Dec 18 2009All Of Them!: A What Beer To Drink Flowchart


From the same maker of the fast food and breakfast cereal flowcharts comes the "What Beer Should I Drink?" edition (slightly larger version HERE). Of course if you're me, the decision is much simpler: all the fallen soldiers from the night before. Don't worry guys, GW to the rescue! *glug glug glug* Mmmm, a cigarette butt!

What Should I Drink? Beer Edition (Flowchart) [eatingtheroad]

Thanks to Charles, who drinks whatever he can before the employees at the grocery store catch him huddled in the corner of the beer cave.

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Reader Comments

Day of Hogan.

First yey


Day of w4nker more like. n0b


Ur next.... nobhead


This chart is all wrong.... It does not even have my favorite beer... what the hell.

Enough with these stupid f├╣cking flowcharts!



They need some Yuengling Lager on there.... its so good, its so good once it touches your lips..... just sayin


Closet Nerd = Closet Gay

@ 11

There's nothing "closet" about Closet Nerd......oh wait, your calling him a homosexual. I just thought you were implying that he is happy about closets.

Whew, saved by my razor sharp wit. Right?..........guess not.


Jaded Icon = Jaded Nobcon

I don't see Leinenkugel on there. -10 pts.

@ 13

Why thank you very much, such nice people you Canadians....Australians? Dammit, tell me where your from!!

Add grow up. You're ruining Geekologie for everyone. Wish I'd never introduced you now.

i actually like u.

Jaded Icon = Cool Dude


& = +

If this was Hyrule I'd banish you and steal your girlfriend...oh no wait, ZAK ALRERADY DID THAT! ZIIIIING!!!!

I don't need flow charts I always go straight to Stella because i like the taste of piss water and punching things is fun.

@11 have you been reading my 'hello kitty diary' again?!

@ 20


meh i do like guiness, but its missing smithwick's

cant do a black and tan right without smithwicks

(no... bass does not help)

Moose Light Lime isn't connected to anything. Good. Never drink that swill. Ever. It is a pox on society.

And "Molson" isn't a beer. It's a brand. I assume they mean Molson "Ex" or Molson "Canadian". Yes. Canadians named a beer the "Canadian". That's just how we roll.

@21 Ok....... so then you read that entry about how I 'tea bagged' your mom last Saturday night? Sorry you had to find out about it this way.
MLITBAMM (My Life Is Tea Bagging Andrew Macshitter's Mom)... just sayin

@21 newb-ah.... someone needs to put new batteries in our newb detector, it's not ringing this week.

PS fool, Jaded isn't a dude

@10 - Agreed. It's my brew of choice as well.

@26 Vitamin Y.... just sayin

It's wounded soldiers, GW, get it right. If they were fallen they'd be empty.

^ ^ good point

@9 no.. Infact I never heard of "Babysham" until I just googled it. My favorite beer is leinenkugel honey weiss.

@28 I just call them "bricks" and they're just another form of alcohol abuse

ok this is just stupid! theres NO Leffe; the bast damn beer on the planet!

Oo an there's Guinness and no Corona.. WTF?

@32 where the hell have you been, o great one?

The fact that Busch Light didn't show up on frat party was only saved by the inclusion of Alaskan Amber.

@32 They have Corona Extra, for when you're not in Scotland, you don't sleep in a double wide, you're not Bob or Doug McKenzie, you don't live in the projects, you aren't a fan of hockey, you don't know how to access the Stargate, you're not doing that "ironic" hipster thing, you're not the designated driver, you're not at a tailgate, or a frat party, Guinness isn't on tap; however it must be summer, and you can't be paying in change.... then you can have Corona Extra.... just sayin

How do Fosters, Red Stripe or Carlsberg make you "seem worldy?" Here in the UK, where we know how to drink properly, they just make you look either cheap or 15.

@36 Austrailia, Jamaica & Denmark

This chart is ridiculous, they don"t even have Warsteiner the king of beers

Ok, my bad! Mount Olympus is so close to the sun... long story short: need to get my eyes checked.

No Killian's? Fail.

olde english isnt a beer its malt liqour, doesnt even taste like beer, it taste like club soda flavoured from tree bark. and best black and tan is guiness with strongbow

Thank you beer chart, I will enjoy my Heineken.

@37, though Fosters is an Australian born brand, it is an "international" brand. If you talk to any Australian, they'll say its the biggest joke of a beer and consider it American.

@43 I've heard its the same thing with Corona and Mexico
mmmmm, tequila.... I wanna kiss my mexican cousin once again

They did include the Utopias...That's a plus. There's many they didn't, considering you can hit up a place like the Yard House and find something like 150 beers on tap. Duvel, for instance, is not included.'s a funny flow chart, and if they included every beer ever brewed, it would be insane and you'd likely be spending days trying to find 'you're' beer.

Sorry, *'your' beer...

What kind of beer is that in the "...$5000 love?" department?


Waste my time reading the chart or drink anything with alcohol to make my pain go away? I think i need help to decide

#38. Word. No Warsteiner. No Magic Hat. No Great Lakes Dortmunder? It looks like a mehicano made this list. I wouldn't drink a tecate in a boat, or a float, when at home or in rome. I will not drink that mexican piss sam I am.

We have some juicy gossip about Pete, uh oh...

All my favourite beer! But no Miller?

Shame about the placement of Bass. Newcastle brown ftw.

this is really a great chart and i just love the beer .thanks for sharing the beer chart.

@32 look closer.

@36 You're a load of lightweights. And loud, obnoxious drunks too. And this is coming from within. Also, what's wrong with drinking cheap. On that subject, didn't know Olde English did beer.

@51 only 6 people got that joke, and only you care.

@me, missed the miller. I B Tarded.

This flowchart has no Canadian beer and therefore has no beer that is any good.

@55, you clearly are not a real Canadian, and this attempt is as noble as creating world peace..... impossible to create the real beer flow chart....... this was made by a real beer drinking amateur..... u suck (not you #55 just the guy who made this spewing piece of crap, before i ramble on in my drunken state... i have one last thing....) i'm going to sleep

bummer. neither of my texas brews are mentioned: Shiner (any variety) or Ziegenbach though i believe that Ziegenbach is only distributed in this state...shame.

That's the ultimate chart and i have never ever seen this kind of chart .for beer lovers ,its awesome.

Moose Light Lime isn't connected to anything. Good. Never drink that swill. Ever. It is a pox on society...

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