys like yourselves! You belong in the middle ages, where women were pure and white and the property of men their entire lives. I'm not condoning her actions by any means; I'm saying she should be able to do what she wants.

So, ok, I'm a girl, and I'm all for women's rights and stuff... but really, that girl has issues! How can you do such a list? How does she expects to be respected by some guy one day if she doesn't respect herself now... she's treating herself as a sex object, taking the feminist movement like 50 years back. I mean, she's making sexual freedom look BAD!

Plus, she really shouldn't had told on her bro!

Legend stuff! Ha ha ha

HAHAHA, its quite obvious 353. Kelevra is either
A) A total douchebag who type before thinking
B) A Dumb Ass who think Chris is the one who posted this on this site
I assume both.
Your probably is a closet slut also, who knows?

Anyways, best thing on that paper is the deadline

Sure this is hilarious on the surface. Everyone gets a good laugh. But this is not how you get revenge on a FAMILY member, your sister. Brothers and sisters fight, rat on each other what not --- sure...BUT there are civil ways for dealing with them, on a more PERSONAL LEVEL.

The sister isn't a saint, but by doing posting her laundry publicly, goes to show how bratty and immature the brother already is. This kind of revenge is not an eye for an eye. He's gone too far and dishonoring his family PUBLICLY. Did she do that to him when she caught him with beer? NO, she told his parents.

Now if he wanted proper "revenge", he should have provided that list to his parents and let them deliver her punishment. What he has done in essence, is taken the punishment out of his parents hands and dishing it out himself however he sees fit. WRONG. Despite her whorish ways, this type of an act is unspeakable and beyond embarrassing for the poor girl. THAT boy further deserves to be grounded until he graduates highschool or jr. high.

Does this girl know that the whole world has now seen this and knows about it? I think her brother needs to set up a FB group for this with pics of her, it will undoubtedly be the biggest group on FB. That'll learn the bitch.


You're fucking stupid. Seriously... No one (especially a young child) should keep a list of people to have sex with.

@ 353

She brought this upon herself. She decided to rat him out to her parents. She decided to be a c*u*m guzzling s*k*a*n*k, thereby raising the risk of contracting STD's, and worse, passing them on to her partners. She is at fault. The guy should not have beer, but it is not her business to bring it to the attention of the parents. She deserved what she got, and I hope she suffers for this for the rest of her life. What about all the guys who thought they had something special, only to realize they are just "checkmarks" on a massive promiscuous list?

You are right. People don't forget this stuff. She will be labeled a w*h*o*r*e for the rest of her life. Funny thing is, she IS a w*h*o*r*e, so the title fits!!

Moral of the story: She brought this upon herself. Had she thought of the consequences to herself and others, maybe she would have a meaningful relationship, and not a permanent negative stigma.

hahahahahaha watta bitch katie the sister hahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa ill cut my hair for a bj :)

for all you fags who says she was concerned for him, there is NO older sister that rats you out just because she is "concerned". that shits only in fantasy stories and bullshit lies. older sisters LOVE to get younger brothers in trouble because they think its funny as shit. so fuck all you fags who think she's concerned. this slutty ass hoe deserved it.

and yes it will be on the net forever, but if you idiots had any sense of reality, this would be "back in the day" for her when she was young and dumb. it wouldnt effect her future in anyway because it happened so long ago. she will mature and learn from this shit. lesson taught and damn well lesson learned.

so all you douches, STFU N GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wrote words that most of the people that frequent this site don't even know the meaning of. Let me put it this way, if there was a gathering of all the people that visit this site on a regular bases or for the kids posting to these kinds of posts and then nuked them all, the world would be 50-60% more efficient. Why not 100% you might ask? The reason being is that these mindless drones can be put to use for labour, doing the jobs that no one wants to do. For example, garbage collection or wiping my ass.


