Nov 12 2009Impressive: Dr. Mario Song And Music Video

This is a super impressive Dr. Mario song and accompanying animated music video, the result of a collaboration between Brentalfloss (of Mega Man, Super Mario World and Tetris song fame) and Parker Simmons. Good lookin', guys. Also, who knew that Link had Hepatitis? I mean, besides Zelda. And Talon. And *ahem* Epona. WRAP THAT OCARINA UP, SON!


Thanks to Mr. Cow, who doesn't put up with other bull. Get it? I know, I LOL'd too.

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Since when is Mario middle eastern?

Does Dr. Mario have a Zelda tramp stamp?

OMG crabs!

hahahaha. okay i didnt have high hopes for this but i was wrong. ended up making me laugh

Thats hilarious. I was going to type some witty/sarcastic/funny/interesting/amazing comment here, but too lazy...

(You can tell im lazy cause i cant type the Anonymous backwards right now... :/ )

surely you mean malon?

what they really need in that song is a kick ass samus aran jumping around in her zero suit from the original... she can whup my ass any day.


Original here!
Best quality :D



Nice animation but meh.

Actually... I'm a gay cow and I don't put up with any bull.

nobody else uses my computer, so I typed in "porn" just for shits n' giggles.

Geekologie was the first link. Well done, Geeks; well done.

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Brentalfloss is awesome! Go check out for more awesomeness! =]

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