Nov 25 2009Super Awesome BTTF Delorean Crysis Mod

I highly recommend watching this video starting around 1:00 and watching to the end because somebody got super-clever with this Back to the Future mod for Crysis. I don't want to ruin it for you, but it's freaking awesome. Like the first time you ever rode down carpeted stairs on a baking sheet. (But less concussion-y)


Thanks to Antonio, who doesn't need roads where he's going because he owns a jetpack. JEALOUS!

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I want to see this made into a sandbox type game with time paradoxes and all.

awesomely accurate

that was an epic mod

That is better than awesome sauce.

Email me for invite to lockerz [email protected]




That was frakking awesome! Who the hell has that much time on their hands?

Freaking SWEET!!

Wow....Epic. F'ing Epic.

That was incredible!

My experience with mods is nothing but glitches and game freezes.

But I'd pay money to have that one...

Now all we need is Biff to say ,"Hey butthead!", every time you die

My life is complete, i could die now and be happy

I have a soundtrack to my life..... and as I watched this....Jizzed In My Pants played...

100 cool points. Great job on the mod!

Best thing I have ever seen EVER

Boyfriend and I were wondering why there isn't a real game based around this yet. Wikipedia indicates multiple garbage games that haven't really been seen, but nothing sad. Millions of nerds would squeal in joy [us included] if we got a real BTF game.

Hit me

Although I always comment never came through here every day, I'm Spanish. "Thanks to Antonio, who does not need roads where he's going Because he owns a jetpack. JEALOUS!"
Jajajajaja you've earned a visitor for life xDDD

What's crysis?

@19 lifefail

when it went back in time i was already blown away... holy shit then it returned


Downloaded and played around with it in the Editor. VERY well done mod.

Pure awesome from a Back to The Future Geek standpoint.

i'm confused, in the instructions it says to load a "delorean.xml" file, and yet the only files included with this download are a rich text format document, a jpg image, and a .pak file. from where comes this xml file?

same here no . xml file help

Wow, thats awesome. I cant play crysis since my stupid computer is running to hot when on full load from games.

A MAZING! nothing i can say describes my feels.

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