Nov 28 2009Roomba Saves Kids From Poisonous Snake


Apparently a Roomba operating in Israel recently sucked up a poisonous Vipera palaestinae, preventing it from killing a family's two children and pets. Too bad that poor snake WASN'T GONNA DO ANYTHING.

One evening last week Efi turned the robot on and left the house. When she returned she tried to turn it back on though it kept beeping and getting stuck. When she opened the machine she discovered that the machine prevented the small viper from occupying the home and hurting her young children. "He was probably looking for a place to hide in one of the rooms because of the upcoming winter." Eli explains.

Exactly. That poor lil guy was just looking for a place to stay warm for the winter when this robot came and TOOK ITS LIFE, completely upsetting a delicate ecosystem. Which, true story, IS ALL PART OF THE ROBOTIC MASTER PLAN. Global warming? Robots.

Hit the jump for one more of the poor little bastard all wrapped up and dead in the robot's killer spinning parts.


Heroic Israeli Roomba Saves Children From Deadly Viper [botjunkie]

Thanks to Kristi and Curtis, who would have snatched that poor bastard from the evil Roomba's clutches and stomped that mechanical beast to death. Snakes are people too you know.

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Reader Comments

Oh noes! I will miss Snake.

Awww! the kitty Khat...

snake liked to kill robot lovers.. snake liked to kill robot lovers, to the end! we will remember his sacrifice.*breaks out in tears* WHY HE HAVE TO DIE!?!?! WHY!?!?

The robot was sending a warning, using the snake as a hostage.

Lol ktiiy khat. That was a good one considering where the article comes from.

That cat's like "I've gotz me eye on yer"

the snake was sent on a mission by god and mother nature to kill the robot lovers... why did he have to die why did he have to go this way why f*ckers! Why!

Only the good die young.

2007-November 28, 2009

Innocent till proven guilty ROBOT!!! Or does that not compute?!?

Stupid snake. I could have taken that robot down and I don't even have fangs.

Its all part of an evil international plot to make people like robots, so they can betray us and then all your base are belong to the machines

it's just a dumb snake.
ton's of animals are more important than one little snake.

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Snake?! SNAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!

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I've said it before, and now I'll say it again... If the little bastards can't fight off vipers with their bare hands, they deserve what's coming to them. Stupid roombas, always interfering with the natural order of things.

Basically that is one purse or pair of shoes that will never get made now that it has marks on it. As for robots, well you allowed bar codes and you're using a computer, you have already paved the way for our doom and there's no turning back.

So the parents just left the little kids home alone?

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...dude, spam spam spam...calls for some CAPTCHA action to comment I think...before I get told to purchase more shoes. Even the robots are commenting on your site. lol, got them where we want them!

Bollocks to that Roomba, then. That'd have been two fewer insidious jew kids to grow up into child-shooting/family evicting dirty zionist scrotes.

snakes = 0
killer robots = 1



rikki tikki roomba

Roomba, loomba, doopadee do.
I've got another riddle for you.
Roomba, loomba, doopadee dee.
If you are wise you will listen to me.

What do you when your room has a snake,
A poisonous Vipera Palaestinae?
Just turn on the Roomba and that will be that.
It will save your kids and even your cat.

The Roomba to the rescue!!

Roomba, Loomba, doopadee do.
Buy a Roomba and protect your room.
Then you will live in happiness too.
Just like the Roomba, loomba.....doopadee do.

Doopadee do.

poor snake..

Goddamn you are right, this is sad *is serious*

snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAKE!!!!

Thanks a Lot.

Low bunlarne.


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irc hoSting Serdar.

Palestinians fire rockets. Where to? Ashkelon......what was Ashkelon before? An Arab city called Al-Majdal - in 1948, Jewish terrorists attacked it, killed several hundred civilians, and most fled for their lives. They then renamed it Ashkelon.

If you're a refugee for being brutally cleansed from your homeland, how would you view "Ashkelon"?

Another Arab village, now a Jewish one. Did the Arabs willingly pack up and go?

You sir, have just won the internets.

But I wuv the ickle snakies... I'll miss you, little buddy.

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