Nov 20 2009Holy Grail? You Decide: A Bacon Chalice


I can't even imagine weaving bacon so tight as to not let liquid (well, molten cheese) through, but apparently somebody did. My hat oven mitts are off to you, bacon mug maker. Cause one time I tried weaving bacon and it didn't even make a solid placemat. It did, however, make a solid after-school snack. Kidding, I'm vegetarian. Did you feel that? That was your head imploding.

Bacon Beer Mug [thisisfreakingridiculous]

Thanks to Profound, mike469x, Dominican Joe, Freedom and KilgoreTrout XL, one of which is Kurt Vonnegut's plus-size alter-ego, the other three of which are fighting over who gets to eat the cup.

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Reader Comments

first i love bacon ... just sayin

I WANNA DIP MY BALLS IN IT!!!!!...................................... just sayin

@2 Not enough room, mine are in there right now!

GW if i found out you are really vegetarain i will kill you and eat YOU

awesome... just awesome..

You are now listening to...."In the Air tonight"...Phil Collins!


Is the handle brained? Amazing.

@8 Nope, but it does look braided.


gw you should try my meat- youll never eat plants again

i's so beautiful
i want to fuck it!!!

Bacon braid:

writer, do you realize what you just said? REPENT before its to late!

i almost puked
no wonder you're a nation of fat fucks

@11 I bet he'll keep smokin plants though..... just sayin

that is my kind of chalice right there, it's beautiful.... just sayin

@6 Chuey's on the air(?)
@12 me too
@13 actually that's the bacon weave... just sayin
@15 the best nation of fucks, absolutely

@15 This is coming rather fat and smart than stupid and say "WHAT THE FUCK" to a fake video game. (btw, I'm not fat.... yet)

Bacon bra:

I'm designing a codpiece right now.

@2 Nice "The State" reference.

Bacon is so good, to improve other food, they wrap it in bacon!

bacon could make food from the UK taste good, this is possible

just sayin

@18 Dammit! I mashed that to hell!

@18 my bad
btw.. if i would say i'm smart, it would be an understatement :))

What is wrong with people who make objects out of bacon, then take pictures and talk about them and post them on the internet and generally putter around uselessly? Any normal person would be EATING THE BACON! Perhaps this is one of fifteen bacon mugs, and the pictures and whatnot were accomplished while the artist was eating the other fourteen? That's the only way I could see this working.

@23 Only if you were pretending to be GW.

Too much of a good thing, is too much of a good thing.
That being said, the handle looks nice and tasty, and I could probably handle the first two inches of the rim.

It filled with grease ??
nom nom ^. .^

Just wanted to toss this in, uh yeah, that's a stein, not a chalice.

Just sayin'

I fucking love this so much, FYI.

Oh... this is so not fair. I just decided to go on a diet to counteract any holiday eating & now I see a freaking bacon chalice? I'm jinxed.

and to top it all off it seems to be filled with Guinness. This must be how they drink in Valhalla.

Guiness = mediocre. I know, I'm from Ireland.

That's a lot of cheese.

That's not enogh bacon.

This isn't a new idea. Hitler used to make jew mugs.

This is scottish, isn't it?

totally nasty, just looking at it made me want to hit the gym. If bacon made my boobs bigger and nothing else, id eat it all day no matter what shape it was in.

Bacon definitely makes my boobs bigger. Too bad I'm a guy.

Just wondering really but what is this sites obsession with Bacon? Just a thought really.

Just to add my two cents worth- this would not be the Holy Grail because, 1) the Holy Grail was the chalice used by Jesus, and 2) Jesus was Jewish and therefore could not use a chalice made from pig product.

I'm just sayin'

Did someone say heart attack?

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