Nov 2 2009Mmmm, That's Milky: 648 Megapixel Milky Way


This is a 648 megapixel composite (higher-res version HERE) of the Milky Way created by physicist (and all around badass) Axel Mellinger. Good lookin', Axel.

Physicist Axel Mellinger spent nearly two years traveling 26,000 miles across South Africa, Texas and Michigan. What does he have to show for it? Well, he's cobbled together a stunning 648 megapixel panorama of the Milky Way as seen from Earth, using 3,000 individual photographs. The Central Michigan University professor wants to make the image available for planetariums, as it's large enough to serve educational purposes. It even shows stars that are 1,000 times too faint to be seen by the human eye, so this is a Milky Way like you've never seen.

That IS a Milky Way like I've never seen. Get it? BECAUSE THERE'S NO CHOCOLATE OR NOUGAT LIKE THE CANDY BAR! Yep *cracking knuckles* I can already tell today's gonna be a good day.

Photo: stunning 648 megapixel image of the Milky Way [dvice]

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who sends enough tips to be out already.

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Away with you!

I can see my house, awesome!

@1 what a way to show the world how pathetically unimaginative you are, a post about our galaxy & your cliche ass is firstarded weeeeee

Looks like the fog my man leave in the bathroom every damn morning, uugghh

@5 what the hell are you serving the poor guy for dinner?

Thats no galaxy.... its a space station..

Hey it's Pluto's big brother Frank seeking revenge for Pluto's demotion.

Looks like celestial flatulence. It's beautiful!

@ Geek Writer - That's what my gurl friends said - "Mmmm, That's Milky"

Oh so thats the end of the world

Very nice...very nice.

I think I'm gonna live on that star right there... yeah that one...

It looks a little like LA at the crack of dawn

thats nothing, I have a 650 MP cameraphone

@14, your mom is 650 megapixles. Hiyo!

Good lookin' out Axel!


Good one, well done....well....done....

Lol @ Closet Nerd sends enough tips to be out already.

you're moms... the one with the.... shell on it...

@6 only the best frozen dinners money can buy...

@20 salisbury steak ftw

@21 EEEWWAAH that sh*t is nasty. No his problem is he eats fast food for lunch everyday, yet he never gains a pound. Yes I secrectly hate him for that.

@22 you're not giving yourself much credit here as the wife that cooks for her husband

@23 oh man that was gross.
I hate frozen dinners, I just always wonder about the whole process it goes through before you shove it in your mouth.

@23 i just lost my lunch, and it looks just like that pic lol

@24 yeah you don't want to know what 'parts of processed meat' are in those things, they're not really steaks at all. lips, gizzards & buttholes I think

Is there anyway to see the fullsize picture ? Or maybe just the half-size one... Any bigger one that the one we can see here.

@27 Buy a rocket. Or go to one of those planetariums.

@ 30

No you can't..........because you didn't say the magic word.

That's cool, but this one is WAY BETTER!

Whoa. I just set the high resolution version as my desktop background.

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