Nov 10 2009I'd Demand A Discount: Shoryuken Fail


This is a picture of some poor bastard's Street Fighter tattoo that's supposed to depict the directions for performing Ryu's Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Fist). Only thing is, the correct directions are →↓↘ + P, and not ↓→↘ + P. So yeah, that's a whole lot of black ink gone wrong. Although you've got to admit, even if it were correct, that tattoo would still suck compared to my 'Charge ↓ 2 sec, ↑ + K'. I also have some tribal shit on my arms BECAUSE I AM PART OF A TRIBE. Called Quest. Can I kick it? Yes I can!

Whoops [kotaku]

Thanks to Jimmy, who has the characters for General Tso's and Moo Goo Gai Pan on his upper back.

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he should put all ryu's moves on there as a cheat sheet haha

He rolled a 1.

Tattoo: fail.

Street Fighter II ad on this posting: win!

What a retard. Wow. You would think you'd make sure before putting that on your arm.

@GW flash kick ftw.

I truly feel sorry for this guy : (

that was a good writeup i like a tribe called quest they are a good rap group

way to go man high five

Shoryuken, Hadouken, what's a little "ouken" between friends. Even though it's the wrong move, the typography is great—can you say "Avant Garde Book," bitches?

qrt fwd qrt fwd lp+mp+hp.

Shouldn't it really be fwd,dwn,diag fwd/dwn,fwd p?

Wow! Epic FAIL!!!!
If you like A Tribe Calle Quest, you should check out some of J Dilla's work.
You might not know his name, but you definately know some of his work....
"1nce Again", "Get a Hold", "Keeping It Moving", "Stressed Out", "Word Play" plus a lot of work with Common, Busta Rhymes, Slum Village, De La Soul.....

If I met the guy, it's be
fwd, dwn, diag fwd/dwn, fwd, k

I'd break his pathetic attempt at shoryuken.

The sad thing about this, is it probably will work in Street Fighter 4. They made the inputs REALLY lenient, not like 3rd Strike.

This is how you're supposed to do it..

I want that arm to be Diego's.

He'd have to resign from competitions. He'd beat everyone, anywhere, but he'd still have that hideous fail hanging over him.

Alas, 'tis not to be.

@12 Actually the sad thing is that people like you exist and think anyone gives a shit about how you get along with your video games.

It'd work in 4, but the dwn is completely pointless, so it still fails.

@15 You're headed for a whole world of trouble, boy. Picture walking into a klan rally with a huge grinning depiction of Barak Obama. While listening to some motown. And being black.

I hope he doesn't take care of it and it gets infected.

Other than the fact that it's looks really well done. What a shame.

you must defeat sheng long to stand a chance

A tribe called quest? Geekologie i may be falling in love.

i asked the writer of geekologie to get on the mic, and i asked him, can you kick it? yes he can!

I'm not sure how many times I have to say this, but that's not my tattoo/arm/whatever. Stop failing me!!!!!!!! Dammit!!!!

@14 LOL Diego? Didn't know Dora the Explorer's cousin played Street Fighter.

hate to ruin everyone's fun, but I don't think that's permanent ink. I think it's only henna so once someone points out to the idiot that he failed, he'll know better the next time he tries to get it put on.

I say it's henna because of the lack of pink skin/blood, and the fact that the ink is too shiny to be a tattoo. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Wow... You know the dude looked it over, even saw the stencil before the ink went on. *FACEPALM*

thats nothing, I have the entire konomi code tatoo'd on my johnson in letters bigger than that...


Woman: ↑ ↑ ↓↓ ? Where's the rest of the code?
Stompy: Give me a second...

GET IT?! You can only see the full code when he's fully er...ah forget it.

Yeah it is not henna, it was black face paint....good catch! Now will you people leave my twitter page alone already!!!


Pfft.. I laugh at you all...

I use BLANKA! I put this tattoo on my left arm!



gay sob zero's ice migigger would have been cooler

@31, very nice

@jaredr: how about that ad on your Flickr page, the one that says "don't let the dentist fool you"? Are those your neon green teeth? HAHAHAHA EPIC FAIL, PUNKZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

Also, never cast your typographic pearls before Internet swine.

nice jay-z reference, gw

Is your name really leonidas or do you just think that 300 movie is cool?

@37 What Jay-Z reference?

Where is the fist button on a controller, I wonder? If punch is A, it should say A, not "fist". Never fist it, unless she asks.

GW, i was having such a horrible day but when I read the Tribe Called Quest line, you made my frown turn upside down. As you always do, no homo. Maybe a little homo, what can I say its man love.

Actually, I think that's right for easy mode in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival (GBA). The game allowed you to enter the traditional "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start" on the menu screen, which activated "easy mode" for special moves.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is right for that mode.

It may be wrong if the it was a hadouken. But it is a Shoryuken. It's correct. It's not a fireball, it's the uppercut.

I agree, but only if you tilt your head to the left and look at it from a standpoint that the player is on the right side of the screen.

@37: Internet ABC's: "A" is for "Anonymous."

FWIW I am an Hellenic boy. And I do have an uncle named Leonidas.

Also, if this is on a leg and not a forearm, it's actually right once you turn the image sideways. Only from the player 2 side.

Um, that is the correct buttom combination for shoryuken. Down, Down-Right, Right, Punch is hadouken. Wow, whoever didn't catch this just lost a ton of Geek-Cred...

Epic fail on the part of this blog that I love so much. : (

@46: Except, that's not the right combination for SRK, either.

Silly GW, you can do it this way >_>

@ 46

Pwnd! You lose 30 pts of Geek cred urself.

He should catch a shoryuken just for that.

The sad thing is that that motion would probably still net you a DP on SF4.

Really dig the Rising Tackle reference.

It's a leg fool. Turn your head and you'll see when he is standing, the buttons are correct

this isn't shoryuken

@37 isnt the name leonidas from Hamlet???

lol @ tribe called quest reference thumbs up

So the guy put his leg on a keyboard?

So the guy got the fist the wrong way up?

So I'm not sure how to spell the world champion of Street Fighter's name?

This is wrong, and even if it is the wrong way up, it's still a shortcut.

Alas, poor Leonidas. I knew him well.


Shopped. You can tell by the pixels. And i know cause i've seen quite a few pixels in my time.

I have this tatted across my gut:


lol, jk


fuck yes tribe called quest.

Someone pointed out that this has to be henna ink.

Thats is wrong.

Freshly made tattoos do have that glow. They tend to look fake when theyre just done, and/or partially healed.

This is clearly a real tattoo. Anyone who has any experience with tattoos can see that. If not only from the fact that the guy still has scabs in the ink.

//xoxo Jess, ink studio employee

Sorry, bro.

So no one is going to point out the fact that the fist at the end looks like its ready for some serious up and down action? aside from the arrow fail that's a bit disturbing as well.

LOL I know this guy!

LOL @ 60 it is NOT photoshopped you fail HARRRRD!!!1 this guy is my best mate and hes stoked that his arm is plastered all over the internet and in Zoo magazine :D oh its his 19th today happy birthday Chum!

ive got the man from the midnight maruaders album tattooed in red and green on the back of my neck....its sweet altho it kinda looks like a guy having a wank. i jst love the tribe x

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