"... and yes it will be on the net forever, but if you idiots had any sense of reality, this would be "back in the day" for her when she was young and dumb. it wouldnt effect her future in anyway because it happened so long ago. she will mature and learn from this shit. lesson taught and damn well lesson learned."

LOL, that's some good sarcasm. That was meant as sarcasm, right?

I only list this article since it's short and I think that most people will actually finish reading it. Google more extensive papers at one's leisure.

If this is and truly real then that Chris-kid has royally fucked over his entire family and not only his sister.

This has traveled to Puerto Rico.....

This shit has traver to UK guys.. enjoy it

Lmfao. That made my night.

To all you bitches saying "omg how could you do that, she has a right to do whatever she wants with her body"

does that mean that he doesn't have the right to do w/e he wants with his body?

getting a little drunk one night is a fucking hell of a lot safer than being an underaged whore.

10 dudes she is actively trying to get down with at the same time. TEN.






Yeah she's not a slut or anything...

Wow. That's some A-Grade sexism in the comments there. Nice to see misogyny is alive and well and living on the internets.

Get fucking rolled Katie, get fucking rolled...
Get that haircut, she'll give you a blow-job!

good article...thanks a lot for the information!

can someone take it into a photo editing app and remove the censored blurs 8D invasion of privacy ftw!

That is sooo pathetic. Family obviously has issues.
Katie: Sex addict
Chris: Underaged drinker.
both got what was coming to them LOL Both are complete idiots!
Eye for an Eye, sweet.
This has now been seen by someone in Ontario Canada.

haha lol

live in the modern city,veryone has the urban style,and if we want to survival,we should protect our earth from the pollution of the environment,then we can have a happy life!

"brian if you cut your hair, youre getting a b.....j.ahahahhahaa". @20 Youre a hypocryte.
Three months being grounded in highschool when you have a life is like life in prison. OH yeah, she desserved it, all you who say na ,arent in reality. Thats what she gets for not minding her business, she can deal it but cant take it? He says
"what are you gonna do tell mom and dad i uploaded your d sking list to facebook, go ahead!" lmfao

I would said "where is my name, im offended katie"
i wanna meet this guy! He desserves a hand shake. t.i.t for tat . way to go chris one for the team buddy! GIrls have d s lists in real life btw! i bet all her friends got them!

how do i get myself on that list?


I think she should be grounded for 6 months.

What a filthy whore! lol.

What a smelly little pirate hooker! wtf lmfao

ha ha ha! You should show your parents this!!! lolz! Epic win! I can't wait to find 2010's list of guys!!! XD

Why didn't he just show the list to his parents? I am not in any way saying what she did was right but he went way over board. I have a little brother who used to be the biggest damn tattle tale in the world when we were kids and so many times I wanted to get back at him, but I would have never done some shit like this.

Where im from snitches get paid in lead , But What He Did Was Ruin Her Socially , Lol I Love It .

Pure epicness. probably the greatest thing I have ever seen on the internet in the last 6 months.
Oh, and Katie, make sure you pack listerine and condoms with you... and maybe some babywipes...


See, this is why Asian kids are successful. They're organized; she planned her work and worked her plan.

THIS GIRL LOVE PENIS! LOL SHE A HOE! she want to fuck 10 dudes when shes under 18! TEN FUCKEN DUDES! ZOMG! CRAZY! wow this is 'the bitch' of the year LMAO good job on releasing that on facebook LOL this made my night xD happy valentines hoe? :D if you want, you can suck my penis for free since you love them dirty bitch xD

Fucking classic.

yeah, this family has issues and it doesn't stop here...maybe as of now, she's so humiliated, embarassed, made fun of. people at school probably whisper as she walks by and rumors/gossips along w/ peer pressure probably either force her to do something stupid...kill herself or kill her brother and then herself...
if she does kill herself, the brother may go through serious of relapse of guilt of his part in contributing to the aftermath. the parents will be hysterical of losing their child, blames the brother...
who knows...maybe at that point the family can't function...parents decide to off themselves and take the last kid w/ them.
it's a serious issue....
this is not something to make fun of laught about...
kids have a lot of pressure as is...and this extra mockery, judgement and name calling is just bad for the the girl (whether she deserve it or not).

yeah, it's funny now...but seriously...everyone on here probably done something stupid, wrong and been there, done that...

who are you to judge?

