Nov 17 2009BURN IT DOWN!: The Bender Head House


The Bender House looks like Bender's dome from Futurama. If you've never seen Futurama I'm going to assume you don't have a television or internet so you probably aren't even reading this. Unless they print out copies of Geekologie and distribute them in Africa, which, I think we can all agree, is the best idea you've ever heard. Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and start taking bets on how many beers it takes me to crash out of Bender's right eye and lay bleeding in the driveway -- oh -- oh -- *crash* Fourteen and a couple buttery nipples. Now somebody call 911 411, this guy needs a pizza.

I want this house [warmingglow]

Thanks to Marcie, who used to live in a house that looked like Robbie the Robot but it mysteriously burnt down. *whistling* Weird.

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It looks nothing like benders head



holy crap, it really IS benders head.

Ehh... Kinda far-fetched.

Hells yea just one more follower in the upcoming robot uprising. All of our houses look like that.

sweet house. i want it. looks nothing like the robot.

email me your email to get your invite today!

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"Hey baby, wanna kill all humans?"

FIRST.....of all, Bender is more of a human than most of the people I know. Second, he was once human. And if they didn't have internet and weren't reading this, it would be the best idea they haven't heard.

Umm... no. Sorry, that doesn't look like benders head at all.

I am reading this on the internet in Africa - how does that work?

I always say it and never shall stop. BENDER IS THE $HIT!!!!

This is gonna be fun on a bun!

B. E. N. D. E. R...... BENNNNNNDER

@ 16 & 17

I would not have a problem with Bender killing you.....

Bender would be the only robot that I would suffer to live.

Of course, he would probably "Kill all humans" but that's OK. It's lovable old Bender.

It looks JUST like him. Well, except the house is square, not rounded, and the house has one "eye" instead of two. Oh, and Bender doesn't have a random hole on the side of his head, and the house is white not grey. But other than basically every aspect not looking like Bender, it totally looks like Bender!

I don't see any resemblance

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