Oct 26 2009What Could Go Wrong?: Razor Blade Soap


Razor blade soap is exactly what it sounds like, unless you thought it was razor blade shaped soap, in which case it's not. No, razor blade soap has an actual razor blade inside. A nice rusty one. But don't worry -- you'll bleed out well before the lockjaw sets in. Available for $7/bar, it makes the perfect gift for that special someone in the slammer. Alternatively, Polish roulette!

Razor Blade Soap Puts Your Nipples At Risk [nerdapproved]

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who once made soap with a revolver inside and shot himself in the butt. Use a wash cloth, bro.

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Perfect for any unhygienic emos.

Holy heck!! Keep that soap away from my trunk! Might turn that flesh light on!

I'd rather buy them with color, as gifts for my enem...friends :D

@1 haha, totally. it's right up there with bacon soap

they should totally make it black so the razor blade is hidden, it would be the perfect joke...

until someone cuts their balls off ...

but then again maybe that will also be funny

Mhmmm, who doesn't like a lovely group A streptococcal infection while they shower?

I'd only use it if it was used.
The blade.
Because the soap would clean my infected wounds.

As long as it got aid's I'll buy it.

Who's the worst person? The ones buying this crap or the ones making it?

Although...happy _______ (any holiday) favorite ex of mine


Nothing will go wrong because REAL MEN DON'T USE SOAP.

I'm Polish and though it used to be my fav site I get more and more offended.

These would make great stocking stuffers at the suicide clinic!!!

@ 12

Agreed! We use extra sensitive body wash with a hint of Irish pride!

I don't see any viable reason to even manufacture this. It's not funny, it's not clever, it's just stupid.

who's up for a drunk guy video....


start the morning off right

I still feel drunk from last night

This is stupid.

@16. I was going to say the same thing... I just don't get the point....The Bacon soap I get, even though I don't share the love for bacon that many do....but this has no reason for its existence

Can you imagine the disclaimer on the crap before you buy it.
@18 that was me yesterday ,uugghh.

Ha ha ha...I'm willing to bet the razor blade is encased in clear plastic that you can't see. Otherwise the liability would be huge.

we could sell it to inmates

Ollie is starting to sound like a parent & I'm the one with a baby on the way

Good Morning Everyone. I was having some....issues yesterday and was unable to make it to the boards yesterday. I know you ALL missed me.

Although I will say, I think brownies with razor blades would be more appropriate since halloween is coming up and all.

@naas...I couldn't help but notice that your last post says "I'm the one with a baby on the way"...and you have a post before that that says "I still feel drunk from last night." Please explain

@LSDiesel...I'm old fashioned...I still stick needles in all my halloween candy.

@Deez ☺

@27 sure.... my wife is preggers & I've been up most of the night drinking. Got to get as much of that accomplished now before I lose what I once knew as sleeping through the night before the kid came

@28 You have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea of how much life "as you know it (now)" will change.... Good Luck My Friend!!!

@29 hahaha indeed, hence the binge drinking this week & probably next month


I am a parent. Scary, huh? D:

STFU Ollie, I do find that hard to believe unless STOMPY's the mother

Forget to wash your balls.

@naas...holy shiet. For some reason or another, I thought you were a chick. My sincerest apologies.

Shoot me your adress so I can send you a "Vampire Mouth in a Can" to make up for it.

@34 it was the tetris dress from yesterday, also my questionably feminine facebook picture I know.

I ordered a vampire mouth already too hehe, but thank you for your kindness

Brought to you buy Saw Corp.
"We provide the products to cause a wonderful and twisted demise".

Who doesn't enjoy an occasional Saw parody crack?

Good freaking Lord!
Ollie's and Closet nerd have kids and now naas has one on the way! what is happening to the late night drunks these days!? next thing you know LSDzl and Stompy are going to be chimming in saying they have some hellions running around too! i'm even more affraid to grow old now. Ohh well we couldn't get much worse than the direction we are going now....Mini Naas for President

the perfect baithing insturment for an emo kid!

the perfect baithing insturment for an emo kid!

@37 My first born actually turns 3 today.
Crazy how fast time flies by.

A perfect gift for the blind!!!

P.S #13... shut up... he rips off quite a few countries no need to go getting upset about yours

At least you know it's sterile when you cut yourself!

I make the children in my basement wash with these. Hot. (touches self)

"bob - October 30, 2009 11:53 PM

I make the children in my basement wash with these. Hot. (touches self)"

bobs a raper!! RUN KIDS RUNNNN!!!!

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