Ok, so I couldn't believe it when I read what he did to his sister. But honestly, does everyone (mostly everyone) have to put the kid down? I mean Katie. I chose not to judge her. If it was your friend or family you wouldn't want anyone else to judge them either.

Wow, to 26 & 27, which is the farthest I read before I got pissed off. It doesn't really matter if she told on him because she cares, or because she just wanted to be a bitch. He got her back, but went WAY TOO FAR! My brother is 2 years older than me, and he told on me for having some beers, I got a months grounding, but I didn't go on the internet and tell everyone he still pisses himself in his sleep. *This doesn't count, HE showed names and everything.

He's an ass.

and to 390, go to hell. That's why she's tormented, from fucking asshole pigs like you.

this is epc.
katie you're a slut, desperate whore loool
chris you legend

fuckin awsome i would do the same thing as u did m8 :)

lol who cares if she was showing concern or being a bitch, maybe he was concerned about his nymphomaniac sister
in the circumstances calling her a bitch/whore seems appropriate for a pissed off brother, who could be old enough to drink for all you know
his parents are obviously too strict with their children

Haha that is bloody hilarious! Although i would hate it if my brother did something like that to me but then again i would never do anything like that^!!! Haha!!! =P

HAHAHAHAHA that bitch had it fucking comming! literally! oh fuck that was funny! i need some shit on my siblings now for revenge


ok im sorry but i have to say his 1st off the girl is a legend tht list is awesome

2nd of all what chris did deserves a sports car way to pwn the fuckin slag

3rd of all has anybody got the link to her facebook

dude, this is wrong on so many levels yet so funny to read.

Still this hurts the sister more than the kid being grounded. I would be the living shit out of him.
why is he drinking in the first place? Isnt he under 21? how is it he is not gettin in trouble with the law for posting that he has beer in his room and drinking illegally?
- I have a feeling shes gonna do something that may end up costing her life thanks to her dumb shit immature brother.

beat the*

ok I exaggerated on the last part lol. hope she doesnt do anything stupid now that her life is pretty much gonna suck from now on..... ok imma stop spamming

Omg Lol! So harsh
I love the last comment

I love facebook like you love cock


wow so every1 defending the girl is a slut now? we're horny bitches because we have a heart now?
so u never done anything wrong?
who the fuck are u to judge?
how would u feel if some1 posted ur most embrassing moments or maybe a weird fetish all over the internet and every1 knew bout it
how is guys different from girls when it comes to sex? why is the girl a slut if she fucks more than 1 guy and guys are heroes?
the only thing he got was 3 months grounded.. but now she has to deal with this her whole life..this is going to follow her throughout her whole life..there are serious consequences.
how do u know if she wasnt helpin his bro out by doin this.. he could;ve gotten drunk and done some stupidass crap like drunk drivin
and "omagod shes playing with boys and is a nasty pervert!"
and guys have never done this before? does " players" ring a bell?
im pretty sure u guys would love a blowjob anyway.
"she has a list and a deadline!" i bet plenty of horny boys have a "list" and "deadline"out there
most of u guys are basin her outta double standards and i bet u guys dont even relize it
u guys think this is funny because its not u..
this is 1 of the worst revenge i ever stumbled across.

u should invest in a dildo lmao

u should invest in a brain lmao

this shit is fuckin fake....





Another myth and hoax revealed by the Legion of Anonymous.

OMG Chris is the smartest guy ever. Maybe not the nicest but seriously he is an evil genius. Although I can't imagine what this would have felt like to the Katie. Although i think she might have been an awful bitch because she probably rubbed it in his face or something that he was grounded. So maybe she deserved it.

