Oct 2 2009Star Trek The Next Generation: Wesley Crusher Finally Gets What He Deserves

This is a fan edited video of the hateable ensign Wesley Crusher finally meeting his doom. I thought it was pretty cute. Cause, to tell ya the truth, I never really liked that guy. Something about him always rubbed me the wrong way -- like another man's penis on the side of my leg. Just sayin', it happens!


Thanks to Paul, who would have just tasered that bitch and pushed him out an airlock.

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Reader Comments

i hate trekkie fags

i kinda hate fags in general because those bitch's wont come out when everybody else is (me). just admit to your parents that you like penis in or around you mouth!

Lol and 3rd

What a homo ... at least kirk was banging chicks ... green chicks

all wesley was doing was munchen on the captains ball sack how else do you think a 12 year old got to fly the flagship of the federation. all i got to fly was a cargo ship for the ferengies

@all NO YOU !

the Klingons should have taken turns raping him and they dumped him off in that cruiser towards death.

click my name

@6 I think you're confusing Klingons with Reavers from Firefly.

Further proof that I am the only person in the known universe who actually could tolerate Wesley.

::sigh:: Geek boys can't get no love.

I loved Wesley Crusher. Seeing his Butt outline in that outfit was pure joy! He grew up and got ugly but he was pretty sexy then.

@6, I would love to have raped him back then!!!!


Wesley Crusher was my hero!! Plus, he was banging Ashley Judd's character before she was even a star! He was a total pimp on the show. He almost got more poon than Kirk. Remember the changeling chick that wanted his c*ck? Then he found out she was some hairy beast and had to back her the feck off.

How dare you, GW!

suck it, Wesley! Ashley Judd's sweet ass is mine now!
-Jean Luc Picard

Who is Wesley?

This is just a crap version of jandrewedits


i laughed so hard

love that piccard

back in the day, i thought wesley was cute. looking forward to seeing him on an episode of The Big Bang Theory this season.

Must See!!!


For shame. I liked Wesley, and I LOVE Wil Wheaton. Yeah, it's a little funny, but Wil's the man.

You guys are missing the point. I think that isTony Todd as the second kilingon who orders Wil's death! Yea for the CandyMan!

Hehe funny ass vid. Wesley Crusher was a hella irritating character, but in all fairness, Wil Wheaton seems to be pretty damned cool in a VERY geeky way. Wouldn't be surprised if he was a regular on Geekology tbh.

5 pts for the Mission Accomplished banner.

I banged a green chick once. worst night ever...

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