Oct 13 2009Something's Not Right: Google Street View Car Spots Deer Crossing Fail In Canada


That doesn't look like any deer I've ever seen. But maybe they used that picture because they want you to slow down like an elephant. Elephants, after all, are notoriously lumbering beasts. Not unlike -- wait for it, wait for it -- mammoths! I don't care if you are frozen solid, consider yourself burnt you woolly mammaries!

Google Maps (actual location)
Google Street View confirms Elephantitis strikes deer population in Canada [autoblog]

Thanks to fdsy, who once saw a children crossing sign with a picture of Sasquatch. Hey, some kids look like that.

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Raise your hand if you've ever seen a deer in real life



Search your feelings, you know it be true....

That isn't even a reasonable place to put a Deer Crossing warning. I'M CONFUSED. This must be some prank that managed to get on Google Strreetview. Either way, hilarious.

It may look like an elephant to you, but MY TRUTH is that the picture is a deer.

@1 I live in Texas...it's impossible to have never seen a deer in real life...

They started doing that in order to get people to actually pay attention to the signs, because the deer crossing signs are all over the place. If you drive around a bit, you can find some with images of camels and rhinos as well.

@7 I live in Texas...I have achieved the impossible.

@ 1 ... didnt your momy and daddy ever take you to the zoo???? not even that weird uncle that touched you funny?

it is canada wouldnt it be moose crossing ... maybe that is a picture of a moose on there


Pics or it didn't happen.

give them a break...they are Canadian after all!

@10 Do you mean Uncle Chuck?

Is this Poland or Canada?

Man...they got some BIG @$$ deer in Canada, yo!

What do you mean? That's no elephant. That's how deers look like here in Canada. I swear! Anyway, just to clear things up, this as obviously nothing to do with any genetically modified elephants secret army you could have heard about, nope, just normal deers .>

its SARCASM elephants move slow, telling u to move slow , not hard to figure out

I hit an eight point buck two weeks ago representing the first time i've HIT a deer in my life. He absconded virtually unphased.

I'm pretty sure that's North Vancouver, BC. All their crossing signs have pictures of different animals. Its supposed to be funny, but i think it just makes them lame

We have these all over the place in North Vancouver.

Must See!!!


I live right by there. It's like that on purpose to grab attention.I believe there is also one with a. T Rex.

I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. How that elephant got into my pajama pants while I was still wearing them I'll never tell.

@1 I live in chicago & see dear all the time, they're everywhere. Get out of your parents basement & look around

I used to say that since nothing hunts them(legally, including humans)they're going to be everywhere soon. Now we have a coyote problem, or at least some call it a 'problem'

^ pfft 'deer' not dear, wtf 1/2 brain


naas. People hunt coyotes. I've shot them. I have also shot deer AND FEASTED ON THEIR TEARS

@18 You hit that huh? Hope you were wearing a condom!

Elephants aren't slow. And unladen elephant can run 25 mph, prob'ly faster if he flaps his ears.

Those signs are along the road that leads to Mt. Seymour (In North Vancouver, BC, Canada.). There are other animal shapes too. I think its funny!
The first time I saw one, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, until I saw a few more.

sure, is near vancouver

belongs on fail blog.

I would actually say this is a Crossing WIN

Thats no deer, its a space station......

Actually im pretty sure thats a Kangaroo, not a deer.....

Those signs have been around for years now! If you drive in the other direction down the Parkway, you will see signs like "Yes Dear, slow down deer crossing"

@26 FDSY - well the next time you're in chicago bring your buffalo gun, cause this compound bow just isn't going to cut it alone

I live 50 feet away from that sign.

the message is legit but they enforced it in a joking way. We even got a picture of a camel in one and giraffe in another.

We need to get some of those here in the midwest. We have an extremely large population of deer and our "deer crossing" signs are boring. Plus, more guns, we need more guns. Seven for each child.

um - if they wanted to make people pay attention to the signs, should have just put a picture of a woman's cleavage up there. Or were you just waiting for the permission from a chick to do that? *permission granted*

@ Ollie Williams


See, North Van has always had the best signs. Wooh!

"Wooly mammaries?" Are you kidding or just stupid? People who pretend to have a vocabulary sure are hysterically funny! My friends enjoyed a good laugh at your dumb comment.

have a vocabulary sure are hysterically funny! My friends enjoyed a good laugh at your dumb comment.

i like this part of the post:"mammoths! I don't care if you are frozen solid, consider yourself burnt you woolly mamma" is very good

@ 17. Elephants can move pretty damn fast so dunno what you are going on about. Just admit that Canada is a complete and utter failure.

I actually know where that sign is, I live a few blocks from it, in North Vancouver. there's also a camel crossing and a rooster crossing.

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