Nov 4 2009Tutorial: How To Make The Chewbacca Sound

This is a short video tutorial of some busty geek girl teaching you how to sound like Chewbacca. And I don't care how cute you think she is, watch her from 1:10 to 1:18 and then tell me that. Also, whether you follow the instructions or not, you're gonna end up looking retarded. Just a heads up.


Thanks to Rémy, whose name may have been lost in formatting.

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I can almost get it...

"whether you follow the instructions or not, you're gonna end up looking retarded"

Wow I went to high school with that girl.

Between 1:10 and 1:18 (like GW said) she looks like she is 'two steps to the left' of being retarded.

Wow, I haven't seen that much open mouth action since that Porno I just watched

I sorta enjoy the sound she makes at 1:10 and on, its sounds like she's enjoying washing/gurgling my load down her throat. LOL

anyone else thinking dirty thoughts when she was just sitting there with her mouth open?

I just watched it with the sound off. WAAAY better experience.

speaking of dirty.... I found a funny
(animated gif is fine but audio is NSFW)

If you watch this with the sound of. It looks like she is teaching girls how to do something else.

I recommend staring at her titties for the first 15 seconds (they jiggle a little). After that, it switches to a tighter shot and there no more boobies. You're welcome!

Be honest... who here tried to do the chewy sound?? anyone??

She can tread on me!!!

@TetterkeT... TOTALLY did that. She's got my vote. I still don't think i need sound on this. Anyone have her number? Is she in IMDB? I think I have a job for her.

@11 "Nice work Marissa! Way to give 110%"

@13 I've already got it mastered so, yes, I tried

@13 I've already got it mastered so, yes, I tried

Not even close.

Closest I got to the video was infinitesimal boob jiggling and a sore throat.

ill stick to the old fashoned "push a stool across a wooden floor" method of chewbacca sound making

i would totally hit it!

Nice rack! What the hell is she talking about?

She can "Chewey" on des nutz!!!

Death, be all but proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful. I am Legion for we are many...

You guys are a bunch of assholes. And clearly sexually deprived. Pathetic!

@25. Oh no, a girl! Huddle together! -_-

Come on, if this was a guy with his shlong out im sure you'd have something to say about it.

I love how only her right boob bounces. Oh, and she isn't *that* busty, she's just wearing a push-up + low cut shirt. She's a C tops.

I would never be able to make a video like this...I would be giggling the entire time! Hahah...But then again, I am a band geek. We giggle at everything from when we tune (You're a bit flat, push it in a little) to when we need to work our rhythms (lots of oral innuendos).

Anyone else wonder why she's standing in front of a Gadsden flag? I mean I get the political underpinnings of Star Wars, but still...

I want her to make Chewbacca noises while I'm tappin' dat ass!

You know you're a geek if...

You actually tried to make this sound!

0:50 - GALLONS OF SEMEN, I'd shoot into that.

1:10 - 1:18 - How she'd look on my cock, except with more thrashing, eye-rolling and sweating. Would probably sound the same though... maybe a bit louder.

Oh yeah.

Awsome! Lemme try! Ughghghg...*can't breathe* *pass out* *die*


@tgulden i was wondering that myself! perhaps she's a member of Young Americans for Liberty... anarchist chicks are sexy

just gargle with the Semen inside your mouth, don't let drip on your fur

I don't know about you guys but the entire time I was staring at her giant bewbies and the way her mouth looks like she's good at deep throating

all I was looking at was her awesome jiggling boobs, I musted the sound though.

Does that really surprise you? It's anonymous and predictable. You're going to hear 3 types of anonymous comments when women are on videos or pics.

The Dirtbag - This commenter talks about what he would do to her sexually, claims to have had sex with her already, and talks about wacking off while watching the video with the volume off. Favorite comment “T*ts or GTFO!”

The White Knight - This commenter writes defending comments telling off other commenters (usually dirtbags and f*gs), while not so subtly sucking up to the girl. Favorite comment “C’mon guys, knock it off”

The F*g - Talks about how ugly the girl is. Usually picking out small characteristics about the girl and blowing them out of proportion to cover the TRUE reason why they aren't sexually attracted to women. Favorite comment “Do Not Want! Her face is so ugly, and she is so fat.”

BTW: Most girl commenters fall into these categories as well. Just so you know.....I'm a dirtbag. Yep, love the funbags.

@41 - Spam Chinese translation advertising win!!!!!!

C'mon guys knock it off. I'd totally love to watch my friends bang that, even though she's so ugly but watchin my friends put their w33ners in her would be totally cool if it wasn't such a gross idea, and honestly i'm kinda offended... great tlts!

Haha she just told us she's got good mouth muslce control.

Isn't that the same technique for deep throating?

omg she must give some awesome hummers

Nigga just went full retarded

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