Nov 12 2009I Wasn't Looking For That: Mystery Google Gives You Previous Person's Search Query


Type a search query into Mystery Google and you get the results of the last person's search. For example, I searched for a serious medical condition I have, and got the results for "u'v got a face only ur momma could love". Neat? Yes. Helpful? Absolutely not. But don't let that stop you from blowing a few minutes screwing around with it. Remember: every minute wasted is a minute spent kicking the man in the junk. Go on -- kick him. Now do it again. HARDER! Okay now do me.

Mystery Google

Thanks to Emortal, Blastphemer and Shadow Sushi, who don't search the interweb, the interweb searches them. So are we we talking like full body or what?

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Firsty firsty, girly girly.

that's pretty lame all i got was this

who the hell is amanda garrett and furthermore why wont she wake up sheesh now i need to research this further...

I typed in geekologie and go sent to a wikipedia page for lesbian music....

MY GOD! this mystery google is quite the little treasure i typed in alice in wonderland and got something where it said text me my name is james... his number is 636-346-4208 seriously txt him asking for james and talk about mystery google. the guy is weird

I got the Cheshire Cat:

It doesnt even work. You dont get what the person before you typed in, what it gives you is just random bullshit that circles automatically.

such an odd site... I got the results for

"E-mail [email protected] if you get this in Mystery Google. I will pay you 5 dollars over PayPal"

address censored of course..

nice, i got the lyrics for Confortably Numb (nuts) dedicated to #1 aka Paul

@ napoleon. yeah it does work actualy... of all the people in the world that use it, its the person that used it last (a person somewhere in the world) not the person who used it last on your specific computer

and I freaking got a gay porn with first try. My eyes exploded insantly.

ahaha, time to start "feeling lucky" for goatse

Got "Call of Duty" reviews. Brilliant.

Type "What is this"

I can finally say that I have discovered an Easter egg. My dad will finally take me back and accept me for who I am.

i typed something perverted and got geekologie!

All I got was a bunch of random letters: fhj ghj jhk. Apparently the loser before me couldn't muster up a single word to type.

Okay, geekologie, you have got to stop linking every other word to an irrelevant previous entry. It's become totally distracting and ridiculous now.

What the hell, I put in why does it rain just to have a normal question and it came up with shitting fuzzy bunnies. Can't say I've ever had that problem before, man oh man!

good stuff got a laugh i just typed the question "why do you suck"
responce: a website pops up with this big picture of a girl cying and praying and in big huge letters it says"SATEN HATES YOU" lol
apperently a movie thats coming out found at
^_^ thats not what satan said yesterday!!! ; D

I typed in poop and it just responded with "Mystery google is not a toilet"

Hey, GW, you should tell everyone how awesome I am because I spent the past 15 minutes searching "Geekologie" into Mystery Google, backing up, and doing it again. On second thought, you should just give me five dollars for advertising.

I typed "J Dilla" and got "how can I masturbate at work without anyone knowing" IT is gonna have a blast with that one....

If you hit search with nothing in the box it says "Please do not type gibberish", then if you search "gibberish" it says "Well aren't you clever"

Easter Egg Get

EASTER EGG: Search "test"

Type is "Mystery google" and "google". If you're into that sort of thing (and I know that you are).

I typed Geekologie and got this Google error saying that the person before me typed this to google search. Text 4695313505 and say adri loves you!! Can somebody say....... BOMB TEXT!!!!! !!!4695313505!!!! send a text. F the hell out of that number!!!

lol i typed in geekologie and got

how perfect.
i also liked "thats stupid search kitties instead!"
"only a handful of people have your intelligence and most of them purr when they're happy"
bum fights
and PenIsland.
ahaaha i thought it was penis land
but then it was like "Your Pen is Our business."
i love this.

Typed "Geekologie" and got "Twilight". Eerie.

I've gotten "the elf flies at midnight" twice now.

Also, I typed in "I will always love you" and got "I don't like you" Bad omen?

Plus, two phone numbers. Who wants em?

Flippin Hell!!!
I managed to be so fast that i searched for something, pressed backspace, pressed enter quickly again, and my own phrase was there. so there was me searching just before me. cool, init?

yes, this is not easy to explain for me. sorry, no understand english.

anyways, i think it's awesome!!!

i've been trying for like half an hour though..

I think I'm the only one using it now!


No, I'm still here.

I just got this one
hello ; 210-883-5188 text me with your name :)

Wow, a simple trick redirecting to Google and that guy will rack up big $$ with the ads. Wish I had thought of it...


HOLY CRAP, I have that one too.

I have:
850 643 6129
434 441 6682
301 789 6062
207 576 6714 (Kat, apparently)
210 883 5188 (who just text me back)

"540 905 3515 ima hot babe"

^Probably a dude.

@ cassidy prolly

text meeeee!!!!!!! 1-413-539-4663

some one is eager

I typed "unicorn horns" and got directed to a nasty site featuring animals, if you get what I'm saying LOL! I'm at work, and probably getting fired after that website.

610-470-3249 if ur lookin for a super hot puppyish babe

what the hell is a puppyish babe

I got a layout of the Enteprise...

if don't type in anything, just click search. then type in gibberish.

Text your fantasies of what you would do to an asian to 612-208-7659


I would hope that asian is a puppyish babe.

This is what I got.

hardcore midget amputee kittens we love stumps

gt this number after i typed something in google and she was really funny ...

@16 Erika ,
I beg to differ. I have spent 5 months studiously researching the Geekologie
web-site. I believe I have read most every post. I roll over each link to see if
I have seen the post and sometimes there are some I haven't seen
(usually in the 2007 year...w/ no links).
Now I am full of knowledge on the subjects of Tokyo flash, Lego's, dinosaurs,
useless products I can't live with out, I am aware of the impending robot
apocalypse and a wide variety of bacon products and so much more.
The word wizardry of GW is awesome.... One can not impart too much
So, I say carry on with the links!


I typed in hitler and got

"What blunt object would you want forcibly inserted into your butt? 914-216-1911 "

Go for it, internet

#19- I did that and got it too! ^_^

i typed in vag*ina and got fresh prince of bel-air. ne1 else think that this is funny?

my search for geekologie brought me to this site

It tells you not to type gibberish, so I typed "gibberish" and it told me i was clever.

lmao @ 52

They are all in Snuggies. Except the hot blonde with the nice gams.

typed in skeptictunes myspace and some other stuff. Johnathan frakes is alive and well, apparantly, and I got someone off'v here's email. Numberonespatula.

Hey man!


aaaaaaand i quote:

"hahaha omgosh.1204-999-0901. text or call itshe needs you in her life".


So apparently if you search for "rickroll", instead of giving you the previous person's results, it automatically takes you to the YouTube video :(

text 804 690 3339 for some fun ;)


07517472946 - PLEASE TEXT ME!

i got "Hail! I\'m Google Mystery and I want your soul! Mwahahaha"

OMFG i just had this

Hi I like to have sex with my dog and post videos of it on the Internet but I can\'t find any free sites that let me do this

type in "rickroll"...pretty clever.

funny, thats how i found this site.

I actually did this and got "best places to hide bodies"

I put in "I am British" and got "i am the lord of jesus christ"

I just put in super awesome, and this page came up. Big fan, GW.


Truth be told, many women have this same fantasy. Many more have even “busted a move” for their lover. Sound like fun? It sure is! Plus, the Romantic Striptease is an awesome way to show your big ass just how sexy you’re feeling. And take it from me, he will agree with you 100%.

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