Nov 13 2009NASA: 'Significant' Water Found On The Moon. Yeah, But What About Dragons?!


Remember how NASA tried to blow up the moon to get at its molten cheese core? Well apparently they discovered a 'significant' amount of water in the process. Adult swim!

The discovery was announced by project scientist Anthony Colaprete at a midday news conference. "Indeed, yes, we found water," he said.

The find is based on preliminary data collected when the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, intentionally crashed October 9 into the permanently shadowed region of Cabeus crater near the moon's south pole.

After the satellite struck, a rocket flew through the debris cloud, measuring the amount of water and providing a host of other data, Colaprete said.

"The discovery opens a new chapter in our understanding of the moon," the space agency said in a written statement shortly after the briefing began.

Hell yes a new chapter in understanding the moon!

CHAPTER 6: Water On The Moon

There is water on the moon. Specifically, frozen water.


NASA finds 'significant' water on moon [cnn]
Picture [juliefainart]

Thanks to AZ-TRO-NOT, joey, STephen and Lizze, who found Kool-Aid on the moon but you probably never heard about it because of the massive conspiracy.

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Reader Comments


At least all that money wasn't wasted.

Oh wait...

Time to colonize the moon..... just like in the Time Machine

@1 die firstard... DIE

And why didnt Anthony mention the dragons, as soon as we start messing with their water we are dead... didn't nasa learn anything from that dragon movie?

In the Time Machine... uhh, as long as we murder all the Murlocks, and their creepy pedophile looking leader.

You can tell this isn't real because the moon could never come that close to the ocean without messing up the tides. Duh.

@ 5 Morlocks

Yes, now we just need to waste a billion dollars on a giant space straw so we can suck that bitch dry! We'll need some lemon, anyway we can use Uranus (!) as a lemon?

@7 @5 Murlocs!

Ah, our tax money hard at work.

@9, 7 & 5: Mourlocks!

We're whalers on the moon...
We carry a harpoon...

I call shotgun on the first rocket to the first moon hotel/home

Must be a real bitch for weredragons!!! That's right folks...they're real! Just saw a whole episode about them on the History channel, so it must be true.

You know what this means:

which pokemon is that?

I knew it... they're hoarding all the cheese!

as much as I love the geekologie writer sometimes, he can REALLY be a jackass.

@11,9,7,& 5 PENIS

So what happens now? NASA exploits the moon only to have it disappear on us? Leave the damn thing alone!

But has anyone TASTED the water? Not to state the obvious, but it could have been vodka.

Guys, if we had found murlocs on the moon, our best decision would be just to blow the entire thing up. Because A. mrgglrrrgllmrgl is something no person should ever have to hear in real life and B. Americans loves us some explosions and shitttt.

@ 19,11,9,7, and 5. EPIC FAIL

@23: EPIC FAIL is what the doctor told your mother, retard.

Heh, When I first heard about the possibility of water on the moon, I saw a news headline "India's space program has found water on the moon" Followed by "NASA believes there may be water on the moon, tests will follow"

Yeah, the dragons will fuck our shit up though.

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