Nov 13 2009Yes...YES!: Tyrannosaurs Doing It Dino-style


Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Except I'm not so much talking as fantasizing. God I'd love to be in the middle of those two. Ha -- I guess I AM talking about it! Now one of you put those little arms to use and make me a sandwich.

Tyrannosaurus skeleton casts mounted in a mating position, Jurassic Museum of Asturias
[wikipedia] (high-res version)

Thanks to Kelly, who just convinced me to buy a one-way ticket to Asturias, Spain.

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Reader Comments

Dino-style!!!! Now THAT is what I'm talkin about!!!

Hahahaha I didn't even read GWs caption. I just wanted to beat the firstards.
I guess great minds think alike.

Jesus those two look happy in the painting!

I think GW creamed in his pants a little bit after seeing this, oh wait he doesn't wear pants.

Is that how you want to die GW?

They can fossilize you with them! <3

PORKASAURUS REXXX!!!!!!!!!!! see what i did there eh! huh!? get it!?


Also with a sandwich in hand


Sure beats spawning like fish. I wonder how accurate that depiction actually is. Did they actually mate like mammals?

FAKE... i have never seen nutz on a dino!!!

And all this time I thought he skull f*cked her. Thank you for clearing it up for me.

Could you imagine if someone dug up your skeleton and posed you humping a stranger like that. I mean, they could totally have skeleton herpes or something, but they don't even give you protection.

sucks, can't access GW at work anymore. Might have to get an iPhone to keep up with the posting... Maybe I'll just keep coming home at lunch...

Wouldn't it be rawr.... RAWR!! ?

@ 13 Stompy i feel your pain! i really do. being the 43 post on a dead topic at the bottom of the page is simply depressing.
as for this post PAAAHAHAHA love it !
"I have a big head and tiny arms".....Meet the Robbinsons ...yes

they look like twins in the photo



I've got another T-Sex pic to add to this



with french fried potatoes..


The painting makes it look like their mother just walked in on them.

Can you even imagine what that sounded like. I mean, if the cats outside my house are any indication...

Where the hell are the males arms. She ate them right. Like a mantis.

who ever said the bottom is a female ... T-Rex was GAY!!!

But they're reptiles...

This is the most excited I've been in a while.

This one is even better!!!

Nasty guy!

Back around 1991 I found a full page pic of 2 t-Rex's going at it in some magizine (Rolling Stone, I think). It said "make love, not war" above them.
I've had this image burnt in my brain since 3rd grade, and I can't find it anywhere!! It's got to be online somewhere... If you know what I'm talking about, help a brother out and post a link!!

RULE 34!!!

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