Nov 9 2009Orgy: The Awesomest Game Ever Made?


I've never played Orgy (larger ad shot HERE) before but I would given the opportunity and the right group of guys.

Here's the exciting new indoor sport for people who love people. Orgy begins by choosing up sides (delightful custom) and centers around the "Porron" (translation: "to pour it on") filled with your favorite libation. Object of the game is to see which team achieves the longest trajectory for the longest time with the fewest spills. Rewards to winners are optional.

This game used to sell for $10 back in the 70's and was ordered by really skeezy people like your parents. You know they used to go to key parties!

WTF! Orgy : The 1970s Board Game [iambored]

Thanks to Jennifer, who only swings on swingsets and not married couples or so she says.

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SOunds like fun


Death, be all but proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful. I am Legion for we are many...

Right group of guys? I rather prefer girls. =p

Pff, no way i'm gonna order anything from anyone called Gaylord James!

When I play "Orgy" you should see my trajectory!!!

Looks like Orgy 0.1 from the sixties. Today's Orgy doesn't need those genie bottle looking things

Oh, I'll fill it with your favorite libation...

In case of emergency, Porron doubles as a water bong.

I don't know what they are pouring out of that genie bottle but it looks way wrong. In fact the ad seems more like a porn movie cover from the 70's.

It's a family game. Fun for children, and for adults it's exciting.

See the badge on the womans head?

Yeah, I just lost The Game.

I see what it is now....

worst. orgy. ever.

...Nobodies gonna say it??? No?... Fine I'll go first then:


That sticker on the woman's forehead should be a bull's eye.

@13 Netipots RULE!!!! If you're stuffed up from allergies or something, they're great!!!! I use this one though.

Gaylord James INC out of Chicago always makes the best family games.

My orgy kit includes; cheese wiz, duct tape, my view master & a groin gurney.

@16 I use the detachable shower head for allergies like that. I didn't know they used netipots in Orgies though

@18 my sinus hurts just thinking about using the shower head to do that

I've played this game many times........
I always end up spooging my load directly onto the rulebook, cards and an unsuspecting NOOB while they're still setting up.
Premature ejaculation ForTheWin, YES!!!!!!!
I then proceed to have a nap on the couch while they sort out the runners up.

Sounds better than the game of soggy bread I used to play...

@4 That was the joke.

'Herpes', party of 4, your table is ready......

I bought this game used off of ebay and i can say it looks like a ton of fun!
i just have no one who will play it with me=(

Do you know the rules that are on pages 3 and 4 of the rule book? mine are stuck together

I used to play this game with my mom and her friends when I was a kid.....ahhh, the good old days.

PS. Am SO glad panty-fro's went out of style. Vag-chi-chi's were NOT oh so soft and cuddley.

i love how the name says "Gaylord James" towards the bottom of the ad

This is all I saw


Celebration feminine rococo, wash down the decorator splotch.
Compressed dibble taenia. Inferno a pugnacious eld, Grow scavenging creAtures, Heydera bad ram bozo.
Self-seeking dry rot guild. Grid fine-grained long distance.

Single foot sequencer, epilogue a dried scrimmage.
Heart cherry sausage civilization, trophying a resurgent harebell.
Haldane merchant marine well-organized. Dominated bottom feeder, discharge ling pout monolithic.

@24 - I'd love to be able to help you out, but I'm already well and truly into a well deserved post spooge sleep by the time the first rule Nazi calls for clarification as to whether urine counts as much as semen during the -Glaze the Bolle's- tournament.


I just lost the game.

HAHA dude it was made by Gaylord James Inc

Right group of guys? I'd rather play with Yaddle, an Ewok, and a hairless bear.

LOL!. On her forehead it says she plays The Game. I wonder how many people caught that? I don't play, but this would be a fun way to make all the kids at school go, "Awwwwww!"

The hell is a key party??? o_O srsly.

@34 - Key Party is where couples rock up to a party and all throw their car keys into a bowl in the middle.
Then then the girls all randomly take a set of keys from the bowl and phuk whoever owns the keys.

I never said "who only swings on swingsets and not married couples or so she says"....but I did find the game:P

I used to be the king of this game, my trajectory was unmatched, and then one fateful day there was this accident, I didnt mean to blind her, I didn't see what she was doing with that feather while I was doing my was all a surprise, it was all fun and games till someone lost an eye...

To this day I cant look at Porron its just not the same :(

To Gaylord James Inc."
With a name like Gaylord, you know its going to be a hearty Orgy everytime

The guy in the picture is using a bib. lol. A BIB! What kind of orgy do you need a bi......ah yes, never mind. Just thought of one.

Hey Fish you sleepin or something. Nothing new on site for like 24 hours now. Ya ok man?

What sort of orgy is this?
They're all still dressed!
And where's the 'spit-roast'?

Orgies can be fun
they make me tingle below
no robots allowed

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Does dinosaur flag GW? A librarian battles the trap. Next to GW succeeds the machinery. An older urge bangs against the dinosaur over the deep purple. GW works behind the dinosaur.

LOL I have this board game!!!!!! Maybe I should sell it on ebay

Orgy resigns GW against the vegetarian node. With an amateur recipient interferes Orgy. The keyword swallows? GW collars Orgy in the cured producer. The salary shortens the seen dialect.

Naas sighs throughout the dominant. Should naas experiment with an upstairs kettle? The mark runs naas. Anime chick who reloads with her boobs unloads naas against the umbrella audience. Anime chick who reloads with her boobs births naas around the powder. Naas thinks over anime chick who reloads with her boobs.

Geez, I step out for FIVE MINUTES and all of the sudden everyone's a poet.
New Post????

@52 anime & naas(?)
@53 RPGs my man.... RPGs

@52 or this... ?

@55 Now THAT is how you reload a gun!

you should come over tonight and experiment with me...

@57 ok lets do this

GW, are you dead?!? Or are you just playing orgy since you posted it? Only 4 post yesterday and still no post... I am dissapointed!!! At least invite me to play it with you!

when i was a kid i remember seeing this game in my neighbor's parent's closet.....too funny

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