Nov 13 2009Ladies: Quick Conversions Cooking Towel


I've never cooked anything in my life except crystal meth and I ended up blowing up the trailer, but I have eaten things before. Including, and virtually limited to: cereal and pudding. What can I say, I'm a health nut. Anyway, the Useful Towel is a $22 piece of fabric with conversions and stuff on it. I think. I actually don't know what they are, it all looks like jibber-jabber to me. But I'd still tie it around my waist and prance around the kitchen bare-assed. Suck it, Jamie Oliver!

Useful Towel Has a Couple of Uses [uberreview]

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Reader Comments


I'll come over and cook for you GW

Just name the time.

wipe my hands on it i think

if it was clean and didnt have no kitchen dirt on it

I'm confused. What has this got to do with ladies?

If this towel was any manlier it would be riding a T-Rex with lazerbeam eyes fighting Chuck Norris,Mr.T,Macgyver,Optimus prime,Terminator,a zombie horde,Oprah,Bruce Lee,and Ceiling&Basement Cat at the same time.

in other words, this is a man's towel, efficient, useful, and... you can cut holes in it and make a mask!!

Yo man, a lot of guys cook too!

You don't usually revert to sexism when using extreme hyperbole...

Nice Breaking Bad reference, now get back in the kitchen bitch.

@10 and 11: Don't do it!

You want Jamie Oliver to do what?

Yo GW, cooking is not correlated with ladies. Now get back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

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