Dec 23 2009Be Safe, In Style: Fashionable Safety Vests


Safety vests are, by nature, garish. They're orange or bug-guts green and usually have some luminescent stripes to accentuate you not getting hit by a car. But that's what's important right? Safety. Same reason I won't blog without my crash helmet on.

Hi-Vis is a set of innovatively designed, highly-visible vest collection, specially designed for road side safety. Unlike usual roadworker's uniform like vests, the Hi-Vis collection comprises stylish sporting buttons, frills and collars that will effectively eliminate the shame of wearing them for the users. With its eye-soothing fluorescent green color along with fashionable black liner, these vests can easily become a selection for all motorists who is undergoing through an unfortunate break down. Other drivers can easily locate the wearer from enough distance that requires making a safe and perfect evade.

Effectively eliminating the shame of wearing one? You've got to be kidding me. Although honestly, I'd wear a giant pink dildo with sparklers on my head if it means not getting hit by a bus.

Hit the jump for some more safety couture.


Hi-Vis Vest Offers Complete Roadside Safety with Style [tuvie]

Thanks to Don, who just sets himself on fire.

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Reader Comments

I don't wanna be first! :(

I like bananapie

Uber Gay!

I like fluorescent vaginas

What the heck is that girl on the right wearing on her head?
I dont see how that could EVER ever be mistaken for fashion. Unless you're pretending to be a lion. RAWR!

I like that the chick on the right can't even keep a straight face for the picture. She's got this "I can't believe you're making me wear this on camera" look on her face.

That being said: I'd hit it. Fluorescent frills and all.

i like their posing in the 2nd and 3rd pic

@6 i think they all have that "i cant believe im being seen like this" look on their face

They did not just try an "Abby Road" shot wearing that crap? Not cool...Not cool at all.

Nothing looks good with those damn furry boots.

I'd totally hit old are they again?



Irrelevant question.

Touche sir....touche

Who the fuck would by this shit?! Probably me.... Anyways, I see the vagina like [4] does. It's especially noticeable in the third picture. I have a dirty mind...

also walking like an Egyptian seems mandatory to wear those kind of safety vests.

I would think the Safety Dance would be more appropriate, actually.

These will be great for those cold mornings of community service, picking up trash on the highway, because you got busted for underage drinking.... just sayin

I think the lion's mane/dandelion one looks pretty stupid, but if a kid's in a job that requires him to wear a safety vest, the least they could do is not look like ass.

I still don't see anything stylish about any of these...

You guys aren't thinking like today's youth. By which I mean high on ecstasy.

@21 niiiice

@21 I'm high on life..... and glue

Pic1: 3-5-4-1
Pic2: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1
Pic3: 3-3-2

it's all about that grungy looking guy.
Maybe it's his patchy beard,
maybe it's his greasy hair.
I just don't know what it is, but god he's looking damn good.
I want one of those vests that are a weak attempt at fashion.

Long live the robots

Two of the girls' safety vests are kinda cool/stylish, the guys' is HORRIBLE, and the other 2 girls' look ridicilous - one looks like a flower/vagina with warts, the other makes her look like a pregnant wampa.

2 out of 5.... but still 3 fails. Try again....

@27 well put

All of these children have looks of betrayel on their faces. "WHY MOM AND DAD." WE NEED THE MONEY FOR CHRISTMAS DAMMIT! Anyways I especially love the safety vest headress, My old one is getting warn out and I feel this would be a good investment.

they are so cut : )

I'd hit 'em

Yeah, those aren't particularly "fashionable"

Which sucks, because the idea was quite good, and it's not like it COULDN'T have been pulled off.

That kid glued his pubes to his face.

@ 32

You right! -10 pts for fashion sense
-10 pts for ruining anyone elses idea to make safety vest fashionable
+ 20 pts for using jailbait
I guess it equals out in the end.

Oh they are eye shooting alright

and i love the safety dance

we can dance, we can dance, everybody look at my vest.

I'm so getting the one on the right.

OSHA will not approve this high visibility wear nor will you be compensated for injuries due to the lack of reflective striping. Safety vests must have 33 inches of reflection.

Lol. You get the Hi-Vi from this.

Hi Guy's,
These will be great for those cold mornings of community service, picking up trash on the highway, because you got busted for underage drinking.... just sayin

Safety dance, bitches......that's all I'm saying. (Would so buy them and rock out to that song)

XN thank you for your sharing.

i havenĀ“t read all your post, but during the recent, I think I have read a majority of your posts and I have learned a lot.

I don't respect people who were Ugs.

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