Harsh? Yes. Funny? absolutely.
None of this happens if she doesn't snitch on her brother. She could have gone to him herself if she was really concerned. So stop trying to defend her. Plus it would appear it is fake anyway.

wats his/her name????!!!!

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oh that made my day haha!


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Oh My Andy Morris. That guy is my idol <3!

To 407...

Ruin her life? It's fucking high school... Boo-hoo, so her social life is a little fucked up, and it was a dick move on her brother's part, but she provoked it, and it's not the end of the world. If she wanted to be smart, why not pretend you've never seen it?

And if she was really concerned for her brother, why not talk to him? She wouldn't go straight to her parents. That's a "Ha-ha! I got you in trouble!" move if I've ever seen one.

thank you for your sharing, nice

wow....i pitty the bro to have a sluty sister and they guys....she probably has every disease in the book....KATIE UR A SLUT!!!!!!!!

HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAA i can't stop myself from laughing


big boobs

Warranted ass kicking if you ask me. Why was she being such a bitch in the first place?

This could actually ruin someones life. While there is some humor to this there is also some bad things that can come out of this. The guy got caught hiding beer and his sister grassed him up as people put it okay now fair enough. His sister was doing the right thing and i understand losing the beer would be a downer however its only 12 cans of beer and they can be replaced and drinking at a young age and to then be caught doing so by your own sister is humiliating. You people see where i am comming from?. Chris went to far here and there where other ways he could of settled this with his sister than to go way to far. His comment he posted saying tell mum and dad for all i care is plain cockyness and hes obvoisuly showing no regret for his actions. Its because of that he has given me the oppinion himself being grounded was well deserved and now he goes and pulls of a stunt like this which shows he might have an anti social behaviour problem. To be honnest his sister was looking out for him and it was only beer anyway which he shouldnt be drinking. That should be removed and Chris even though he was grassed up needs to realise hes done wrong by posting that. I hope Chris is reading my oppinion because he needs to realise that in my oppinion his actions are dispicable and irresponsible.He went way to far.

Twenty, hell maybe even just five years ago, the equivalent of this would have been 'Chris' making a few reams of paper worth of copies of the journal/list and then plastering his school with it.

Yeah, I couldn't stop laughing as I read this.

Question: Why the hell do you need a list!?

Back when I was in highschool, and I decided that a chick was bangbangworthy.. it's not like I would leave for Spring break, come back in a week, see her, and be like "Hmm. I knew there was SOMETHING I wanted to shove in her whoremouth again. What was it? Wait. Was that Kate.. or.. was..oh god, was it Paul?! I'm not gay am I?!"

You don't need a LIST to remind you of how you want to ravage someone's privates!

Unless she has Alzheimer's...

...which would make this whole situation like 10x funnier. I'm just sayin'.

Ah ha haha hahhahha! Thats genius! "I heart facebook like you heart cock!" I have a few ex's I should've pulled a similar stunt on.

Things will never be the same again...

laughing this hard is very rare.
dud you go in my win book for helping me do so.
brothers and sisters should never do this to each other but i'm glad they do.

I have a friend and she is willing to pay 20 to 60 dollars to have someone to go to three different houses and scare these people. She is wondering does anyone knows anybody that can be a ruff neck or in a gang, if so she wants someone to go to this address 6050 S Western Ave Apt 405 Los Angeles, CA 90047, she wants someone to call 3237528132 and threaten them over the phone

lol, i guess that katie learned not to bust her brother unless she finds a better place to hide her "fuck-it" lists...mwahaha. also, what is it with asains and beer. are they ashamed of what happend in the past with the "me love you long time" with our soldiers. that was fucking hillarious........ ps can i have her number i could really use a happy ending...mwahahaha;)

Paybacks are a bitch

i'd like to hook up with this chick! sounds like she knows what she's doing! i'd make her go "o" in her panties :D

@89 "You don't bring a gun to a snowball fight, assholes."

