Nov 23 2009Just Released: Sweet Marioflage Hoodie


If you've been reading Geekologie for awhile, you may recall the Marioflage 1-1 hoodie we posted around this time last year. Well now Enclothe is back with a World 1-2 version. Suck it, goombas!

A natural progression from our last Marioflage hoodie. Featuring inspired 8-bit graphics and a dark underground color scheme this hoodie is sure to get you through long night gaming sessions.

The softhand 8-bit camouflage pattern begins to break apart and degrade near the top, perhaps the work of an improvised GameShark code or dust in the cartridge?

The hoodie is available now for $65. But, if that's not your cup of tea, do yourself a favor and check out some of their other designs. I rarely promote anything but I've paid some of my own hard-earned money for several of their shirts. That's right, I said hard-earned. You don't know me!

Hit the jump for some more product shots and another link to the website.





Enclothe Product Site

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Reader Comments

LOL I would SO wear that


DO WANT in metroid version

Butt sex.

hey, just what the first commenter on the last one wanted!

lol, geekologie writer fail

OMG they have a Southern Oracle Tee shirt on their page..............OMG DOOOOO WAAAANNNNNTTTTTT

dude, looks like the hoodies on the last pic are dancing...


You know, if there was just a tiny, subtle, 8-bit wolf that would be awesome.

Cool, but not $65 cool...

sweet hoodie... i like the shroom zipper detail and 'dark underground color scheme' that makes you invisible to night crawlers/rapists/serial killers/cops

These are the times wherein I hate being an 'International Customer'.
I'm looking at near £40 for the actual item, at least another £15 for shipping, twice that if I want it within a fortnight. Then I've gotta deal with any customs charges my end, which this being England, will probably be 4w*y

w = weight of shipped item
y = my hopes and dreams

Stupid oceans making it difficult for my items to get to me...

@13, Don't worry. I think our black president is going to use our tax money to build bridges connecting all the continents of the world.

@14 is that supposed to be a bad thing? and why do you have to mention his race instead of his name. not cool bro. :,<

Honestly, this is super ugly. It looks like clothing from 1988 that Fresh Prince would wear. Does it come in fluorescent pink and yellow too? Gosh, this is ugly and poor...

@15 I know why it was mentioned... because he's black, just sayin

T shirt models are so hip.

@17 but he has a name...

its cool.

@ 18 lol

What, wait, you mean to tell me there's something "urban" and "nintendo-themed" that Marc Gekko Ecko didn't have a chance to pillage?

These things come out all the time, and all of them are worn by 14 year olds. I'm 18 and I've only played the original mario twice. Bunch of posers. "I play nintendo, so I'm cool", except you DON'T, so you're NOT.

must acquire sweet-ass hoodie. but how????
And i am not 14(im 15) but i have played the original mario several times. yes it was my dads, but hey, at least im more of a whiny, sarcastic, angst-ridden adolescent with a decently sized vocabulary than a poser. makes me sooooo much better.

I have that hoodie, but they didn't give me the mushroom zipper! assholes.

And my nintendo broke. I've been playing mario since I was 3 years old.

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