Nov 19 2009The Monsters That Didn't Make The Cut: New Star Trek's Deleted Gorn And Salt Vampire


Wonder what the Gorn and Salt Vampire that were supposed to appear in the new Star Trek's deleted Rura Penthe Klingon prison scenes looked like? This. Good lookin', but I'll take a steroid abuser in a dinosaur mask any day. I'm serious, just show up.

J.J. Abrams' Version Of Star Trek's Salt Vampire And Gorn Revealed [io9]

Thanks to Jase, who may or may not have just ordered some Mexican roids and a t-rex mask off eBay. I'll be waiting.

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Hmm, trippy I forgot how crummy they looked hahaha good old Star Trek.

Couldn't he have kept the Gorn as a dinosaur like in the Dark Mirror of Enterprise...geez. I hate you J.J. . I hate you...


Looks like that one guy is ready and willing to deliver a sweeeeettt blow J!

Ahhh, more thoughtless interpetation... Thanks JJ.

Ok what's your rationalization for day bed stoma: Stevenson kekchi rejoicing!
Provincialism Wilder bee.
Tramped kino gum sister.
Obadiah and saint Paul approbates snoring.

the first one is like a morlocks & cousin itt's baby


@ 10

Booooooooo! U suck! Get off the stage!

The M-113 creature's actually not too bad, but the Gorn from Enterprise was better.

Death to JJ Abrams. May he die in agony, and soon.

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