The winner does! ;)

slip Katie the salami, and all will be forgiven

What if Katie had her brotehr's name on the dick-sucking list? hehe

LOL! You are sick bruv, you legend, ask ya sister if i can be on her naughty list ;) bruv try get some more.


what the hell is this guys real name???

How is Chris friends with all of Katie's guy friends on Facebook to tag all of them in the note? This definitely isn't real.

@444: are you fucking kidding me? i have some school/non-school friends in common with my sister. don't you? plus, from what he writes, it looks like 2 weeks passed between the grounding and the posting, so he might have found the paper and added those guys to FB in those 2 weeks just to do this.

hahahhahahaha!!looooool. Sister is a good dick sucker, huh?!

It is actually fake the person a few above is right. You can't have delete comments on someone elses profile and it can't be Chris' profile because in the corner it says 'Chris' profile' and 'Chris' photo's'. The maker did a bad job...

You're a completely sexist prick. And people wonder why women became lesbians when there are men like you..

Wow. This is one of the most ridiculous most outrageous things ive seen. I hope you didn't just do this on the heat of the moment instead of actually thinking this through. There is going to be some nasty ass karma that comes your way my man.. Some nasty ass Karma.. Im sure you're ready to get hit with a low blow yourself. Best of luck! This shit was ridiculously funny though.. I won't even try and lie hahahaha. You got some balls to do this. Ask your sister if shes interested in adding another # to that list. Hit my line... Kidding.

@477. Oooohh? I didn't even look close at that.

Its real whoever is claiming its fake is a noob. why would anyone waste hours for some mild internet lol

wow. well, assuming if this is real (which I sort of doubt actually), it would likely be Katie's turn to mess with Chris. I can't imagine she would just take that kind of burn without trying to get back at him. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I bet she could convince a couple of the guys on that list to "pay Chris a little visit" in exchange for a whole slew of sexual favors...hell, she'll throw in some anal if they manage to put him in the hospital.

Lmao the stupid skank deserved it. tit for tat. i guess next time she'll keep her mouth shut. and for the dumb b*tches saying he's the douch bag and he shouldn't have beer in his room well that can go both ways. she's shouldn't be a slut

i think it's funny that people (britney) are calling him a dick when she seems to be a walking vagina. from what I heard some of these boys actually liked her and I'm sure they felt really used after find this out, so really he did a service to them. he also did a service to katie making sure people know she's manipulative (see telling on her brother) and shallow (see giant vagina).

@ blastphemer, if you're doing these things that close apart, then you are a slut, plain and simple. IF YOU SLEEP AROUND YOU ARE BY DEFINITION A SLUT, EVEN IF YOU ARE MALE, the negative connotation being that you care more about sex than a connection with a person. my girlfriend does things to me sure and she's not a slut, but if she were to sleep with other people while being with me, then yes she would be a slut. make sense?
@ dishy dishington, please, sibling forever? loyalty? obligation? trust? do those not apply to her as well? she caused him enough distress to warrant this action and if this girl has any brains, one day she'll thank him for helping her figure out her priorities in life, i.e. finding true connections in a mate other than sleeping around.

for some reason i'm glad my parents aren't asian. my mom found a bottle of vodka in my room and all she said was "why is this in there?"


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YTwatchdog is so fucking awesome

Damn Chris, even as a guy whose done far worse to people, I've got to admit: that's pretty harsh.

This is horrible not funny. It's just a love list and anyway its his fault for having the beer. GAYLORD.

ask her wats gudd .... i wanna cheel with her

That is the single most hilarious thing I have seen all year. She had it coming, and if she was dumb enough to write all that down, she deserved to get what she got. xD

The only way it could have been better would be to make copies of the letter with a copy machine, and go around town flagging people's car windshields with it. lmao

LMAO - When I saw V-Card, I thought that meant she was going to take payment from those boys with a VISA credit card. I guess that makes me a little old and out of the loop. That's too funny.
@244 didn't you read it? She said V-Card to #6, maybe V-Card to #4 and I'll do anything to #10. I don't know if she's spreading diseases yet but it certainly looks like it's in her future.

