Nov 17 2009Drunkest/Pilliest Man Ever Battles Laser Wizard At The Convenience Store, Loses

Remember the video of the world's drunkest/crunkest/least stand-uppiest man trying to score some beer from the convenience store? Well it turns out he was battling a previously unseen wizard trying to prevent him from drinking and walking. This security footage, enhanced with technology so advanced you wouldn't even be able to understand it, explains it all. Even better than Clarissa -- AND THAT BITCH KNEW EVERYTHING.


Thanks to naas and matt, who are always smart enough to don their anti-invisible wizard capes when venturing out for more brewhaha.

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First son



Wow how sad.

AOTS showed this like, forever ago.

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This was terrible. What was it parodying? Mario, GTA, Halo, an RTS, all of the above? Graphics and animation seem to have been done in flash. Not at all believable. One can only suspend reality so far.

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it's a great game, but the enemies are CRAZY OP... seriously, how many missiles did he shoot at that frikkin wizard?? o.O

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wizards are funny hehe

Silly paladin should have hearthed out when he put his bubble up!

Firewall make Jaded sad.....and a little hungry......and a little sleepy.

I wish that guy had come into Blockbuster when I worked there long ago so we could have had him arrested for public drunkenness.

@16 That would be a dick move.

This would have been way better if they had made it Guantlet themed and the wizard was one of those goddamned disappearing purple wizards.

@16 yeah what a way to help a dude out

@14 the caveman look went out centuries ago, so did the lingo

lol pretty funny didn't, feel like watching the whole thing again though

I thought this was funny when I first saw it the other day. (It actually made the first web video on "Attack of the show"

#16, I would do the same. That guy needs to be off the streets. He's only going to hurt himself or others. For those of you that think that is a d*ck move, you are not doing him any favors by letting him wonder around like that.

Oh, and I thought this version was much more entertaining. I couldn't even watch the other one. Just felt sorry for the guy.

wizard twat

@16 & 23 you've obviously never crash landed into a safety net before... and if that's because you hang with the type of people who will shave your eyebrows off & shove a roadcone up your ass when you pass out in front of them - then I understand your thinking

Busting the dude to the cops would be a dick move UNLESS he's done something unjust to you. Seeing he's a stranger in your scenario you shouldn't make an unnecessary enemy by calling him in, but rather try to get him the fuck out of the store and at the least with a little bit of water.

I'm drinking this morning so of course I'm going to defend NOT calling the cops on someone when ITS NOT NECESSARY, just sayin

@24 Good Call. I doubt this guy could get into a car, let alone drive a car.
If you've never regained consciousness after a night of binge drinking to find a road cone shoved up your ass, well then my friend, you just aren't living life.... just sayin

@24 you are absolutely correct.

But did any one notice when he grabbed the beer, his rocked count went to 9? Who the hell sells beer in a 9 pack? They need a continuity director...

pretty descent. he needed a koopa cloud to puff puff him home.

Sorry Naas, I have to be pretty adamant about this one. I have seen what can happen if you don't intervene and just let someone sober up. There is a difference between one good night of binge drinking and a problem. There is also a difference between doing crap at home vs. publicly. this guy is so messed up, he can't even walk straight. You send him out the door, chances are he walks into the street etc. Not only does he stand a good chance of hurting himslef (but who cares about tht, he did this ti himself already right?), but he can hurt someone else. This is a case in which you have to err on the side of what is good for him and others. If he gets pissed, so be it. He is the one that was irresponsible.

@28 personally if I were there I'd help the guy as opposed to calling the cops on him. My point was to remove him from your situation instead of busting him & taking the problem out of your hands, not creating a darwin

I agree with you, I wouldn't just shove his dumb ass into the street, however I would sooner call an ambulance than the cops if I felt he was thaat fucked up.... which in this case he apparently was, just sayin

Wow... I was getting kinda mad when he couldn't stand up! I found myself saying "STAND UP ALREADY, FOO'! FO SHO."

I saw the original last week, and this kicks the originals ass. This is awesome.

i thought it was funny, the dude tried to get up for like eveer! jaja.... and he wouldnt let go of the beer.

That game sucked! I couldn't figure out the controls at all, and I have this vague feeling that I've heard that music somewhere else. Kind of 8-bitty, ya know?

This video game too long! Headshot that bizitch already.

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