My inclination is to think that the whole thing is fake...or at the very least the list is a fake.


It was the girls fault for having the list in the first place, and it was the guys fault for getting caught with beer.

It was her fault for being a slut like that, but if you're going to be a slut, at least don't keep a list of all the guys you want to/have already fucked. Honestly, that's your own damn fault.
Not saying it was right for the brother to retaliate by posting that on FB, but she DID deserve it.

the Best revenge web site

f*cking slagbag. she's a low, scum (c*m?)-of-the-earth walking wet c*nt. she should learn to keep her skanky p*ssy lips closed and her mouth too. she got f*cked over by her brother, just like she's been getting f*cked over by the "lucky" guys on that list, and she deserved it, FHL. the brainless b*tch literally lives by the wetness of her disease-infested tw*t. disgusting, sickening, vomit-inducing...i feel like just by touching her i could disintegrate, like acid corroding steel. im surprised the c*ck-chaser didn't write down "let him c*m inside me" as one of her objectives.

and the "white knights" defending the whore-slut are just as dirty and disturbed as she is. whore-sluts defending whore-sluts. beautiful. i've seen everything. i can die in peace now. yeah, right. one b*tch up there even posted that she is "proud of being a slut". there you go. all you feminazis on here, please refrain from using the "double-standards" or "sexism" arguments in vain. sexual freedom does not mean "i'll open my soaking wet p*ssy to any walking hot c*ck that deigns to look in my general direction". all you defensive sluts are a disgrace to all feminists everywhere. do yourselves a favor and shut your traps. and yes, "traps" was intentionally made vague/ambiguous because i mean "shut your mouths AND your c*nts".

*goes to vomit*

This is fucking awesome, does he have his own group on facebook?? if not, he should have, i'm a fan :D

the stupidest thing is that she said "take this down..." which is in other words admitting to it [anyone whod make a list in the first place is an idiot] but something along the line of "haha, very funny, as if i'd write that..." would have probably gotten her off the hook, you'd think she'd be smarter for an asian. XD

Yeah i have to say this chris fellow is amazing. She had it coming. What teenage boy hasnit sneaked a pack of beer into their room at some point? Also, Everyone knows that if you want something to stay secret, DONT put it down on paper. idiot whore

1) His sister didn't accidentally stumble over the 12-Pack of beer he had placed inside of his closet.

2) His sister was snooping in his room.

3) His sister didn't discuss the matter with her brother and express concern about him drinking.

4) His sister, being a sibling rival, ratted him out in order to make herself look quite good by comparison.

5) He already stated that his sister had everyone convinced that she was a goody-two shoes, innocent and squeeky clean of all faults and shortcomings, in short, Ms. Perfect, free from guilt, shame and a less than perfect grade point average.

6) He only found out what KIND OF PERSON SHE REALLY IS after he returned the favor and went snooping for dirt on her, as a good rival will do. You might call it counterintelligence.

7) The FOOL left substantial evidence behind and he crucified her with it. Amen, brother.

8) It should be widely known that young women often times leave their bedrooms looking the same way it has since they were about 13 years old in order to try to manipulate their parents into thinking that they are still the sweet, innocent creatures of old. In fact, it is all a very clever PR gimmick which their fathers may fail to recognize but which their mothers are generally well aware of, even if they don't share their insider knowledge.

The awful reality is that a lot of women engage in the same type of behavior with their spouses. They will try to control the man by constantly seeking dirt on him while they themselves behaving in a filthy manner. And the guy usually can't see what is going on because the woman keeps the spotlight focused on him to the point that he can no longer even see straight, all he can do is think about staying out of trouble with his woman. He could hardly think of another woman his own woman is breathing down the back of his neck so hard. A woman like that will screw the post man.

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